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Ultimate Stealth Camper Van Tour | Nissan NV200 Self-Converted Build Walkthrough

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Hello! My name is Evan and this is my tour of the stealth camper that I converted with the help of my dad. I lived out of this van for a whole year in San Francisco and currently live in Santa Cruz. My dad is a carpenter and with his help, I was able to create the cabinets which is the foundation of the conversion. I designed and built the entire plumbing and electrical system. This van is completely off-grid with a fully self-sustaining electrical system and a complete plumbing system. Despite how small the Nissan NV200 is, I was able to have a decent amount of storage space, due to the fact that I sacrificed the entire floor space.

I lived out of this van in san francisco  for a year and i was able to park overnight   of people’s houses so let’s get started   so the design of this conversion is very simple  there’s two major parts the first part is the   base cabinets down below this is where i store  most of my stuff and where i sleep on top of  

Which houses my plumbing and my electrical   this compartment here is one of my larger ones   here is my foam mattress that  i sleep on and this unfolds to   cover the whole length of these storage cabinets   if you take a look at my passenger seat you can  see that it’s folded down and pushed all the   way to

The front and this allows me to add this  so this compartment here is basically my  bathroom here i keep my cassette toilet   uh basic bathroom stuff and toiletries in that bin   cleaning supplies so basic bathroom stuff   then i take all the stuff that’s in the  compartment out underneath all this stuff is a   shower

Pan with a drain that goes straight through  the floor and into a gray water tank that’s   mounted underneath my van then i take a board that  unfolds to create the stall for my shower right   now you can’t see it but underneath that lid is a  sink in the faucet and that’s where i get my water   the inside of my van it’s not

Tall enough for  me to stand up in so i do have to crouch or   wanted to shower in a parking lot without  alright so in the back here is my desk last  sink right now it’s a desk because the lid   from right next to my desk are wall outlets   how i set up the seat for my desk is pretty  simple i take the lid and i fold it in

Half   take some of the stuff out from underneath so i   so this is where i brush my teeth wash my  dishes and for the past couple of months   sink because the showers at the gyms are closed   this faucet here has a built-in electrical  switch in it so that when i turn on the water   lower the handle down it turns

Everything off   so right next to my desk is a  little compartment where i store   some small tools and some charging cables   right next to that is my reading light that i use  every night when i’m getting ready for bed on the   side here is a little hand towel holder and this  so this drawer is probably one of the

More  intricate things in my van it uses what would have   been dead space on either side of the sink basin  you see that’s the sink right there so in the   house this would normally be a dummy drawer front  so it would have been wasted space but i wanted to   use every single last square inch of this van  and this joy is a

Really good example of that   there’s also a cool hidden feature with this joy  you see in that gap right there i can reach my   switches the tank that the pump draws from   show you the back so let’s head back there   all right so let’s continue on with the plumbing  system so down here are my two fresh water tanks  

And this right here is my wallet pump now the  pump draws water from one of these flexible   tanks when i finish one tank i have to switch   to the other one using that valve right there and  having access that valve from the inside of my van   open this door again the idea is i’m in a   city and i don’t want to enter and

Exit my van  unnecessarily and potentially attract suspicion   now behind my two tanks is the drain pipe for my  sink and it is a flexible pipe that i curved in a   way to act as a trap in order to prevent some of  the odors in my green tank from entering my van   the pipe goes uh through the floor and eventually  ends in

The gray tank that’s underneath my van now   how do i empty the tank well in theory this switch  right here is supposed to open a mechanical ball   valve that’s attached to the bottom of the tank  and empty it that way but i never use it this   entire plumbing system had no leaks except for the  grate tank there’s a small tiny

Little leak that   causes it to drip until it’s empty and because  it drips so slowly it only leaves inconspicuous   this imperfection ended up making my life easier   because i don’t have to go out of my way to dump  the water somewhere special the tank empties   all right so down here is my deep cycle  battery that

Supplies power to the whole system   connect to a charge controller that’s located in  this upper cabinet now the charge controller is   pretty much the brain of the solar system and it  knows how to deliver a correct charging voltage to   and my negative bus buy and these split   is protected by in-line breakers like this

And   this one right here and they also allow me to  cut off power to separate parts of the system   this right here is my 12-volt fuse box that uses  these little blade fuses down here is my thousand   watt inverter that’s mounted above my battery  and that supplies 120 volts for my wall outlets   inverter and the reason

For the switch is because   that they always draw a small amount of current   from the battery even when it’s not in use   so this switch cuts off that circuit entirely so  i don’t have to worry about that and i mounted the   switch in a specific way that allows me to have  and the last thing is my automatic charging 

Relay now this is supposed to automatically   my car is running and but in my experience,   car and not drive it for weeks and my battery   would still be full from just the solar panels  so that pretty much covers my electrical system   that’s magnetic and these cover my windows   to cut my own hair and i use this

Little   now the idea is that i would drive somewhere  out in the middle of nowhere where no one will   that is pretty much the back of the vehicle   all right so let’s start out with lighting so i  have these uh four bright overhead lights that   i can control with the switch back here and also  my reading light here

That’s on this flexible neck   uh as you can see i like hanging my clothes uh  which is why i made this open closet using this   and i will keep this open in the summer  when it’s hot and at night when i’m sleeping   space i have to make sure i have good airflow   building up condensation on my windshield   when i

Turn on this fan it draws air from the  on my windows i installed these uh wind deflectors  which allow me to crack them open slightly without   people noticing that they’re open and they also  um for my ceilings and walls they’re all insulated  uh this right here is my ice chest and it doesn’t  hold an awful lot of food because i usually

Pack   this thing with three-quarters of the way with  ice and it doesn’t leave me with a whole lot   of space left but it does keep my food cold for  like maybe a week and a half in winter and maybe   more like five or six days in the summer now how  this hot plate here and i would plug this into  a 12-volt socket and it

Would heat up food in   this is that it takes about uh like two or   three hours to get food hot so uh if i plan ahead  before i get hungry then it’s not the worst thing   what i would do with that is i would um take   this ice chest and put it right outside my van  and i’ll put the stove on top of the ice chest  

Space obviously this isn’t stealthy anymore   so i do have to drive out somewhere like a big  parking lot where no one will care and i would   looks like when i get access to my toilet so   i open this lid up here and then i have this bin  right here is my toilet and i can sit on it like  like so so super easy to get access to

That now   so this for mattress fold out like this  then all my bedding is in this cabinet here   and i use a down sleeping bag as a blanket so  what i would do is i it’s actually a mummy bag   way and kind of just use it like a blanket   hey so i hope you enjoyed this video and if you’re  new to this channel you should

Know that one of   my goals is a create community that’s why i’m  planning meetups here in santa cruz california   where i currently live full time in the van so if  you want to join me in person along with others   below to get more information if you want to   support the videos i make please leave a like  comment

And subscribe and consider supporting   me on patreon my name is evan and this was the  van that’s behind stories from a van. take care!

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Ultimate Stealth Camper Van Tour | Nissan NV200 Self-Converted Build Walkthrough By Stories From a Van