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Used 2017 BMW 3 Series 330i xDrive real life walkaround

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Let’s check out this *like new* shape 2017 BMW 3 series! One of the best selling car ever! Love it!

Thank you for tuning in today let’s check out this it’s a beautiful bmw 330xi it’s a 2017 has very low mileage super super nice clean shape has just over uh or just under 40 000 kilometers so about 38 000 so it looks very good has nice gray color so bmw 3 series is one of those best selling sedans in entire world no matter where you go 3 series has made the name

For it so the vehicle is always very desirable desirable very uh sought after and this one has nice uh um x-line sportline styling so you do have nice m design wheels so we can see how these wheels look very good with this gray uh color that it has such a nice vehicle we’ll have a look at uh exterior then we check out the interior as well i really like the front

Of the vehicle looks uh very nice and aggressive so if we look at how the front headlights uh are playing together with this like you know kidney grills and then the lower part of the bumper bmw definitely has done great job throughout the years of keeping the bmw design relevant timeless and sporty aggressive so good job to them on that so side views we do have a

Little bit of chrome going right here the front lower a part of the bumper and around uh the windows right there so it looks good uh so you have this uh sporty and elegant look style mixed together and we can see how on the great on the gray color of the sidelines come to life so to speak it’s a beautiful sunny day today we can see how when the sun hits directly the

Paint how the shadow gets thrown on on the side and whatnot so really nice back as well so i very like very much so like the back side of this bmw again it’s a nice sporty and elegant at the same time we have this chrome uh element right here on the bumper and the chrome exhaust tip as well so very nice lettering on 330i so you know you’re uh getting a powerful

Version of the bmw it looks good so the interior on this one very very nice and clean uh one of the cleanest beamers i’ve seen in a very very long time so there we go we have the interior right here a very nice seats and everything else so steering wheel um nice comfortable steering wheel the design looks really good too on here the shifter you have the modern

Uh shifter on it as well let’s jump out real quick where the uh uh drivers position would be steering wheel this one also has a panoramic sorry not the panoramic just the regular sunroof not the panoramic sunroof criteria memory position right here all the goodies okay let’s jump in see how the driver feels start the vehicle right here okay no matter where you

Look this beamer is very very nice and clean so it uh to be honest it looks like brand new you don’t see any wear and tear on it and the bmw um interiors are made to uh last a long time and look good a long time so really like these classic dials with like actual uh gauges and and digits and whatnot small lcd screen right here i really like it like that so this

One has the backup camera as well uh backup camera is kind of like you know a fairly small by today’s standards but uh still looks uh really really good the new infotainment system right so it can uh browse around and zoom in zoom out whatever you want to do all kinds of uh options so i like the shifter how you put in drive the sport mode and then parking helps

Right there yeah sparking um really cool overall this definitely is one of the cleanest nicest uh three series and bmws and cars that i’ve seen in a long long time so there we go we just check out a beautiful 2017 bmw 330x drive we’re kind of heading into uh winter season here so we definitely want to get that all-wheel drive for extra safety and support on the

Road so thank you so much for uh checking out this car i hope you liked this as much as i did thanks again and see you next videos

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Used 2017 BMW 3 Series 330i xDrive real life walkaround! By Regular To Supercars