Unboxing 2017 GMC Canyon – The Truck Ford And Ram Cant Compete With

Today’s unboxing review is of one of our favorite pickup trucks on the market today, the 2017 GMC Canyon. Why is it at the top of our list? Because it (along with its corporate twin, the Chevrolet Colorado) is perfectly sized for those who don’t want or need a full-size truck, such as the Ford F-150 or Ram 1500. The latter trucks are great and all but, let’s face it, they’re big. And it’s too bad Ford dumped the Ranger pickup a few years ago because GMC has really struck gold here. Our tester was a 4WD SLE Crew Cab Short Box, powered by a 3.6-liter V6 with 308 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. Power goes to the rear wheels through an 8-speed automatic.

The 2017 gmc canyon a midsize pickup truck that in my opinion it’s not too big it’s not too small and in fact it is the ideally sized pickup truck for that times i’m jay and welcome to this latest episode of karbas unboxing reviews and i want to thank woodland motors for letting car boats come on down in film today so the gmc canyon yes and it is the corporate twin

Of the chevrolet colorado now just to give you some brief history of the de canyon as well as the colorado up the first generation was launched back in 2003 and let’s just say they were only ok midsize pickup trucks they didn’t break any new ground they they just weren’t very spectacular in any sense but since that time the pickup truck market has has changed for an

Example ford has completely ditched the ranger which is was its small to midsize pickup truck offering focusing entirely on the f-150 and yeah so gm took a chance entirely to its credit to completely redesign the canyon colorado twins and the results speak for themselves because this is in my opinion one of the best pickup trucks you can buy today why not everybody

Needs a full-size pickup truck like the f-150 or the ram 1500 or even this car is a larger you know it’s big brother the gmc sierra 1500 you just don’t need a full-size truck like that this does the job now get to more exterior design details in just a few more minutes but this is one of the most handsome pickup trucks on the market i kind of like the exterior

Design of this one better than the car right oh yes there are twins but this has a little more of a conservative manly look to me whereas the the colorado is a little more curvy same goes with this interior here this is just i mean before gm’s bankruptcy you would never see an interior in a pickup truck of this quality they call this interior color jet black it’s

Got this cobalt red red stitching there i think it just looks just utterly fantastic and last year at the detroit auto show the head of gm’s midsize trucks of course colorado canyon he was telling me that a lot of buyers today are trading in their crossovers for a canyon or a colorado for that matter this truck is it’s just that good and these are first-time truck

Buyers they just think it’s a cool vehicle and it is now this particular canyon here this is the 4-wheel drive sle crew cab short box model the sle ii just to give you an idea of the trims you have the base canyon sle then you have the canyon sle slt then of course the denali which is the top of the line trend for a lot of money that i think it costs too much

But i think a majority of the buyers are going to go for this trend the sle it just offers the the right balance between features and price because this is the crew cab you have that nice sized rear seat again this is why crossover buyers are trading in those crossovers for this truck right here they get a pickup truck they don’t need the the extended length or

The or anything like that the long box rather they just want the crew cab that you see here they can get five passengers total in this vehicle and that’s what suits them and what also suits them is this this dashboard design it’s just fantastic you have this eight-inch color touchscreen that standard leather wrap steering wheel front bucket seats it’s just super

Well laid out and designed i think from the drivers position you don’t have to lean over too much to to control any of the dash buttons here in this color touchscreen and i keep applauding gm for this because it’s touchscreen system intellilink it’s very very well done the colors are very sharp they’re clear it’s an easy system to figure out no serious rebooting

Issues to speak of now this particular truck it’s also equipped with the all terrain package for one thousand one hundred and ninety dollars would you get with that the z71 suspension for a better off-roading hill descent control all-terrain tires rear body color bumper transfer case shield you have this jet black cobalt red cloth interior driving front passenger

Heated seats four-way power front passenger seat power lumbar driver and passenger seats as well and for an extra five hundred and seventy five dollars you get the sle convenience package you get remote vehicle start automatic air conditioning and a rear sliding window so you get just the right amount of comfort and convenience features both out going completely

All luxury if you want that again there is the canyon denali but in my opinion i think driving around a midsize pickup truck is just it’s so much cooler than that having a crossover and you can still get the entire family in this very comfortably and in terms of interior quality because the previous generation canyon it just added cheap interior again old gm what

Can you say this is just worlds better uh were there a few pieces of hard kind of cheapo plastics yeah a few but generally speaking yet soft touch plastics and even the way the glovebox opened it didn’t sound or feel cheap and i noticed that in the previous generation canyon all right so let’s talk some safety here now this earn a 5-star overall us government

Crash-test rating comes standard with six airbags driver and front passenger front side impact outboard front and rear seat side curtain head curtain airbags you also have stabilitrak has stability control traction control four-wheel abs brakes and a rear-view camera and in my opinion of the various trims i would go for the sle and then the other cab configurations

You have yeah the crew cab the long box crew cab short box and then the extended cab i would go for the crew cab with a short box which is exactly this truck it just for me it would provide the ideal combination of getting three cup passengers comfortably in the rear seat as well as having enough space in the truck bed for stuff and the drivers a position here it’s

Very nice you do feel like you’re sitting in a crossover but this is not let me be clear like behind a ridge line that is literally like a carb front wheel based up front front wheel drive base platform no this is a rear-wheel drive pickup truck but this one has the optional four-wheel drive for a couple thousand dollars more but i think it’s worth it now this one

Also has the trailer equipment package for two hundred and fifty dollars you get a three point for two rear axle ratio and a two inch receiver hitch and say you want to tow stuff well this has a towing capacity of 7,000 pounds in a payload capacity of one thousand five hundred and twenty eight pounds notice the rear seat here yeah this is comfortable a couple usb

Ports there no you don’t get like tri-zone automatic climate control there’s not even dual zone automatic climate control in this model but you don’t need it and that’s what i like about a pickup truck sometimes you just want more of just above a pure vehicle and a truck offers that ah this is nice the way the rear bench seat folds flat here just for additional

Storage it can get plenty of stuff back here you don’t always need to use the truck bed or alternatively you just fold the seats up like that get some additional storage underneath them there as well it’s just a well-designed setup now you have here this easy lift and lower tailgate it raises them lowers with reduced effort thanks to the assistance of an internal

Torsion bar and it can be removed easily without tools on this bed length here it’s 61.7 inches and total bed volume is 41 point 3 cubic feet and yet you can get a spray-on bedliner if you want and this is one of the perks of having a truck you can just get a lot of stuff back there here just a few bags but man just think of all the possibilities all right what

Do we got under the hood now this is really cool for 2017 this is new 3.6 liter v6 with 308 horsepower and 275 pound feet of torque like i said power goes to all four wheels through an 8-speed automatic now like i said it’s new for 2017 it’s slightly more powerful than last year’s v6 and as new v6 features cylinder deactivation and it’s also similar to the v6

Found in the buick lacrosse cadillac ats and the chevrolet camaro oh and of course it has a two speed electric transfer case thought i mentioned that both skip let’s give it a listen here okay performance well it’s a pickup truck but some people want to know you’re gonna go from zero to 60 in about seven and a half seconds fuel economy 17 miles per gallon in the

City 24 on the highway and a combined 20 total weight this is around 4,800 pounds now you should know there’s a couple of other engine options that are going to be of interest now the base engine is a 2.5 liter inline 4 with 200 horsepower and 191 pound-feet of torque it’s a nice engine but of the i do prefer the v6 over the inline 4 however there is a brand new

Optional 2.8 liter duramax turbo diesel inline 4 with 181 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque now it costs about next for 4,500 dollars over the v6 gasoline engine but you are ganna get a twenty to thirty one mile per gallon rating yeah 31 miles per gallon in a pickup truck that’s on the highway that’s exceptional compared to this one is 24 on the highway and

Of course the diesel you have you just have all that torque and combined with the with a four wheel drive that’s going to appeal to a lot of people and how does it drive well it has an overall really smooth and composed ride and compared to its i’d say its archrival the toyota tacoma this has the nicer ride whereas the tacoma has more like a bouncy truck like ride

And speaking of the tacoma what is the rest of the competition well i mentioned the honda ridgeline which is a it’s sort of like a car slash truck and so it’s really unique and i hope to review that soon nissan frontier and of course this cars twin the chevrolet colorado pricing now a new canyon will begin at twenty thousand nine hundred and forty dollars now this

One the four-wheel drive sla crew cab with a short box begins at thirty four thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars but this one has a two thousand four hundred ten dollars worth of options plus the nine hundred and forty dollar destination fee so you’re looking at a grand total of this truck right here thirty-eight thousand two hundred and twenty dollars but

The denali version begins at thirty nine thousand fifty five and you can add even more features to that so i don’t know i think over $40,000 for this truck is it’s just too expensive that’s why i like the sle you get everything you need for a reasonable price so what do i like about this here well you got a lot of nice tech features such as the connectivity you

Have apple carplay y a 4g wi-fi hotspot four usb ports bluetooth onstar all those features are really nice to have and rides and handles well you have that good towing capacity and the overall size is just right for many buyers it’s not too big it’s not too small now what don’t i like well for some reason gm got rid of the regular cabin option i guess they just

Weren’t selling enough and this does get expensive pretty fast with the options and there are a lot of packages and other add-ons you can choose from and yet it increases the price really fast and then you have to remember something else gmc is a bit more of a premium brand than chevrolet and it’s going to command a premium price therefore you can get literally

This exact same truck it’s called a chevrolet colorado for less money same features same engines but you’re just not going to get the gmc badge and maybe you like like i said earlier the manlier styling do i prefer the styling here again why we want to pay for it well it depends on your budget but the exterior is uh paint here it’s a cyber gray metallic that cost

Extra $395 i really like these 17-inch dark argent mantella cast aluminum wheels led signature projector headlamps daytime running lights front fog lights and front recovery hooks too and it’s really interesting to see how general motors in general is just making trucks still like purist trucks but they’re making them easier to to have on a day to day basis such

As those connectivity feature as i said again 4g wi-fi hotspot that’s pretty nice in a truck now i do fully expect for general motors to see even more people flock to this vehicle and trade in via other vehicles like crossovers and the head of the gm’s midsize trucks also told me they were getting people trading in jeep grand cherokees for this thing i can believe

It after experiencing this 2017 canyon so i’m out of time for today thanks for watching everyone if you have any more questions for me just leave them in the comments section below any cards you’d like to see me to do on boxing review also leave those suggestions in the comment section be sure to check out the full review of the 2017 gmc canyon toy car buzz calm

And be sure to subscribe to the car buzz unboxing youtube channel so until my next review i’ll see you all next time

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