Union Springs – Flagpole/Reddish/Meadow Knob. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon JK Offroad Adventure.

Come back to Flagpole Knob with us! Today we run the Union Springs approach. Union Springs is known for bring the more challenging approach to Virginia’s most popular offroading trail. Join us as we spend several hours riding the trail on a beautiful Virginia day! This outing also marks the debut of our DJI Mavic Air 2S, dubbed “Copernicus”.

For the first time in over a year we are back out at flagpole knob in virginia’s george washington national forest we’ve done a few videos at flagpole knob over the years so when you get done with this one check them out flagpole knob is arguably virginia’s most popular off-roading trail due in no small part to its outstanding views and the fact that you can

Do the trail in two-wheel drive union springs however has a reputation for being the challenging approach to flagpole knob and that’s the route that we’ll be taking today union springs is the ideal place to learn how to navigate uneven rocky terrain the trail starts out as little more than a bumpy dirt road with the occasional water crossing and eventually

Becomes more challenging as you move up in elevation if you are enjoying this video go ahead and like the video and subscribe to the channel it’s the best thing you can do to help us out and keep us going eventually you’ll start to encounter frequent muddy water crossings some of them can look a little daunting but they really aren’t that deep and the

Risk of getting stuck is fairly low that being said play it smart the depth of the water can be greatly affected by rainfall as you ascend toward meadow knob the trail will offer up its first rock obstacles now before you comment and tell me that your jeep on 37s can do it in two-wheel drive remember i said this is a great trail for learning how to do

This not one that’s going to challenge the seasoned off-roader so did i mention that there is a lot of water on this trail if you’ve stuck around this long why not go ahead and like the video and subscribe to the channel it is greatly appreciated so although not necessarily needed here areas like this are great for learning how to use your locking

Differentials and disconnecting sway bars if you have them eventually you’re going to come to a clearing known as meadow knob this area is an extremely popular campsite and offers outstanding views of the mountains around it’s also the perfect place to break out our new toy our dji mavic air 2s aka copernicus after clearing meadow knob the trail

Will become even wetter and rockier as you ascend towards the flagpole knob trail intersection so and once you clear the staircase you’re done with union springs now it’s on the flagpole knob after clearing the staircase and finishing union springs you pick up flagpole knob near the intersection of the dunkel hollow leg the trail from here

On out is basic and can easily be done in two-wheel drive i had hoped to use the summit of flagpole not to get some more drone footage but when we got up there there was a family camping so we shut our cameras down to afford them some privacy eventually we came to a small clearing on the trail and parked we decided to send copernicus up again after a few

Minutes of checking the area out from the air it was time to move on we were burning daylight and still wanted to make reddish knobs because if you’ve got a drone that is the place to put it in the air so and here’s reddish knob i’m just going to be quiet and let the view speak for itself so after taking in those breathtaking views for a while

It was time to head down off the mountain i’ve been on this trail system more times than i can count but the views out here never get old if you’ve never been out here before it is definitely worth putting on your list of places to check out please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and check the video description for a link to our production front

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Union Springs – Flagpole/Reddish/Meadow Knob. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon JK Offroad Adventure. By Defiant Offroad