Twin Turbo Acura NSX vs 700hp BMW M4 Drag Race

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Hey we’re real racers we did we got rolls wow welcome back to this versus that shout out to our friends over at hawk performance for making this episode happen today we got some out-of-towners some old friends knew this kid when he was a shitty kid didn’t have a car now he’s got a car and he’s here so they both look like shitty kids one looks like he’s

About to sell me a used vape pen and the other one the other one looks like he’s bundles in japanese playstations respectfully these guys just spiraling can we just go see the damn cars i’m gonna leave it to you let’s go let’s go come on hold on no what are you doing you trust me he’s a hawk he’s imitating the prof you tell them who you are and what this is dude

Named steven from san jose this is my 2017 acura nsx i’m sorry about this guy back to where where i was i didn’t even know how to pick up after that so 2017 acura nsx you want to tell us a little bit about it got it two years ago it’s got a little tune on it 100 extra horsepower some downpipes little 200 extra horsepower no big deal i don’t know a lot about these

Cars so can you tell us about the motorcycle motor uh 3.5 v6 twin turbo and it also has three electric motors on it the two front wheels are driven by electric motors and there’s an electric motor between the engine this all-wheel drive oh we’re driving and you could drive this in the hov lane no they’re twin turbo factory yeah i don’t know i had no idea can we

See something where’s the engine so it’s more of a road race track focused car oh well well he’s got a trunk well it’s in there you can put a box of tissues in there so not upgraded turbos or anything no no just flash your ecu a little bit oh piggyback tune on it yeah okay what does this make stock on paper to the flywheel is 573. what did it make on your paper

I didn’t i never downloaded it oh so you just out here bareballing it yeah but theoretically it adds another hundred horsepower yeah have you ever drag raced it before uh i have just a few times i don’t believe you i normally put it on a road course so you’ve been up to button willow and laguna seca so you daily drive it and you take it on the track yeah that’s

Cool i use the stock wheels for the track of course okay that’s correct they’re better tired so these are you just came here stunt yeah yeah worried about nothing yeah if i lose at least i don’t get losing you put the truck you put the 21s on us did you drive this here we actually towed only because we wanted to be in the same car talking and drinking so did you

Do any other modifications just to see i lowered it a little bit it’s on cups so it can lift but yeah that’s about it this thing is beautiful yeah so this comes with the two-piece rotors yeah it does you have the option of having iron rotors or going in carbon ceramics and this one has the carbon ceramics so do these glow in the dark when you stop uh i can’t see

From inside but maybe are these the same because aren’t those are really expensive the carbon ceramics yeah they are are they the same ones you’ve had the whole time yeah they’re the same ones i had yeah so you put you’re using them good using them good i’ve been through uh three sets of brake pads already wow what’s that what’s the price each rotor is about five

Thousand maybe five thousand pesos each rotor unless there’s anything else you want to tell us about it no that’s that’s it pretty simple yeah just enjoy it and go yeah put gas and go all right well now we got soupy’s shitty kid my shitty kid with the shitty car i’m glad i didn’t assume which one was a shitty kid all right you guys with the high performance street

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Limited time you can get 25 percent off of the hoonigan store all right man you want to introduce yourself my name is roshan my car 2016 m4 all right before we go into anything i need you to tell us the shittiest story about soupy there is none you can’t he can’t no we had this agreement we signed a waiver we had this agreement before we got here so you mentioned

Nothing about our past even from new york yeah he’s from new york woodbury listen that’s too much we’re looking at the car so is this stock or what what do you got going on uh it’s a single turbo 6870 precision this is the m4 m4 this is m4 it’s not no body kit right no it’s a real m4 that’s an aggressive unless you know it stays on oh well whoa no no not like that

I didn’t mean no disrespect uh everything we did in shop petrol works you guys did all the the tubing and stuff yeah all the fabric what about the manifold yeah same thing you guys made the manifold yeah what’s that giant hole just sticking out there i love pictures that’s where you put your keys please don’t build stock it’s built how big is the motor still

Three oh yeah i don’t know anything about these that’s three oh yeah okay so three liter fully built top bottom yeah nothing crazy e85 85 a coil heat exchanger in the front you put it on the dyno lid uh yeah i made it around 700 a round yeah you see you just like him you scheiftstein new yorker so around 700 on low boost um not just 700. tes always look good on

Everything right teasers kind of just do the job how much does this thing weigh do you know i forgot honestly he doesn’t know the power doesn’t know the weight what do you know that much i guess yeah your best friend yes have you raced it at all any no you’ve never raced it no i just finished friday these are eights on this thing these are 18’s they’re on a 305

T 37 is wrapped in some meats always look good yeah these tires look like they’ve been used before nah they’re actually they just put them on friday did you yeah they got wear marks on the side they’re pre-heat cycles they scrub damn i didn’t know they’re so tired you can still see the lines in the front on the front i’m not talking about the front we’re talking

About the blade i’ll talk about the front distraction what kind of brakes and suspension you got on here uh stock brakes and the bc coil overs okay sounds like we got a solid cruiser versus cruiser battle except one’s got slicks on it so but one’s all-wheel drive this is true this is true i think we should party here’s how it works the first race we go heads up

Thousand feet you guys both good with that yeah that’s fine after that you can negotiate if you need to okay that’s fine yeah good let’s do it our homies over at petroworks i don’t know if you remember i drove a super when he brought it last time i’m pretty sure they built that car so i gotta go with them m4 versus nsx tony stark versus tony khan kind of want to go

With the bmw just because i don’t have any reasons just because you said that with petrol yeah okay cool petrol works that was easy that’s most people doesn’t get credit on this tell us i shouldn’t you know what’s gonna happen man this is really raw i’ve known roshan for years years years 15 20 years but i really like the nsx i’m gonna go against my boy roche

I’m gonna go with dennis ice hey i’m walking here i like that hold on soupy’s giving us a look he looked at me like he knew something what do you mean your boy sucks i told you this you said i know him since he ain’t and he now he’s shitty damn is there something going on in new york is the water not good do the ninja turtles up your ecosystem round

One good all right i think the only way to get this like a good race you want to do a roll you guys down for that yeah i’m down like a 40 roll yeah we can do that who’s going to set the base house at the base yeah so he you set the pace at 40 miles an hour you guys get to that cone right there and then you go you guys good yeah we’re gonna have a good race

Yeah in loving memory of gary you’re going to have every new yorker at your house well fine company co-workers go from a dig nope all of them just all right how are you feeling after that that hurt is there something you want to try to make it more fair for you do you want to set the pace let’s go for my 30 this time though all right so now we’re going to

Do a roll again okay 30 miles an hour still 2 000 feet but he’s setting the pace 30 yeah okay he sets the pace all right i mean you checked him yeah you took the hit and he tripped him all right so yeah all right wow heavy action no traction baby ah good thank you what happened though the auction’s coming out oh no nice job nice job nice job shake hands

Or something he didn’t crash he didn’t injure anyone here except his feelings

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Twin Turbo Acura NSX vs 700hp BMW M4 Drag Race By Hoonigan