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You might call them Toyobarus — the iconic joint-venture 2+2 rear-drive performance coupe jointly put to market by Toyota and Subaru under names like the GT86 and BRZ, as well as the FR-S. May Scion rest in peace.

In this video we’re setting you up with five tips to help you find the best used scion frs subaru brz or toyota 86 that you can for the dollar i’m justin prichard and that’s coming right up so you might call these toyobaroos referring to the rear drive performance coupe model jointly put to market by toyota and subaru under names like the gt86 and brz as well as the

Frs from back in the day when it was sold by a now-discontinued toyota sub-brand scion may it rest in peace these cars have been around since 2013 have underwent numerous upgrades and tweaks and were joined by various special edition models to help keep shopper interest peaking over time but over the years and changes the underlying recipe remained largely the same

The fast spinning 200 horsepower flat 4 boxer engine up front available 6-speed manual transmission in the middle and rear-wheel drive out back add in a convincing sport scoop cockpit some rear seat space and a slick instrument cluster with a center tachometer that looks like it came from a motorcycle and you’ve got a pretty convincing way to generate some grins at

The wheel even the 8 speed paddle shift automatic can be a blast to use with quick sharp and rev-matched shifting of the tips of your fingers these machines are smoother under the hood smoother on the road and easier to live with than you might think average sized folks will tend to find them comfortable once settled into and fuel economy is reasonable if you’re in

No particular rush so some great cars to inject some fuel efficient fun into your daily commuting or road trips provided you buy a model that isn’t concealing one or more nasty problems that could be threatening to turn your bank account inside out a few weeks later so let’s start with tip number one make some assumptions as a shopper approaching a used sports car

Like this one assume the brz or 86 you’re considering needs new brakes new tires a new clutch and the new battery is a bare minimum you’ll also want to assume the engine has been previously modified by a past owner using non-approved performance parts that have voided any remaining warranty coverage then work backwards check the tires brakes clutch and battery for

Proper health seeking expert help if necessary in a performance car like this accelerated wear to tires and brakes is expected these parts will tend to wear down more quickly than they would on the corolla that you’re trading in same goes for the clutch which should last the life of the vehicle if treated well but which may have been vaporized by the bad habits of

A previous driver in a matter of months so be on the lookout modifications can lead to very expensive headaches that aren’t covered by warranty so be sure to buy a model that’s still factory stock where possible in that battery well turns out using a fresh one is a great way to improve the reliability of almost everything connected to it specifically the car’s

Electronics tip number two under the hood when arriving for your test drive insist on starting the engine from a dead cold state confirming that the seller hasn’t recently driven or pre-warmed it ahead of your arrival begin by checking the oil to confirm proper level and condition then leaving the hood open start the cold engine and immediately look for signs

Of smoke from the tailpipes and a harsh tapping sound from the front or sides of the engine both could be signs of rare but serious trouble that requires further investigation some owners of earlier models reported leaky front engine covers which could result in visible oil seepage or a leak from the front of the engine that shouldn’t be too hard to spot you’ll

Want to have the engine control unit or ecu scanned two even if there’s no check engine light this scan can reveal various sensor and electronic problems that the seller might be hoping you’ll foot the bill for some owners have reported failed spark plugs and fuel injectors which can result in a stored trouble code that’ll be revealed by this scam tip number three

Owner’s community advice seasoned owners tend to recommend potential shoppers keep an eye on fluid levels and maintain their cars religiously especially when it comes to fluid changes some experienced owners have reported clutch and transmission noise particularly related to a throw out bearing that can get noisy when it wears out if you’ve confirmed the clutch in

The car you’re considering is healthy but it’s difficult to work smoothly or makes excessive squeaking or squealing sounds replacing this part is the likely solution allowing the throw out bearing to fail outright can cause collateral damage to the clutch and flywheel so if it sounds funny get it changed out the clutch pedal that feels jumpy or a driveline that’s

Rough and noisy at high revs can also be a sign of a bad throw out bearing so pay close attention on your test drive toyota did issue technical service bulletins or tsps to help technicians deal with these problems tip number four dampness check there are at least two areas where shoppers will want to check for unwanted dampness when making their test drive first

Pop the trunk remove the spare tire provisions and expose the metal spare tire well beneath the floor moisture rust or standing water in this area is sign of a leak likely from a sunroof spoiler mounting hole or tail lamp seal leaks like this are no fun and can cause damage it might be best to move to another unit if you spot any second pay close attention to the

Headlight and tail lamp housings on the car you’re considering look closely and scrutinize the inside of each if you see standing water condensation haze or rust the vehicle might be suffering from a commonly reported condensation problem with most affected units having replacement housings installed under warranty tip number five other checks most brz frs and

86 owners report a solid machine that’s easy to live with and trouble free especially when regular maintenance and inspection intervals are followed precisely still test driving shoppers should be on the lookout for excessive clutch pedal hinge noise a cricket-like chirping sound that could be a sign of a bad fuel pump wrinkles bubbles or lifting of the materials

Covering the dash and doors and peeling steering wheel finishes some owners have reported engine failure typically under warranty and possibly caused by a valve spring or fuel injector problem that seems to have affected earlier models in this machine’s generation most have not these tips were designed to help test driving shoppers more easily identify possible

Trouble areas reported by some owners and an attentive test drive and shopping process that focuses on the areas we just covered can help you find a first class example of a secondhand toyota 86 scion frs or subaru brz if you liked that video we’ve got plenty more like them consider subscribing to the channel down below so you never miss a new upload hit that like

Button down below if you learned something new and be sure to check out our latest used car reviews over at my name is justin prichard and until next time take care and drive safe

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