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Get into this Used 2018 Ram 3500 Limited Crew Cab 4×4 Cummins Diesel available now with Redwater Dodge!

What’s up everybody travis here from redwater dodge home of the 10 oil change rig ready rams and now we buy your ram and park behind me one of the latest trade-ins this is a according to the keytag 2018 ram 3500 limited crew cab bright white in color you have your painted to match cab length running boards guys heavy duty flaps on this one trailer tow mirrors you

Also have keyless as well as proximity entry trailer tow mirrors like i mentioned five seconds ago it’s like magic with keyless entry pretty well just use your fob lock and unlock right it’s locked proximity entry sensor i’m in i’m in like flynn my mom used to say that all the time shout out to your mom for saying cool stuff on occasion you got these beautiful

Firestone transforce all terrain tires wrapped around a beautiful solid 20 inch chrome clad rim no wheel covers or hubcaps or things along those lines it just randomly uh got sunny out here hey pam that’s sick i like it but also i appreciate my corneas where they are uh let’s take a look at uh the front well guys we’re at the front of the 2018 ram 3500 limited if

It looks like my eyes are closed it’s because they are uh you have these beautiful lexan coated projector style lenses for your headlights there the lights encoding is on the headlight cover and the projector style lens is within the headlight uh lexan coating he’s going to make it super difficult to chip scratch crack or break or shatter you’ve got these dwayne the

Rock johnson solid front bumpers dwayne i smell what the rock is cooking still haven’t heard from me though buddy i’m just giving you a lot of free publicity out here you also have the fog lamps on this one with the parking sensors in the front a beautiful chrome clad front grille and under the hood which isn’t heavy to lift at all 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel

All of the towing capabilities that anybody could ever ask for and anything you’re going to want to touch on your own here without the supervision of a licensed professional can be clearly marked windshield washer fluid power steering fluid.3 engine oil dipstick engine oil cap and things along those lines guys don’t act like a rocket scientist and start playing

With stuff that you don’t know anything about because then you end up with big boos i can see again if you guys are wondering come on the side more of the same as mentioned you have these cab length running boards beautiful chrome accents chrome door handles a little bit of an accented fender flare there guys smooth though color match rear bumper also solid also

Parking sensors seven and four pin wiring with your receiver backup camera tucked safely away into the handle of your tailgate let’s pop that down you’ve got your fifth wheel prep package you’ve got the bed utility lighting you’ve got two additional lights in the rear of your box as well and you’ve got your cargo camera to help line you up for your fifth wheel

Trailer with your fifth wheel prep package with your spray in bed liner and honestly guys if you want any more i think that’s a little bit greedy but we’re going to go inside and i’m going to show you other cool stuff well we are on the inside of the 18 limited 3500 you’ve got this beautiful leather upholstery with the upgraded stitching and gray piping both of

The seats are heated they’re also ventilated you have this leather wrapped heated steering wheel with this beautiful wood grain insert as well if you were wondering the truck is fully deleted and tuned you’ve got your little knob here for tuning and you’ve got your switch for those rear lights you mentioned by you mentioned i mentioned you didn’t even mention

Them i literally had to tell you about them you didn’t even know they were there which is insane if you ask me sunroof back to the sitting down and bringing you up and down and all over the map here power seats on each side on driver side forward backwards upwards downwards lean forwards lean backwards you have two memory settings so you and another driver your

Co-pilot let’s call them except they’re going to be piloting in this instance you set your seat up you set your steering wheel up and your power pedals up and you just memory set it so when you pop in you hit one or you hit two you’ll have to make that distinction amongst yourselves i won’t judge um and you set it up and it’s ready to go for you and you’ve also

Got lumbar support because we are all together in this and we all have lumbars and please reference the cat reference i made in my last video if you’re looking for the translation in feline i did one there for you as well power folding trailer tow mirrors for getting in those tight spaces like your garage or whatever the case may be power windows power door locks

As mentioned previously you’ve got the power pedals but i don’t need them i am a six foot behemoth of a man so that would never be used by somebody like me push a button start guys only 91 932 kilometers so you could round up and say 92 000 alpine audio system paired with your 8.4 inch touchscreen nine speakers uh well eight speakers and a woofer on your seven

Inch hey stop it sorry siri sorry customers seven inch vehicle information center between your speedometer and your attack and allow you to go through all kinds of operational information regarding the vehicle uh tire pressure transmission temperature oil life this one’s at 100 so we’re doing a great job of keeping it alive and nurturing it properly and providing

It with an environment which is essentially conducive to effective growth right you can also check on the fuel filter and battery voltage all that fun stuff right with our 8.4 inch touchscreen you have all kinds of options we are currently on the media screen which is going to allow you to access am fm sirius as well as your phone switch over to media here well

That’s radio actually and then you go to media and it’s a separate thing and media is going to allow you to basically use your usb ports your uh auxiliary ports your phone via bluetooth technology look at it it’s amazing you know bluetooth was the name of a famous viking pam did not somehow i just restarted the whole screen but yeah bluetooth is the name of a

Famous viking harold bluetooth or something who knew well i did i knew yeah that was the whole thing that just happened here between you and i and now you know anyway you click into the media button and it’s going to allow you to hook up your phone whether it be through usb auxiliary or bluetooth climate um pretty standard this is going to also have your heated

And ventilated seats and heated wheel available as well all your climate options uh it is dual climate control so no need to worry there they’re also going to be available analog below the screen controls here is going to be heated seats cooled seats heated wheel back up camera don’t know why i whispered that it just sounded better in my head cargo camera so guys

You really have no excuse to miss on this one and i cannot go to bat for you if you do um navigation obviously apps button going to light unlock absolutely everything we just discussed absolutely every single app available is located in apps including all of your settings and stuff for your vehicle your language settings your audio settings your display settings

All of that fun stuff integrated trailer brake from factory you can turn off your parking sensors in the front and rear if you like to live dangerously exhaust brake tow haul mode you have a 150 watt three prong plug-in up here as well tons of storage space in your beautiful center console here phone holder a little bit of a knick-knack area cup holders as well

Beautiful shallow console here you’ve got a couple of usb charging ports in your auxiliary port flip that up you’ve got deeper storage and guess what guys no protractor papa trav loves that papa travis me if you guys are wondering i refer to myself in the third person the bigger i get so get used to it beautiful in-dash storage here flip that up a little bit

More down here from factory floor mats rubber as well as carpet the centerpiece carpet is removable if you so wish but the aesthetic is 10 out of 10 so i don’t know why you would do that well guys we’re in the back of the crew cab limited 2018 again premium leather upholstery power sliding rear window a little bit of a territory divider it also houses a couple

Cup holders for you speaking of cup holders more cup holders down there on the floor as well the rear seats also happen to be heated again you do have the mats from factory in there under the mats you have the original ram bins they are removable god forbid a mess happens to be made in there you can pull them out hose them down and you’re ready to go say goodbye

To tracy t she’s leaving see ya enjoy your drive love tracy t flip the seats up there you’ve got some storage space this actually folds out to create a completely flat surface maybe don’t tell your friends though because they’ll expect you to be the one helping the move stuff around and that’s just no bueno for everybody you flip that up and you’ve actually got

Additional storage underneath this side nothing too exciting because there’s a subwoofer unless you find subwoofers exciting which for all intents and purposes i guess they are because who doesn’t like to listen to hard style at max volume on the way to the gym while you’re taking scoops of himalayan pink salt a little bit of storage space behind the seats here

You guys think that was a joke but that’s how i live my life so we’ll see it on the other side well guys thanks for uh doing this quick overview with me with this 2018 ram 3500 limited crew cab bright white 6.7 liter cummins deleted trailer tow mirrors cargo camera so your tony technology package fifth wheel prep group spin bed liner as well for more information

Or make it your own give us a call 780-942-3629 it’s settling my chi here getting ready to eat some cold cut trio sandwich gosh darn it ape size downsides to being super jacked hey stop all that nonsense so my eyes are literally closed right now just give me a second pam i’m adjusting to the glare the worst spot to be in my life after market what the trap i’m

Manifesting in my eyeballs i just found out this thing is deleted so good on ya mate what the f well that one over there is going for nuts do it i think there is some sediment in there like the dinosaurs are covered in sediment folding okay well i will thanks pam i’m just having an overall good day today but it’s really ruining everything else i’m trying to do

You know oh

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