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Used 2016 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab V6 SR5 | Toyota Northwest Edmonton

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Chiseled character lines and muscular fenders help show off this Tacoma’s strength and style. Built for rugged terrain, this Tacoma has Hill Start Assist Control which keeps you from rolling backward when you move your foot from the brake to the gas pedal, so you can move upward with confidence. Other great features of this 2016 Tacoma 4×4 Double Cab V6 SR5 include easy lower tailgate, Star Safety System, windshield Go Pro Mount, backup camera, and trailer sway control. Fully inspected and reconditioned by our Toyota Factory Trained Technicians, our pre-owned vehicles also receive a complete professional detail. Price listed does not include taxes or fees. AMVIC Licensed Dealer.

Hi welcome to toyota northwest cemetery my name’s jessica and today we’re looking at a used 2016 toyota tacoma 4×4 v6 sr5 the color is magnetic gray metallic underneath the hood we have a 3.5 liter v6 engine and on the front we also have daytime and fog lights wrapping around to the tires with god 16 inch open country mud and snow tires they are all season tires

And they are sitting on lovely toyota rims they are alloy rims coming up the side we have a breakaway mirror we got all the original tacoma sr5 decals as well as all four windows do roll down flat helping you inside the vehicle you’ve got this lovely put a smart key to unlock the front door you just want to press one to lock both back doors you want to press twice

If all doors will unlock power options inside the door as well as the lovely two cupholders down there and your speaker power options include power windows door locks and mirror we’ve got one full set of rubber floor mats with all carpet flooring and you’ve got those power options available there spin eval vents that turn in any direction that you’d like we’ve

Got cloth headliner you got all cloth seats adjustable headrest and seating for five as well as your driver seat is manual adjustable starting up the vehicle you just want to put your foot on the gap on the sorry honey brake put the key in the ignition turn to the right and the vehicle will start and we’ll just give that a minute to adjust there looking at the

Spirometer we’ve got 12,000 187 kilometers down here on the left we’ve got your different light settings and on your leather wrap steering wheel we have your bluetooth and our voice recognition and your volume buttons as well as your phone options and your options for your multi information display those will search you through all those different options over

Here at the am/fm radio we do have my favorite option available bluetooth audio you can stream audio through your bluetooth as well down here we do have your climate control options and looking up to mention the backup camera lovely feature it is very intimate these days down here we’ve got your usb and auxiliary input as well as your heated front seat option here

For both front seats we’ve got two cupholders here with the insert that does come over the middle and you’ve got your automatic gear shifter two cupholders here as well as a storage compartment in there in the glovebox you’ve got a locking glovebox with your drivers manuals as well up here you’ve got auto dimming room for rearview mirror with the power and compass

Buttons as well as your light options follow me into the back we’ll look at its features looking into the cargo area door does open nice and wide let’s have a look inside here wow it’s spacious back here we’ve got all carpet for rubber formats it’s got cause on the back of both front seats and you’ve also got two cupholders there as well as two cupholders in each

Store in the rear we’ve got here claw seats with adjustable headrest and to fold your seats forwards you do have two on the 60/40 split pull the top of the seat first you want to pull the cushion in the middle and when i get this nice storage space back here as well as believe here so you could put your tools or whatever you need in there let follow me into the

Back follow me up to the rear we’ve got i do like that you have this manual sliding rear window and a nice big cargo box all the original decals on the back as well as those mud flaps and splash guards to pool you’ve also got the tote receiver on the back it is kind of snowing in the back i apologize we’ve got a nice deep space moving on just have a look here

So again pull your seat forwards you just want to pull the middle cushion i flip the tab in the middle or on the side of the seat and whether we have another storage compartment on the back as well as underneath which is a lot longer than the other side follow me into the passenger’s very quickly popping into the front passenger seat give that spinny dial vent as

Well as the airbags in addition to the comfortable cloth gray seats we’ve also got the heated front seats and your passenger will be comfortable due to the manual adjustable seats i just want to say thank you for taking a look at this use 2016 toyota tacoma 4×4 v6 sr5 if you’d like to view this vehicle click or call today and book an appointment thank you for for

Looking at this vehicle with us have a wonderful day

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Used 2016 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab V6 SR5 | Toyota Northwest Edmonton By Toyota Northwest Edmonton