Used Audi S7 Sportback Black Edition TDI 344 PS tiptronic

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Hi and welcome to stafford audi today i’d just like to give you a quick walk around this stunningly used audi s7 sportback black edition that we currently have in stock that’s called a three liter tdi quattro it’s four wheel drive with an output of 344 ps it’s automatic and it’s finished in mythos metallic black so the front as you can see you’ve got your full hd

Matrix led headlights you’ll be s7 badging at the front of the grille and it does come with the front parking camera and the front parking sensors on the side you get 20 inch alloy wheels with the black s brake calibers the car does also come with the electrical adjustable and heated exterior windows as you can see at the bottom there it does come with these side

Cameras we’ve also got the privacy glass on the side and rear windows coming to the back of the car you’ve got your retractable spoiler there which just gives the kind more that sporty look and again with your s7 budget on the rear it does come with the rear parking camera the rear parking sensors you’ve got your quad tail pipes at the bottom there all of our audi

Approved vehicles do come with a 12 month warranty and 12 and for retail assist so let’s take a quick look inside the boot as you can see you’ve got plenty room there but if the extra room is needed the rear seats do fall forward now it is a power offer to tailgate so a click of a button and that boot will close itself as we head on to the inside the car does come

With the keyless entry as well so here you’ve got the alcantara style inside the door electronic windows and the car does come with the confident sound package so it does include the bang on allison sound system you’ve got your illuminated acid dual silt trims the two front seats are heated also electrically adjustable just by these buttons here and you’ve got your

Lumbar support as well just to add that extra comfort on to the interior you’ve got your full leather and your front sport seats which do look stunning the s logo embossed there as well and as you can see the car does come with the automatic electronic headlights in front we have the four leather flat bottom steering wheel which does come as standard with the black

Edition you’ve got your paddle shifts there for the manual mode and it has a multifunctional steering wheel so you can use it to navigate your audi virtual cockpit just go through different displays you can have on there you can also zoom in out of your lr navigation using the toggle switch as you can see moving into the center you’ve got your twin touch screen

Mri display as mentioned just it does come with the mri navigation system and if we pop the car in reverse see your review parking camera then it also gives you a 360 overview as well and you can change the camera view as well so there’s your front view the car does come with bluetooth and apple carplay and we’ll just go over the different added drive slacks that

Come with the car depending on which one you do choose it will affect the stiffness of the steering and also the responsiveness of the throttle so you’ve got efficiency comfort auto damage dynamic and individual if we go into driver assist so this includes your distance warning audi presence and rest recommendation which can’t all be turned off below you have

The cloud controls so you’ve got two separate controls for you and your front passenger put your buttons for heat seats there as well start and stop one automatic gearbox on the electron handbrake and the assisted handbrake and the car does come with the audi phone box which is a wireless charging pad for your phone so as we head into the back of the car as you

Can see you’ve got plenty of leg room for the rear passengers and you’ve also got your full leather interior at the back as well and the middle suit does actually fold out as an armrest and it also comes with two cup holders here you have the clamp controls for the passengers at the back if you’d like any more information on this car please feel free to give us a call at 1785-250-444

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Used Audi S7 Sportback Black Edition TDI 344 PS tiptronic By Stafford Audi