UpComing Parts To Install On The Drunken Ram 2010 2500 Mega Cab Ram


Morning guys youtube saturday probably alive i think busan i guess parts first off i have this bully dog i’m not sure what you even call these things but all i’m using it for is for the pyrometer so i ordered a pyrometer for eg teas so you wire this up to power ground and something else remember have to look at the instructions and this goes to the little control

Module that goes into the box that goes into the h and s tuner so that you can read eg t’s so you got pyrometer 1 2 a & 1 & 2 & 3 you know i don’t know what all those are for i did purchase a step because i’ll – excuse me i’m i’m still out of it so this is a power switch foot pedal or the bandsaw so basically you just plug the bandsaw into there you plug

That into the wall and then you zip tie this switch a lever which is what i’ll do i’ll just run a zip tie here plug it in and then i’ll probably wind this up every time but push it it’ll turn it on yeah and been ordered in some parts while i was up there on this train that was dragging everything oh what an exhaust egr delete a muffler evie power or eb motors they

Sent me another product they got me to test out they sent it to me before i sold my other truck actually they sent it to me as i was selling the other truck and then i’d let them know that i bought the new truck review the product kindly share the video youtube an early design toe mirror don’t function light available to market and we would like to send it to you

Appreciate you to share the video yeah you can go to this tv toe mirror door function light it’s selling on ebay ái motor shop which you can find the product i’ll put a link i’ll put that link right there unless you guys want to copy it but i’ll put the link in the description of this video and the install video i was going to purchase some new mirrors because my

Mirrors are crying so i don’t like chrome so what i ended up doing you’re going to end up doing is buying some vinyl wrap and i’m going to try to wrap my mirrors before before i install this but anyway so a lot of detailed instruction as always these people are pretty pretty good they’re on top of it not saying it cuz it’s free but but yeah so i mean you can even

See they got it all the way down to where you tuck all out firing and all that beware the limited space i mean they give you all the everything everything is really cool module yeah basically everything’s everything is written everything is where it needs to be good colored pictures and a lot of good different just instructions so you can see they’re the tinted

Right hand left hand and it comes with all the harness and everything so basically what this is going to do is this so when you have your running lights on those will be on and they’ll be used as turn lights however i will not be able to get to these until i wrap my mirrors does they either want to wrap the mirrors or i want to put new mirrors on the truck and if

I’m gonna end up doing new mirrors i don’t want to put these into the old mares if that makes sense i don’t so anyway there will be a future video for that so as you can see you got chrome mirrors chrome handles so and they’re pretty i guess that’s a bunch of asphalt all over it but yeah so the mirror that light will go there it’ll be gone and then i’ll probably

Get in contact with them and try to get some more floodlights cuz he’s the ones that they sent me before for the other truck we’re really bright i mean they lit up these ones suck these ones are not good these are factory i think and then i’m gonna vinyl wrap the handles this handles all loose but however they work yeah i don’t know if you guys saw where i put

That two years right here my day to end up cutting this down and it is just a piece of metal like for a phone and i have a magnet glued on there oh it just sits there it works out it’s good look down instead of having it up on the a pillar or whatever so also what i received already is my diamond die oh paperwork’s in there so my diamond die axle-back or dpf back

So there’s some this out sorry my back is super tight shouldn’t even be out here but i have to so there’s a part number for that it’s a cave five to five to a so it’s a dpf back aluminized exhaust so it comes with a straight pipe a coupler i think this is four to five inch or an adapter or whatever you want to call it but yeah doctor this straight pipe which is

This one which is your muffler delete which is what’s in this box is that muffler you got the over axle and then the exit so let’s take over axle and that’s exit and then i bought just a five inch straight through muffler it’s the only one i could find and it is polished but whatever is what it is so just five inch all the way stainless steel polished stainless

Steel whatever it’s gonna be all right sir but yeah so this pipe will meet be my dpf and cat delete because i already have a down pipe so that pipe and some other pipe or some other pipe however and its flared down there so i can just cut this wherever it needs to be and these are all the clamps so i guess chose two clamps oh there’s three and three three of one

Size and three of another size whatever anyway well yeah i got that i got some other stuff coming and yeah pretty much pretty much not gonna be doing anything today except for relaxing and getting some food back in my body because i think i’ve lost i’ve lost about eight or ten pounds being out there on that train so anyway guys stay tuned for this video for the

Tipi motors or a ia1 motors stay tuned for that install this install once i get the probe and my egr delete so the egr delete has one of the block off plates for the probe that’s where i’m gonna put it because i’m not gonna drill a hole through the exhaust manifold sorry guys small video comment below subscribe if you have any comments questions ideas different

Things different things i should do to the mega cab which is also known as the drunken ram i can fix the steering and it’s been driving awesome although the truck hi guys nice watching comment subscribe give me a like later

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UpComing Parts To Install On The Drunken Ram 2010 2500 Mega Cab Ram By Halffast719