Undercover Armor Flex on a Jeep Gladiator, review by C&H Auto Accessories #754-205-4575

Undercover Armor Flex folding hard cover on a 2021 Jeep Gladiator, review by Chris Guthrie from C&H Auto Accessories. You can purchase this cover at www.candhautoaccessories.net or visit our showroom at 1435 Banks Road, Margate, Fl. 33063, #754-205-4575 #undercover

Hi it’s chris again with c h art accessories here in margay florida and today we’re going to do a review of the armor flex on the new jeep gladiator so come on over here now before i even go into how great the cover it is john take a good look on how nice it looks it is a flush mount this sits in the bed this is the armor flex what is the armor flex well the armor

Flex they line x the top here so you see this nice textured finish it’s not just looking good this is going to take a lot more abuse and of course as you know with jeeps what they do they do a lot of cool stuff they go off-roading they they abuse these things so it’s good to have a cover they’ll take as much as abuse as this jeep will take now this is the five-year

Manufacturer warranty on this and of course if we install it for you we’re gonna give you one year labor guarantee on that and now that we’ve got a good look not step back get a real good look make sure we can see how nice this looks and then we’re going to go into how great it works so you ready for this now one thing you’ll notice it’s got a real tight fit along

The tailgate here and this does have a triple seal now let’s flip this up and uh see this right here you got a triple seal why is that better well the triple seal does a better job of keeping the water out now no cover is waterproof because they’re not submarines but these are better than most let me show you why well you got a couple things you got the triple seal

I just talked about look how large is this seal here and on top of that if the water was to get past the seal it doesn’t go into bed because it’s going to catch it with this drainage system so they really done a great job of keeping the water on there’s a very big seal underneath this as well now let’s go ahead and open this up now if you want to drive with it

Partially open you can all you do is you got to secure it though that that’s what these little fellows are for here basically if you notice there’s two i’m only going to do one right here plugs right in here locks into place this way while you’re driving you don’t have to worry about the wind catching and closing it scare the living daylights out of you when not

In use they actually have a little spot here locks in there and guess what this works as a handle as well so it’s got a nice feature now what’s nice about this cover and not all covers do this by the way this has the third fold why is that great well let’s say you went up on an all-terrain vehicle in your jeep you know you got some kind of camping gear and you need

All that space are you just moving a couch whatever it is this will let you give you that extra space it goes all the way up now if you look inside you can see we put the drainage system into a factory hole now basically we could make a new hole but there was already a hole there so i just used the factory hole so we didn’t have to drill anything and again you can

See the drainage system here now this also does another nice thing this acts as a headache wreck what is a headache a headache rack you ask well that is a protector of your rear window so let’s say you got a bunch of stuff in here and someone cuts you off and all your stuff comes flying forward well instead of hitting this very expensive rear glass it’s going to

Hit this and this is a lot cheaper to fix than your rear window this will protect you the people inside there and your window so it’s got a good feature so not just letting you have more space in here it protects the vehicle now this is the latest generations that means uh they change these a little easier to use they lock right here into place now one thing you

Don’t see here is any of the brackets if you notice there’s no brackets holding because this is the jeep and they actually have pre-made screw holes that are kind of tucked underneath there so it’s just a little cleaner look and of course as you close this you’ll hear the little locking noise there that lets you know it is locked again you come over here and it

Got a little triple seal here and you come right now when you go to close it here try to push it in the middle gives it a nice straight close listen to that i know if you can hear that but that’s a tight fit it’s almost air tight i mean a lot of times people can actually feel a little air pop out of there when i close it uh these things are not again the beds are

Not air tight but this thing is really really good again this is a great product if you like this you can go right to our website which is listed in the bottom of this video by the way you can order and we ship it anywhere in the country or you can come into our showroom we have a brick and mortar store come in here see us or just pick up the phone and call john

Who’s behind the camera myself chris or dave we’ll be glad to go over all the cool stuff and there is some promotions going on right now this is not forever so just keep that in mind but right now if you have it professionally installed this gentleman here we’re changing this warranty from five years to ten years that is through the manufacturer not through us but

We’re gonna do the paperwork for it so he’s gonna have a ten year warranty on this if he gets installed by us so hey that’s a great feature he came here got installed and gets an extra five years of the warranty so all in all a great setup again if you like what you see like the video and could subscribe to the channel stay up to date with all their new products

And see all the great things we have again this is chris with c h auto accessories in margaret florida thanks

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