Unexpected First Rivian Service – Recall To Come? – UPDATE: Recall Issued

Received an unexpected call from Rivian Service indicating that they would like to send a technician to anywhere that is convenient to me and have a technician perform an “underbody inspection” – I dive into a bit more detail about what transpired in that experience.

What’s up guys it’s brandon flash today we’re here with my rivian r1t and i want to talk about a phone call i received this morning from rivien service so this morning at about 7 30 in the morning which is pretty early but i think they thought i was in eastern time because my address on my account is in charlotte north carolina i received a call from rivian service

Uh asking me one about the service request i had made for replacement badges i had never followed up with it because i wasn’t going with those badges anymore i had the ppf shop re-install them so i didn’t need the 450 badges that they were trying to sell me uh which is just crazy that’s a whole different topic but as part of that phone call they also asked me when

I was available for rivian to be able to send a service technician to my home or wherever i wanted them to come they were thinking that they would have to send someone from atlanta all the way up to charlotte north carolina being that that’s the nearest service center right now for me uh that’s actually where i did my first mile drive if you check out my previous

Video about that but unannounced to them i’m actually in colorado right now so i’m much closer to a service center and what they wanted to do on my truck is actually doing what they called an underbody inspection not entirely sure what that entails uh they did send me an estimate to approve of zero dollars and it really didn’t list a whole lot it was just saying

Uh inspect front suspension it doesn’t tell me a whole lot so i’m very curious to see what they end up doing they’re coming out this afternoon between 12 and 4 and i think they’re basically just going to crawl into the car make sure all the bolts are there maybe re-torque some things but we’ll find out i have been seeing some reports of people saying that they’re

Missing some bolts for some of the underbody panels and i have seen actually two cases of the front wheel either control arm or ball joint or something not entirely sure coming off and the wheel kind of collapsing either inward or outward slightly concerning but really that can happen on any vehicle so it’s not the end of the world um but it’s good to be or it’s

Good to see rivien proactively taking the steps to address potential concerns before they become a bigger problem or recall whatever the case may be what’s up guys it’s brandon flash i’ve been getting a lot of questions about the phone mount that i have in my rivian r1t i covered in a couple of my videos it’s shown in my road trip video and it was actually just

In the latest out of spec reviews video doing the full tour of this ocean coast interior i’ll link that video down below as well but let me show you this phone mount and i’ll include links down below as well so that you can purchase it if you’re interested for your r1t or your r1s all right so the rivian mobile service technician just left uh basically what he

Did is he jacked up each front wheel uh separately of course with jack stands everything did it by the book um took off the wheel checked the torque on the upper control arms so uh if you’ve been browsing reddit or some of the facebook groups things like that you’ve probably seen the one or two vehicles that did have the wheel come off it seems like it’s a very

Small amount of vehicles that are affected they had a very specific vin list of vehicles that they were checking and it was pretty short i didn’t see a whole lot but i was able to see that it was not a long list which is good not in the thousands or anything like that um but yeah they pulled off the wheels then they reached retorque the upper control arm bolts

So really not a whole lot to this it’s slightly concerning mine were very slightly loose it seemed based on what i could see from the technician’s uh movement of the torque wrench not great the vehicle is still driving fine but um i wouldn’t be necessarily surprised if this becomes a service action or potentially even a recall it’s really hard to say um but i

Guess we’ll see what comes of this with rivian and if there’s anything more to it or if they need to change it to maybe a cotter pin or um uh i’m blinking on the term but where you hammer in the groove of the nut so that way it can’t back off that would probably be a good idea on a ball drawing not uh not really sure why they’re not using that hopefully they’re

At least using nylock nuts but um curious if anyone else has had rivin reach out to them about this underbody inspection uh and i haven’t gotten an invoice or anything listing all the details but if i do i will certainly share some of that on twitter so my twitter’s linked down below so if you aren’t already definitely hit the follow button on my twitter i post a

Lot more day-to-day type content on there than i necessarily do on youtube yeah just curious how this is going and really if this is rivian’s only problem being such a new car company new vehicles everything like that i think they’re doing pretty darn well because this was a very simple fix an extremely painless process for me as a customer um they called me they

Sent someone out within a few hours and kyle’s truck wasn’t actually affected his was here uh technician was great super nice guy any thoughts on this whole ordeal or lack of ordeal really well i i love the truck with the pull out drawers first of all the arabian service truck we had three trucks here everyone was so you know enthused with it and it’s just been

Amazing so far and speaking of people being enthused with the vehicle there was a rav4 prime driver that came up and stopped to talk to us because when you have a rivian uh you really can’t be in a hurry to get anywhere it seems because anywhere you go you will have people trying to talk to you because the trucks are just awesome um but yeah overall rivian service

Experience really good really happy with that um curious to see how things go in the future if anything else is needed uh i have an 11 400 vin vehicle kyles is in the fours um but overall they just seem really solid aside from the i mean no tunnel cover issue but that is has been communicated that’s being redone early next year it sounds like in 2023 and happy

With it so well a few hours after getting the service done i actually ended up receiving the service recap is what they call it at rivan and it was actually pretty disappointing the lack of detail on what they actually did or why they needed to do it uh it basically just says concern perform inspection c technician notes so clearly there was more information for

The technician or they wouldn’t have been able to know what to do cause engineer request inspection for upper control arms okay i would like a lot more detail than that um why it needed that what they found whether they were loose whether they were tight why my vehicle was subject to this inspection would be really helpful and then correction remedy was front

Suspension other labor one hour so um as a former dealership service advisor i personally have read through probably thousands of service tickets and the notes from technicians on them and i would hand this right back to a technician and tell them to redo it because those notes are absolutely terrible i don’t think that’s due to the technician i think riven just

Needs to hold their overall service communication to a little bit higher standard there because as the owner of a truck especially about a week and a half after delivery and getting a call that my truck needs to be inspected it’s a little bit concerning and i’d like a lot more information as to why so uh definitely curious if anyone else has had this happen and

What they got from the technician or from ravine service and if they heard anything else as to why that’s happening so definitely comment down below if you have uh thank you guys for watching if you haven’t already hit the like button hit the the subscribe button and we’ll see you next time

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Unexpected First Rivian Service – Recall To Come? – UPDATE: Recall Issued By Branden Flasch