Unboxing Every Tesla Diecast Model

Tesla finally made a Model 3 diecast that consists of over 200 individual pieces!! Check out the diescasts at the following links.

So exciting day today we have the last two of our 1/18 scale diecast cars from tesla so here we have the model x which got a little back but here we have the model s and the model 3 in here which is also right there i haven’t seen the model 3 yet really excited to see that these are really supposed to be kind of cool i’m excited for them but they are $250 so they

Don’t come cheap by any means but you’re not gonna see a lot of stuff like this so here you can see we have the p 100 d model s in here we have the dual motor performance model 3 yeah they pretty much just come in like this so here we have everything in box we have the model x that’s that’s the big box we’ve got the model 3 and then the model s let’s go ahead and

Start with the model x and then model s and then we will finish brand new model 3 which i’m really really excited about so model x here you can see it has the picture of it on the side so certificate of authenticity tesla model x p 100 dl this certifies is that this 1/18 scale diecast model is manufactured under license of tesla and as a true representation of the

Actual vehicle you should just pop right off it’s not like a little bad what is that oh little plastic just like holds the two pieces together this is actually a replacement of the lung david bought me for christmas but it came in as like a red model s so here’s the white model x this time comes with this cool little guy i have no idea what this is for guess we

Will find out here is the white model x it has the white interior you’ve got working franck working trunk you’ve got the falcon wing doors that open up both of them actually and you’ve got the two side doors it’s pretty cool it actually has some pretty good heft to it too oh time out i think this little tool just to help get the doors because those front doors

Are kind of a pain so you just kind of like stick it in here and then just open that maybe that’s what i’m using it as hopefully that’s what it’s for here you kind of go you can kind of see all about model x it’s got those red brake callipers this is obviously the pro white one got those black rims she looks really good actually though can you see we’ve got a

Dangling auto pilot camera kind of like right in the middle it’s definitely broken you can see the little auto pilot camera just handling didn’t have any tape on it either so i bet that’s what happened that’s kind of a bummer but we’ll put this inside let’s go ahead and get model s so here’s a model s you can see on that side it’s tesla and on the other side it

Has the red model s let’s go ahead and get this open certificate of authenticity same thing as the last one just as model s so yeah kind of the same little clip up here that holds these two pieces together are these tissues all this came directly from tesla mind you i just want you to know that but are these wrapped with tissue cuz that’s gonna make me laugh i’m

Pretty sure these are tissues model us here you go let’s see this one does not have a cool little door opener like model x did like this little guy much like the model x it has the front that opens it’s got the front and right doors it’s got the rear doors which we’re gonna use this handy-dandy tool that model x came with to try to get those and then it’s got the

Back hatch let’s actually got the rear-facing seats in there too that’s kind of cool there’s carpeting in the franck and on the floor good model x have that oh the model x does – that’s cool i totally missed that that’s pretty awesome they spared no attention to detail on this thing okay now the moment i’m pretty sure everyone’s been waiting for including myself

It’s time for the tesla model 3 i was actually hoping they would come out with this before they actually did so good timing tesla i really wanted one of these to kind of round out my vehicle lineup and here just says certificate of authenticity for your model 3 same deal as model s and x and then the ak same thing here you got the tape on the side up top you got a

Little tesla humble and that holds those two pieces together we’ve got more tissues that’s great especially if i was having an emotional time right now because i was so excited i could use these and model 3 here oh look so cute it’s so tiny so um yeah actually this one has the sensors all around it whereas model s necks do not so that’s actually kind of cool they

Went a step beyond on this one you can see it is the performance model based off the brakes no spoiler though which is funny because neither does my car but you’ve got the working trunk you’ve got i think the working front we’re gonna use our model x tool here i wonder why they didn’t include these tools with all of them because it actually does help open the doors

Quite a bit so yeah all the doors open so this one has the black interior the wood – it looks really good just like the others it’s got little like seatbelts in here it’s also got the carpet in the front the interior and the trunk it’s got a really big trunk something like that seats do not fold flat don’t try pushing it yeah this one was actually pretty cool –

I’m a fan of this one and some of the other colors actually do offer you the white interior unfortunately the white car does not kind of like my car is that i own i wish i could have gotten the white interior on the diecast – but if you want the white interior you can either go with the black car or you can go with the deep blue the multi coat red the pearl white

And the midnight silver all are using that black premium interior but yeah looks pretty sweet i’m super excited let me know down below if this is something you would like they are super nice i’m not gonna lie i’m very excited to have them but i will say they don’t come cheap at two hundred and fifty dollars for model three model s and model x that are back there

They’re two hundred fifty dollars each so keep that in mind this would be a really cool present for somebody i’m gonna keep mine because that’s how i roll but yeah i’m a huge fan of them does say they are officially commissioned by tesla and everything is meticulously overseen by the tesla design team every detail curve and surface was replicated from the same 3d

Cad data used to manufacture the actual real-life model three same goes with us and x2 though these are gonna be about as realistic as you can get so for the price i can see why they are 250 because there’s a lot of like little pieces in here now the model 3 and the model x that don’t say how many pieces but the model s actually says it’s constructed with over 270

Individual pieces so that kind of goes to show you there’s a lot going on with just these alone so i can really see the price and like on all them the front wheels move fac wheels move here’s like the underside in case you’re curious on that i don’t know if that is like the serial number or what that is this did pass quality check thanks to operator number three

So we have that they don’t look like they’re very easy to get into you might be able to i don’t know comment down below if you want to see me go ahead and get one of the ones with the white interior and see if i can switch out this black interior in this model three four one of the ones with the white interior because it would be really nice to make this one an

Exact exact replica of my car so yeah comment down below let me know if you guys would be interested in seeing that i can’t wait to add a model why a roadster or whatever else they continue to bring out i’ll go ahead and get so i decided to go with pro why with all of these because technically my model s is pearl white under that color change wrap my model three

Is pro white under the matte ppf which is paint protection film and model x i’m not gonna say anything about that but you never know yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed it i’ll go ahead and link all these down below on tesla’s website definitely check them out like i said though they are not cheap they run at $250 each so just be forewarned don’t be sticker shocked

On these but as always if you guys are looking to accessorize your tesla model 3 model s or model x full-sized versions though definitely check out our channel sponsor abstract ocean everything is linked down below and using code tesla inventory will actually get you 15% off your first order they have all kinds of cool things from screen protectors wraps for your

Center console key fob holders really a lot of very useful things so definitely check them out and definitely let me know in the comments section below which one of these would you buy would you buy one what do you think about the price and we could talk about it down there as always though thumbs up if you enjoyed that video go and click here to subscribe here

For some other ones i will see you guys the next one bike

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Unboxing Every Tesla Diecast Model! By DÆrik