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Ladies and gentlemen i found another one 2022 ram 3500 dually with a mega cab configuration i found one it’s hard to find these trucks though they have two at criswell here in thurmont get them while you can they actually have a black one i couldn’t find a key to that one i prefer darker colors on the mega dually i think it looks so much more like girthy looks

Like a tonka truck but as you guys know we’re gonna do a walk around this truck we’ll show you guys the interior and exterior and we’ll show you the payload as well but before we do all that let’s go ahead and take a look at the window sticker as i mentioned outside this is going to be a 20 22 ram 3500 limited longhorn mega cab four-wheel drive this base price is

Not going to include dual rear wheels here’s a quick listing of the standard equipment it’s a short listing because there’s not enough space to put everything on here and then down below starts the options this does have the towing technology group cold weather group and then max tow and then up top here it continues with the max towed that 30k uh fifth will hitch

This is a curt uh rebrand with mopar so just keep that in mind body color bumper group was 395 tomo digital rear view mirror package and then longhorn level one equipment group just below that you do have that high output cummins and instrument panel mounted auxiliary switches this one does have the dual rear wheels as i mentioned 14.95 so if you want to add that

To the base does it give you a better price point and then chrome tow hooks is 95 trailer surround view camera system is 9.95 with a destination at 17.95 total price is 92 280 a lot of people ask me what are the differences between a limited longhorn and a limited so one thing that i’ve found is when you look at a limited in a long horn the biggest differences

Are typically the grills and the interior that’s really the only major differences now as you can see on this truck you do have a more bolder grille design versus the limited in texas they have a lone star here in other states you have what’s called the bighorn so that’s kind of what this is too this is more like that texas you know cowboy look if you’re looking

For that type of truck now this truck does have a painted front bumper which is an option it does share the same headlights as the limited i love that ram did that you can tell their trucks apart based off the headlights and that’s something that you don’t see from all the main factors they typically give them maybe two headlight designs this truck has like five

Or six because you have a blacked out headlight you also have this one you have the led for reflective style headlights and then you have just the regular halogen headlights so there’s so many different designs and you can tell them apart based off of this one thing and you know what they say in texas everything is bigger and this is a big bold front grille like

I love the design it does have a forward facing camera you have the chrome tow hooks below ram does a good job hiding the parking sensors they have them around the reflective style led fog light both into the grille up front and man just check out those headlights one more time you do have a led daytime running light and you have a projector now this does swivel

Left to right you also have led turn signals too i would like to see ram add auto leveling because when you put a heavy load on the back of this truck the headlights are going to go up and these headlights are bright so when you’re going down the road and you don’t adjust them you’re going to tick off a lot of people unfortunately these trucks have just arrived

So they’re basically like in ship mode so as you can see on these wheels they’re missing some things you’re missing a fender flare the cap that goes on the wheel and the fender flare on the back is a little too wide so they do ship them without those functions you do have an aluminum wheel here does have like an alcohol design i’m not sure if they’re actual

Alcohol wheels and solid front axle ram is the taurus of using cheap tires uh necks and tires i’m not saying they’re bad tires but i would like to see something a little bit more you know name brand when you’re spending a hundred thousand dollars and then i didn’t show this on the last video i did on a limited night edition but here are some of the capacities for

Those tires 100 psi 3085 capacity for the front and then dual is 28 35 a piece out back now i do notice something that’s slightly different from the limited is you do have a fixed running board on the limited it comes standard with power deployable you do have a really bold badge they did change the name from laramie longhorn to limited longhorn and i guess

The reason why it is because i feel like this truck is more in line with the limited versus the laramie you have a chrome mirror up top here and they do have cameras on each side of the mirrors so this does have a 360 camera view you also have your clearance lamps up top it’s a really beautiful truck i love this stubby dually look i know people hate it they don’t

Know why ray would make a short bed dooley let me tell you why they make a short bed dooley because they can look at how fat that rear end looks it looks so good with that short bed oh my goodness and when you see them like lifted with bigger like tires like 37s it just really hits home that’s when you really love the look of a mega cab dually with that short bed

There is one downside to having a mega cap dually and i’m going to answer it in another video i’m going to compare the long bed and short fed dually coming soon uh i did it probably a year ago so i figured like it’s time to do it again this truck does have the max toe so it’s going to have air suspension so your leaf spring setup is going to be different on this

Truck it’s going to be the same for the high output and the standard when you have air bags out back but if you don’t have the airbag system the high output does have an additional overload leaf spring over the standard output which has the overload leaf springs at the top i’ll show you a uh comparison just so you can see what i’m talking about but it’s really

Complex with rams like they really do a good job like making sure that their trucks are known for towing heavy and working hard now outback led tail lights large limited longhorn edition badge wow a lot going on back here you do have a camera for your conventional hitch and there’s a backup camera classified receiving hitch you do have parking sensors built into

This plastic piece so you can’t really see them you have an additional sensor for your dually bed side and of course with the higher trimmers gonna have assisted tailgate too they do give you a new standards plug right here seven pin you can turn on these led lights when the trucks are in ship mode and look at that big boy 30k fifth wheel hitch so when you get

That max tow you get this bad boy too they do give you a power plug too i forgot to mention this you do have a power plug which is new and you have two camera views up top one for your high definition rear view mirror and then one for the bed unfortunately i can’t show it to you because trucks and ship mode sorry i had someone that wanted me to show them a little

Bit more of this hitch so hopefully you’re still watching my channel but i’m not going to take it out of course but it’s pretty easy to probably set up and break down it doesn’t like it’s too heavy you do have some grab handles on each side of it too and it just sits inside the puck system on all four corners but yeah you have jaws on both sides to lock in that

Kingpin so here’s the bright white in the shade this is my favorite color for the white for ram they have a pearl paint it’s not truly a pearl it’s more like a cream looking color i don’t like it personally i think it looks kind of tacky they should do what gm does gm has the best pearl paint and i think that they should definitely you know step their game up

On that color for next uh model year for the true fifth gen i forgot to mention too this is how you know if you have air suspension now someone peels the sticker off there is a sensor on each side you can see it right here that’s the sensor for the air suspension so if you’re ever wondering if a truck has air suspension that’s how you know and there’s one on this

Side too right there so here is the mvp for the diesel engine for the heavy-duty trucks 6.7 liter turbo diesel made it to an eisen transmission i like this engine the best is because it does have less moving parts and it does kind of mirror the design of the semis and it doesn’t need the balancers things like that too like the v8s do and it has made it to a

Reliable eisen transmission as i’ve said in the past it’s not a comfortable transmission it’s very clunky it’s not great unloaded but well when you put a load behind this truck you know why they use that either transmission but this truck does put down 1075 pound-feet of torque 420 horsepower so it’s definitely going to really get any load you have up and moving

Quickly you also do have an option for a dual alternator setup i don’t know why i just prefer having a dual alternator setup when i see two batteries so i would definitely get the option if you’re building a truck i did a video on a ford f250 with the king ranch trim package and i thought it was really nice when you look at a ram limited longhorn you’re really

Really reminded that the king ranch just isn’t as nice this is just wow it’s not about the look it’s really the quality it’s the fit and finish and you can clearly tell that this is just a better truck now don’t get me wrong i do like the king ranch still but if you want a cowboy truck i think that ram is doing it better i will be fair ford has always done good

With their interiors i think that they’re probably the leaders up until this point in 2019 when ram redesigned this truck i think that they took everyone by storm i think that cars got better because of what ram did and this is a beautiful interior and you have that cowboy look checked everywhere but leather is real on the seats you also have real wood trim

Pieces around the interior too and the two-tone look is just beautiful this saddle is just amazing i mean you can’t say anything negative about this interior unless you just don’t like this design this is the best of the best but yeah check that out guys just beautiful stuff yeah if you want the cowboy truck the cowboy experience the longhorn is gonna do it for

You now as i mentioned in the last video this truck is still in ship mode now i’m gonna i’m gonna make someone really angry in the comment section someone’s gonna say something really mean to me you’re an idiot why would you pull this off blah blah blah blah blah well the reason why i can pull this off is because it’s gonna get pulled off anyway so before you

Start crying to me about what i’m doing just know that it’s gonna happen anyway so don’t get so mad about nothing so this does have that push button start and it’s just all around this beautiful wood trim piece in this little metal design here yeah that’s metal diesel has to heat up real quickly it’s it was uh 48 degrees earlier today so yeah there it is yeah

This isn’t gonna work unfortunately but you do have this high definition mirror don’t get mad guys don’t get mad now i haven’t seen this in a while so this does have the auxiliary switches here and you do have the buttons as opposed to like the little uh buttons you push down i kind of like that a little bit better i wish they would have done what ford did put

These auxiliary switches like up here i hope they do that in the future i think that ford has the coolest auxiliary switches to date do you see the design of this wood here when you touch it you can actually feel the design too that’s because this is real wood no other truck does that in this market i mean this is just really nice stuff and when you step up to

A limited longhorn and limited they do give you covers for your cup holders and for your little stores for your coin holders too if you get a laramie down this is all exposed this does slide to give you a bigger compartment down below now some people don’t know this there is a max fill line and someone thought this was for a cooler box so i just want to um

Just make that clarification for you really quickly this is for if you do put stuff in here you can’t allow it to go above this line because this slides and of course it won’t slide if you have stuff that’s tall back here and some people might think that it gets broken if they can’t slide it over back so that’s why they give you that fill line tons of usbs a little

Storage here for phone and yeah like i said this this interior is just on another level slightly large compartment storage here with a usb and did i mention these seats were lit rear leather i think i did check out your shifter it’s all finished in leather you also have leather on your grab handles too now this truck does not have a sunroof which i’m surprised

By but it is available with that i did show this to you guys in another video so we’ll just go this really quickly okay so we’re gonna go to number one first that way you guys can kind of see the the order of this so it starts off with a speedometer you also have vehicle information tire pressure and if you don’t know they show you tie press for all six wheels

Coolant transmission oil pressure boost pressure diesel particulate filter oil life fuel filter life battery voltage exhaust break my favorite gauge summary for coolant transmission oil temp and oil pressure it’s really good for when you’re towing and then your engine hours back to this off-road love that they give you a dual rear wheel uh look of that too

And then you have for your pitch and roll field economy you have your trip information for your trailer tow you do have a distance uh that you travel with your trailer you can set up multiple trailers and it’ll show you distance for each trailer gain for your trailer brake you can reduce that or increase it and then you have a trailer light check you have a

Menu for audio messages screen setup and then the additional one is for your commercial settings because of your uh auxiliary switches the code is going to be zero zero zero zero and then you can set up your auxiliary switches you can do a pin setup all that good stuff i’m going to do a video following up with this truck i’m going to compare the mega cab and

The crew cab because there’s a dually long bed here and i got to do a video on both these trucks while they’re here so stay tuned for that so we won’t go over this in this video so be on the lookout for the next video okay but the interior’s still the same and that’s the last thing i’ll show you you have a nice little belt buckle on that back seat all right so

You guys know what we’re gonna do next right look at the numbers so here are the numbers for this truck gross activate rating in the front six thousand pounds gross actuate rating in the rear 9750 pounds with a 14 000 pound gross fuel coit rating all in payload capacity is going to be 4 956 pounds so that’s actually not bad now i believe when they weigh these

Trucks i could be wrong i believe when they weigh these trucks it does get weighed with that fifth wheel hitch i believe don’t hold me to it though but nevertheless i mean having just under 5000 pounds you could probably top out with a thirty eight thirty nine hundred pound pin weighted trailer and be fine you’ll have more than enough weight the thing that i would

Probably recommend though is if you’re trying to go with that kind of pin weight though a long bed would be better for stability and of course when you’re buying a big truck like this you would like to not have any sacrifices if you’re buying this truck i would definitely skip the fifth wheel prep package because if you want to tow a big fifth wheel i would just

Go ahead and get a what do you call it you can either a you get a a offset ball if you don’t get this puck system or you can get a sliding hitch if you do plan on playing a fifth well that way you have enough space here to make 90 degree turns like if i get a dually i’m not getting a um fifth wheel prep package if i get the mega cap dually because i want to be

Able to have a little bit more function where i can you know set my trailer back a little bit and still be able to make 90 degree turn but hey guys thank you so much for your time thank you so much for watching this video i hope it was helpful be sure to like the video subscribe to my channel and i’ll see you guys soon you

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