Unboxing Ferrari SF90 Spider by Maisto

Unboxing and Review of the Ferrari SF90 Spider by Maisto. This Excellent looking model was only $16.99 at Costco.

How’s it going everyone phil here from peak time racing today we’re unboxing the ferrari sf90 spider from macedo very very nice looking spider ferrari if you guys don’t already know i collect a lot of these 1 and 18 skill cars so i decided i had to pick this one up we had to unbox it on camera so let’s go ahead and open it up and we’ll take it out of its packaging

For the very first time we can see it’s sitting on this display right here we’ve got all these pull tabs and tabs that are holding all of the doors and trunk and hood and everything all together right there we’re gonna go ahead and take those off also on the bottom right here you can see there’s some screws right there we’re gonna take those screws off and get the

Car right out all right now that we’ve got everything right out of the box you can see the car and it looks gorgeous right here now one thing that i did notice initially is it is a spider variation so we do have this little spider piece that comes up right here and i was wondering i was like does this actually retract a roof i’m like uh i don’t think so this is

A model that cost 16.99 from costco so i don’t think it’s gonna have a retracting roof or anything like that but we do have the doors that open up on it which is super super fantastic so you can see the doors just like that that have the opening we also do have the what you would call it i guess the front of it because it’s got the engine in the back right there

So you can see the front we’ve got that open right there but overall i am absolutely loving the design of this car i think it looks absolutely fantastic we can see just the classic ferrari red with the blacked out wheels we do have an interior on here which does have a little steering wheel and little steering wheel will actually turn your front wheel so if we

Can see we can turn the steering wheel right there it does move those front wheels so kind of cool little touch right there but just a great looking design from the front end you can see that great looking sf 90 spider right there then we’ve got that crazy rear end and this is i think it’s said to be the most powerful ferrari ever made the sf90 stradali it’s got

The v8 turbo with a hybrid system built into it but this is such a good looking well done casting for only 16.99 so go check out your local costco they’re just getting in a huge collection and shipment of these meso cars there’s all different types of lamborghinis and ferraris and muscle cars ford bronco as well so lots of cool cool different cars that are coming

Out from maisto so make sure you go check them out only 16.99 i’m literally thrown away with the quality the look at the presentation of this car for such little price if you guys enjoyed this video and you like this car make sure you hit that thumbs up and more videos of one and 18 skill cars coming soon we’ll catch you guys on the next one bye-bye

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Unboxing Ferrari SF90 Spider by Maisto By Peak Time Racing