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Up-Close & Hands-On with the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

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The new Chevrolet Silverado HD is here, and Tim Esterdahl got to see it in person for the first time with the Program Engineer. In this interview video, Tim gets an up-close hands-on look at the new 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD. Specifically we take a look at the High Country and High Country Midnight editions of the truck, and discuss the changes on the new model.

Hey it’s tim pickup truck plus suv talk and now i am in the chevrolet booth we have the new 2024 chevy silverado heavy duties we have the midnight black edition which looks like batman-ish we’ll talk more about that we have the regular high country full of the chrome i’m here with chevrolets my name is nathan berman i’m the program engineering manager for uh model

Year 24 heavy duty okay and i promise to ask him nothing but hard questions so number one no interesting um i want to talk about this front end quite a bit i want to talk about this because um you’ve you talk about airflow a lot right and i talk about this a lot on my channel and a lot in the channel overall is that as trucks have gotten taller right we’ve also

Had additional airflow coming into the cabin so that’s a big deal when it comes to like what towing and hauling keeping the airflow coming in correct oh yes you want to make sure you have the nice open features as you see here to get as much air in there so you have a proper cooling when you’re performing for your towing right i mean it’s a direct correlation the

More cooling i have the more towing i can do right i don’t people always look at trucks they’re like oh my god it gets so big there’s so much bigger grill well right there’s an airflow reason for that even had the flow tie in certain models to get more you know because that blocks a lot of air correct all right we have chrome talks because and talks according to

Press release are standard that is correct toyota um they’re standard so all four hooks yep we have a full hook standard and we have the reverse c going on or we have their cool little graphic here uh there’s something about these headlights for the new headlights brand new headlights this all new feature with the new c with the two two uh led projectors here um

And of course one of the things that are out these are all available in our ltz and above um and we have full animation in our headlamps now yeah there’s something about that welcomes you and bids you for aware of that’s correct it welcomes you and bids you for for well um based on when you walk up to the vehicle it’ll present some type of animation and then and

When you walk away there’s a another animation that’s a feature for you does that change depending on how you drove that day does it get like mad at you no sense theory standard animation but it just takes that bar up to the next level from from other programs so okay and then underneath the hood we have some changes here so we have an updated duramax yep updated

Duramax we go to 470 horsepower with 975 in torque and how we got there is we brought in a more efficient turbocharger so that was the key that gave us that higher uh horsepower and torque and you’re able to get more because you have airflow so turbos love to run hot but they need cold air to work that’s right okay and so then we have to change as well with gas

And then we have a new transmission so on we today we already have the allison transmission 10 speed on the diesel now we’ve taken that that same high quality allison heavy duty transmission um to our gas so it gives us that you know that 10-speed quality drive shifting um a better shift quality for the operators brings a higher peak in the smaller in the smaller

Gears and you know it also it helped us improve with our uh our dually payload or pulling force right so you told a little more a little more better shifting you have better low end torque with that as well yep because you set the transmission up a little bit and i’ll be honest i actually drove that i drove a 10-speed gas last week with um a fifth wheel gooseneck

And the the performance of the shift quality was amazing so again this is important this is our our midnight um high country okay so first ever done before us so blackout accents on the grill the bow tie up here on the hood you know we have again black features of round same type of tail or headlamps and so on black caps on the mirror so very similar to our ltz or

What we have today but we’ve been taking it to the high country and i was talking to your team about this in the past they said this black bow tie was difficult to get approved by marketing but now you can’t keep them in stock i’ve heard that before yeah so this is what you wanted and you have it now right here so blacked out which is it it just looks really sexy

Um black but i said moldings if you see on the side oh yeah which by by side moldings are new for our high country model year 24. and the high country is also blacked out the badge you can blacked out yep i mean everything looks i don’t know 22 inch wheels i mean i think it looks really cool just the ocd in me is gonna have a problem with all keeping clean many

Hours of polishing mcguire is going on here this is what the customers wanted they wanted this blackout feature in the yeah we’re bringing it to them looks really cool so the midnight edition it doesn’t matter what uh i guess cap configuration with the bed length whatever engine you want is available through all the features it’s only tagged to our crew crafts but

I need to confirm that okay yeah so um and you guys do crew cab six and a quarter six and a half foot bed and then an eight foot bed okay yep so same deal there so you have that as well so let’s go ahead and transition around the side talk about the inside so um inside the cabin i feel like there’s a slight change in here just a small one no the entire thing is

Brand new this is it’s all based on the 1500 it’s a great system actually it’s a google operated operating based system um what i like about it is not only the animation we saw when we got into it which by the way commenters you just press the button and the animation goes away like people are all flicking out like i gotta watch it every single time start a truck

I’m like no no you just hit the bus button yeah um but it’s sad things if you have kids in the car they always want to look at it they’re like don’t hit the button don’t hit the button so i don’t do we have accessory mode with this i think so yeah no well nothing’s nothing yeah because we are no key found but anyways you can we’ll have some uh b-roll on this or

We’ll put some information out there but it’s a great system i’ve used a couple times it looks really cool there’s a little clock here yeah i love the clock because you with the new system it splits between you have this part of the screen then you could have you have a secondary screen right here so you can do different things like you can have a clock or yeah if

You’re using a car i mean autoplay you can have that over here and something else going on so it just it opens up a whole new experience for the driver you know and then having google automotive services right it gives you the ability to sit there and you know tell google to do what it needs to do to change the temperatures to change the volume right and not just

Call somebody but also you know integrates in the maps and everything and and then also you take it one step further it integrates into your house right your google at home so that’s that’s another win so um one other thing you can see on this is we have column shifter yep brand new console yep um so uh that’s that is something different that you’ll see then like

Duty so give her more room right and also we took that wireless charger and put it down here right you get in the current truck today it’s a little i know there’s a lot going on down here with you your phone now it tucks in here nice and neat and it’s a nice little place and jill and i did a video on this and we freaking love this because it goes right in the right

Right in the spot there but also that when it’s down here you don’t worry about the sun beating on it right some wireless chargers get really hot the sun beats them on this actually keeps it cool in the phone when i pulled it out it wasn’t as hot as i’ve seen other charges to be which i mean batteries and heating them up and keeping them hot all the time it’s not a

Good idea right um one thing i was going to talk to you about was this column shifter um i think a lot of people get frustrated because they always want this console kind of going on but i think in heavy duty world as far as plowing snow as far as towing the columns are just yeah the customers prefer the the column shifter on the on the heavy duty that’s you know

Where we’re at and where we’re sticking with for now and um but yeah that’s just that’s just what they want and that’s and that’s why we kept it in that space and we wanted to focus on other areas to improve the vehicle like for bringing the turbocharger onto the give us more horsepower and torque or you know other things like the you know the safety packages that

Are on this truck you know we have side lines coming with trailer and we have standard front collision alert is on these trucks now and automatic emergency braking so you know not just taking on bringing the uh um the updates the engines but all the safety features right um so then you have adaptive cruise control and we have adapter cruise crow which is a win yes

Um you know so that’s it’s a beautiful thing to drive well and that’s the thing i talk all the time about with customers and things i mean we’re seeing a little bit higher right so we have a little bit of a depth perception issue with this engine right so we have a little bit of an engine with a truck with a little bit higher but you know truck’s never been safer

Right we have cameras we have a emergency braking with it emergency braking with fishing detection we have rear backup camera i mean we have a lot of technology in the truck so even if you’re sitting with higher c as well as you think you’re seeing in the past you still have a lot of safety technology yep yep and you know with that the cameras and everything one

Of the big things we you know we’ve we’ve um improved our transparent trailer now for uh camping or for trailing we have it on fifth wheel and gooseneck so it just takes that new experience for you know anyone that was a new trailer someone that’s never trailed before and now they have the ability to do it on the fifth wheel um we didn’t have that before we were

Bringing it to the market now so it’s a great add to the whole trailing package i would tell you i’ve used transparent trailer and i about got an accident because it’s so freaking cool but i wasn’t watching where i was going well it is i mean it’s it’s a star wars freaky looking thing and one of the things is that you got to find your feet your view that’s right

That’s like because you’ll see if you go out there you’ll look at and the marketing stuff for pictures online hey there’s a picture of the trailer and there’s uh right there’s the screen in front of the trailer and you see the back of it right well maybe that’s not the view for you maybe you want the split screen where you got the that type of view but also you

Want to see right besides your truck right i mean it gets into what you’re trying to do with it right and then even and one of the big things is the integration of transparent trailer you know we have the red carpet you turn the signal and it it’ll turn right but now integrated into the google automotive services so you’re using gps hey i’m hit i’m going to turn

Right it literally shoots over the transfer trail and comes back to to uh google to your map and stuff so that’s cool it’s uh really uh you know training changing the game in that area and if you don’t know what that red carpet is i experienced it at proving grounds it’s where you turn on the turn signal and there’s a basically a square alongside the trailer and

It lets you know if anybody’s in your blind spot it’s red you know whatever you can you can kind of move over and see what’s going on so you’re not like you’re not taking out somebody while you’re towing which is probably yeah good thing you know yeah just for some you know getting in and trailing over the last um a few months and so on getting more involved with

The different versions of the different lengths and working on the heavy duty program i don’t understand why you would not have it yeah you know and i mean so you have transfer trail we have the 360 camera the side blind zone um and then in taking side blowing soda trailing and bringing them together for conventional trailering where you have the sideline zone

That works with a conventional trailer that’s huge yeah yeah no it makes it a safer ride when you’re going up north going out west and and trailering can be pretty stressful driving yeah and so giving those extra features really does make a difference totally agree and we still have the exhaust brakes we’re in a diesel but i think you changed the add some exhaust

Grade benefits for the gas as well does it when it’s going down do you shift a little bit differently to hold that hold that gear you don’t have to follow up on that one right i’m not sure i know we did some stuff with it breaking on the diesel yeah but i don’t i don’t think we did anything with the gas okay so then let’s talk about the the kind of the i don’t

Know cool but kind of crazy feature gcv what are we talking about oh the gcw alert so so gross combined weight rating right correct so the whole point is we alert you if your your whole vehicle is over the weight of that of the whole combined wheat so the trailer and the in the vehicle together so we’re trying to communicate that maybe you’re in an unsafe scenario

Right where you’re above that weight yeah so i mean it’s pretty straightforward i know there’s been a lot of people asking the last few days well how does that work well it’s pretty straightforward f is equal to m a right it’s tied to your your weight and your accelerate or your torquing your acceleration the vehicle and that’s how it’s calculated so right so the

Vehicle can’t keep up with your towing hey you’re probably will wait and if that happens send me a photo like put on my facebook page people love watching that stuff so if you overloaded something to me i’ll just post publish it it’s great so um yeah i i what i love about this system on this bigger screen is you guys have some of the best cameras in the industry

As far as trailering but the great part is you can see them now the other screen was like i was like where’s it at over here so yeah so so like we we just did a like i was saying i think earlier we were talking about i did we were on a ride trip the other day and and we have brought on one of the current models today and we were doing a b comparison to make sure

We’re meeting the same quality of what’s going to go on the field with the new stuff right and that was the biggest thing is i it’s this little and and it’s funny because i’ve been someone that drove in the light duty program with this new this new uh system and are also the heavy duty um you’re right you jump back and forth between the the camera size you just

Get so yeah so i know i can’t see anything this it’s beautiful it’s high-res you can see it we’ll have some b-roll on the screen for that kind of stuff all right let’s go ahead and wrap it up let’s get the business ends see what you did back there okay don’t worry about the new interior oh yeah oh yeah oh i’m sorry the brand new i know before we get back there

This is this is the cool these seats are comfortable by the way too i pick on gmc it’s a lot these are comfortable yeah they’re really comfortable seats so high country seats brand new third interior bring into the high country in 24. yeah it’s like a bluish it’s a beautiful color it is it’s uh dare i say sexy like i could say that i don’t think youtube’s gonna

Get me on that one yeah other words okay so let’s talk about the business in the truck so we don’t have a whole lot of changes back here we still have the really handy side step that gets into the back of the bed that i call bermuda’s triangle because everything you want in the truck will eventually end up there and if you’re like me you can never get back there

Because you don’t have the height and arms of a uh orangutan take it back in there so the step works out great and even i can use it yeah fantastic all right you don’t see my butt going up on the screen we’ve seen enough that already um we have the bumper step still as well you have the multi-flex tailgate in your case get my marketing lingo down right get another

One all right so um nothing new back here we still do eight foot bed 16 same bed but this still is the hardest working bet in in full-size truck i mean you know with the dirt with the the spray and bed liner it’s it’s a beautiful thing in all the different attachments right and it’s a it’s yeah a little tall but that’s okay all right uh we have the fifth wheel hook

Up back there too if i could spy that um we talked a little bit about uh towing did you have a max towing number i think so published something so for diesel right now we still have 36 000 yeah um that’s out there we carried that over from the current um we did come out with a new max towel patrick package which it’s a it’s 22.5 22.5 and that’s for the gas uh no

It’s on diesel diesel wow look at that and so uh transparent towing is still a thing which i’m telling you you haven’t seen it yet it’s freaking cool yep and distracting because i just want to play with it too much on the screen um i think that’s it on this truck anything i missed no i think the only other thing is you know like we talked about earlier the high

Country midnight you know we’re going at that that market that wanted that a lot of work behind this truck and it’s gonna it’s a it’s one of the it’s a beautiful truck so and can i tell you one thing i appreciate what you’re doing right now what is you have using your hand in the stake pocket like why are these things becoming extinct i i’ve seen tricks on about

These you need this look you’ve got i mean it’s it’s he spelled right yeah that’s what you got all right there we go there’s the details on the 2024 chevy silverado heavy duty make sure to check out the videos over here as well pickup truck talk for the website as always thanks for watching i will see you down the road

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Up-Close & Hands-On with the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD By Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk