Update On My Nissan 350z (Wiring Issues)

Hey guys welcome back to the channel and today we are just talking about my 350z and telling you what’s been going on with it since it hasn’t been on the channel in quite some time. I hope you enjoy and if you do please be sure to like, comment another video you wanna see, and subscribe for more!!

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel it is your boy mark ronin and today is wednesday it’s technically thursday but i’m a day late this week so think of it as wednesday so that means a video a vlog a vlog video okay and today it’s gonna be on my wonderful 350z i have a lot of new subscribers to this channel so in case you don’t know i

Drive a 350z it’s a nissan i love it i love it with all my heart but at the same time i hate it with all my heart because it just gives me constant problems now a little backstory i bought this car it has a salvage title i bought this car last year and i bought it with issues and it took me and my dad about a month and a half to get it running on the road it was in

Limp mode and uh we couldn’t figure out why i was in limp mode it ended up being a bad connection to the ecu um but there was like all these other things that people touched in the car and so we had to kind of go through everything well apparently we didn’t go through everything because it’s having wiring issues again oh let’s get into this video real quick i’m

Going to give you guys a full update on the 350z and what my plans are with it it’s not looking good boys it’s just not looking good i mean over my head is a short short story of it so in case you don’t know um wiring is something that like not that many people know how to do because it’s at least in a car because it’s it’s very confusing there’s over 70 different

Wires in this car all going to different places and uh when something happens with wiring you kind of don’t even know where to start you know what i mean and your boy here even though i love cars i’m not the best mechanic and i don’t know anything when it comes to wiring and as much as i do love my dad i like to try i want to try and fix things on my own and i want

To try and you know get mechanical knowledge and if the car runs it’s not in limp mode again i want to make that clear it i could drive it but it just constantly it’s always giving me problems with the wiring every time anything with the wiring turns on the car idles weird so if it’s a fan uh turning on the car will idle weird if the headlights are on the car idles

Weird the headlights also have weird issues with them or like this one only a couple of the lights will turn on when it’s in low low beams and when it’s high beams the different lights will turn on this one will turn on all the lights and low beams but no lights and high beams it’s so weird the wiring with the headlights alone is very janky i don’t know who wired

Those but they didn’t do it correctly um and then this is a big issue here this is the culprit is what i think is a problem again but once again i don’t know in case you guys don’t remember my last video on this car was actually installing underglow i installed underglow and it looked pretty good but it ended up every time i plugged it in it ended up making my

Car idle incredibly horribly and i was gonna plan on taking it out but lucky for me the mice did that for me and they chewed right through all the wires so the mice uh kind of kind of shorted that that issue out straight straight for me you know thank you thank you a lot mice but anyway this is the issue my ecu as you can tell is on the ground it’s always been

On the ground you might be like well that’s probably your problem it’s not i i promise you it’s not it’s the ecu has to stay on the ground because if you put it up and you move the wires in a weird way then it’ll cause a short again this one of these wires on here i forget which one it is i think it’s that light blue one right there but one of these wires right

Here has a horrible connection and on top of that as you can tell up here there’s all kinds of weird freaking jobs done to try and uh get wires to hold themselves together again and so one of those terrible terrible jobs could also be the issue but then it’s like okay well mark why don’t you just uh deal with the connection issue down here and deal with the wiring

Issue right there well you see i would i would sir but that was another problem they did the same thing with their horrible wiring all over the place it’s not just in the cabin they they did some of the dumbest things i’ve ever seen on this car and i don’t even i’m not even a smart like a good mechanic you know what i mean but even i see some of the things that

The previous owners did to this car not and i it hurts it actually causes me physical pain they all the problem is they touch the wiring that’s the problem if these guys were just just realized they were in over their heads with wiring this car would probably be perfect man it would be honestly great it would be an amazing car to drive but they did just something

Horrible in there and it’s like i don’t the problem is i don’t know where to start that’s my problem it’s like i know everybody else that’s like a really skilled mechanic is going to be like well it sounds and i’m willing to do a horrible job i was honestly thinking that my best course of action would be to pull the motor take the motor out take every single wire

That’s every single sensor and disconnect it take the entire wiring harness out and go through every single wire in this car and make sure every wire does not have a short and if it does have a short to fix that short and then plug it all back into the ecu with a brand new ecu connector and make everything connect perfectly and so that nothing’s loose in there

And then wire it all back into the motor put the motor back in and put it all in the correct way i have the stock headlights now i just got them actually yesterday i’ll have to do that so i’ll put the stock headlights back in why are the headlights correctly because i have a funny feeling that they wired these headlights poorly that’s why they light up so weird

Um but i could be wrong i mean they light up in the weirdest let me show you guys actually so this is what they look like in low beam mode as you can tell there’s like these little things up here only one of those is lit up on this side right there this headlight there’s a little ring around it as you can see the halo ring right there those are supposed to light

Up and it doesn’t it only lights up here this is low beam this other side of the headlight doesn’t light up at all not the halo or the other thing and then on this side you come over here and none of those circles are lit up and none of those high headlights are lit up only the halo on this one is lit up when you turn on the high beams both of these lights light

Up on this side which is good neither of the halo side up and all those still don’t light up so this one is working the head the the light bulbs at least and these are working which i guess is good then you come on this side and now just the high beam works that low beam still doesn’t work and nothing else works in there um i have a funny feeling these idiots put

These headlights in they had to rewire it because you do when you put in aftermarket headlights and they had no idea what they were doing when rewiring it and so they wired it poorly and that could be a cause of the issue but once again it’s like i don’t know i don’t know and it sucks and then it’s like on top of that this this car had tail lights it had aftermarket

Tail lights when i got it the same thing with the tail lights the tail lights were wired poorly and they were wired horribly so i got rid of those tail lights put these in and that solved in one issue where i had an issue a while back where it was like if i turned on the lights at night time the car wouldn’t go over 4000 rpms it was like kind of limp mode i was in

Like six gear one times flooring it on the highway and i was going 90 miles an hour so i was like okay there’s a there’s a issue here so i figured it out was the tail lights now i’m taking the headlights are another issue because these are aftermarket two and they’re janky and horribly put out there but then it’s like every time i look at that i’m always like okay

Well it’s probably the headlights i got headlights let me do the headlights and that might solve it but then i get discouraged because it’s like even if i do put the headlights in it probably won’t solve it because i know there’s a problem with the ecu connection in there because that caused the limp mode issue on top of that this these these little solder jobs

That they tried doing look horrible i don’t i’m not like i said i am not a great mechanic but these are just not well done it’s just like everything on this car was done in the most just backyard baloney way and you go into the freaking cabin and that’s just where the real nightmare begins it’s just a down there guys you know and we were playing around with it

Earlier because what happened was i tried starting it i realized my gas gauge now doesn’t work so my gas gauge just sits on e it doesn’t work at all and so i was like well i want to figure what the hell that is it’s not the gas it’s not the sensor it’s just once again the wiring somewhere is shorted uh this car also has a parasitic draw the battery dies randomly

At whenever it wants to it just dies i always have to jump start this battery the battery is only i think not even a year old right now so it’s not like the battery is not actually dead it’s just it just dies it just dies because it’s got a parasitic draw somewhere and i know it’s because of a short i don’t know where that short is and it’s just like oh my god

It’s torture so i don’t know i love this car and i love 350zs but i think i’m a little bit in over my head on this car when it comes to the wiring issues i i do know how to work on cars relatively basic stuff though not in anything crazy when it comes to wiring that’s a completely different story i don’t know anything about wiring and this car is a huge wiring

Issue that needs somebody that does know stuff about wiring to fix it and it kind of sucks man it just it just sucks because as much as i love this car i’m really even thinking about selling it lately and using the money to just buy another 350z that’s doesn’t have a wiring issue and uh because i love the 350z i don’t want to get rid of a i want a 350z i love

350zs i love them i’ve always have um but having a car that just doesn’t want to work half the time and have to like be constantly in fear that it’s just going to die on you at any moment or go back into limp mode or something’s going to break and a sensor is going to go wrong and it’s just like it’s just not fun man and on top of that my oil like sensor up there

That doesn’t work it always says it’s at 120 pounds it’s not so anybody that does know how to work on cars and knows a lot about wiring in particular let me know any ideas that you have something that you say like if you can give me an idea of how to go about solving this issue um i’d really like to hear it tell me if you think my idea of completely starting from

Scratch and pulling the motor pulling the entire wiring harness re taking every single wire making sure every wire has a nice connection and then soldering any that doesn’t have a that has a bad connection putting it all back making sure the connection is good putting the motor back in connecting everything to where they’re supposed to be from factory none of that

Baloney aftermarket headlights none of that stuff and then going from there tell me if you think that’s a good idea because at this point that’s kind of what i’m leaning towards doing i think it’d just be a good idea but let me know anyway guys i guess that’s the end of today’s video if i end up finding out what the issue is and i can actually solve it myself or

Maybe my friends will help me out with it a little bit um but either way if i can figure out and solve the issue then i will be keeping the 350z because the motor is pretty healthy i think i’m pretty sure it’s healthy uh it looks good the paint’s good it has barely any rust like i have a bunch of parts put into the car at this point i have a lot of money put into

This car i have a lot of time put into this car i have a lot of memories with this car i love how it drives when it runs correctly uh it’s a fast car it’s great and i love the 350z i just always have loved the 350z i don’t want to get rid of the car so if i can solve that issue then i will obviously definitely keep it and um we’ll keep modifying it but for right now

The reason why you guys haven’t seen any modifications like these because i just haven’t been motivated on this car i don’t know where to start i’m at a standstill really i’m stumped it’s been like this for months now and i’ve just kind of always i just kind of have been this like what do i do you know what what what i don’t even know what to do and i know my dad

Could help me out with it but like i said you guys i just wanted to be able to do it myself i want to learn these things on my own at this point it’s just not looking good i think i got in over my head to be honest i think if i sell this one and i can buy one that doesn’t have electrical issues be a lot better but who knows if i do get it fixed and if i can figure

It out i’ll update you guys on it obviously while i’m doing that process and try and teach you guys since i obviously don’t know what the hell i’m doing and then uh after that we’ll go about modifying it again and just putting mods on it and making it look cool and stuff like that but anyway guys thank you so much for watching i appreciate it that’s the update on

The 350z i know it hasn’t been on the channel for a while but that’s why uh the wiring issues just it’s really bummed me out that’s all that’s about it but thank you guys so much i am trying to get another car anyway so maybe i’ll end up getting another car in this car will kind of go in the back burner but i really don’t want it to i love this car i wish i could

Just keep building it and just have fun with it but wiring happens man so yeah thank you guys so much for watching i know this video was like really upsetting and depressing that’s because i’m upset and i’m depressed i love this car i don’t want to see it go but it’s just like it’s just not looking good it really isn’t and it’s always it’s been like this forever

It’s never had good wiring it always like bogs down sometimes i’ll be sitting at red lights and all of a sudden my idols just like it’s died on me a couple times it’s gone back into limp mode then come back out of limp mode a couple of times if there’s something wrong with the wiring and i don’t know what it is and i don’t know how to figure it out so that’s why

It’s just like i don’t know what to do with it man i’m so i’m sorry that’s a depressing video i love the car i love the 50z i think these are a great car they are a good car you just make sure if you’re going to get one that doesn’t have wiring issues because vq wiring is a nightmare maybe guys thank you so much for watching dasvidania have a nice night

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