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Used Mazda CX-5 2.2 AWD Sport – Swansway Honda Stockport

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Mazda CX-5 Sport in red, now available for sale from Swansway Honda Stockport.

Love and welcomes our honda stockport my name is charlotte and today we’re giving you a full video tour the absolutely stunning 2018 edition mazda cx-5 sport that we do currently have in our stock as you can see it does come in this gorgeous red exterior giving it that sleek finish and with your 2.2 diesel engine it is ideal for those covering extra miles for any

Further information please give us a call at 1161-825-0235 so complimenting your stylish front grille you do have your led the feminine headlights so you will always have a full illumination of the road ahead followed by your front parking sensors you do also have your 19-inch gunmetal alloys followed by your electronically adjustable and heated door mirrors and

As you can see these do incorporate your indicators in there in your raven tv it is a very comfortable and easy to maintain a full leather finish with your handy pull down armrest and suit cup holders you do have plenty of leg space along with your climate vents just in the center there as it is a 2018 edition it has come with 10 302 miles moving around to the rear

You will find your dual exhaust pipe along with your parking sensors parking camera and you’d even have an electronic tailgate release on your key fob which once inside will expose a very spacious boost area so ideal for all those larger travel plans you do have a button located just above your head or if you wish you can simply hold the button on your keyframe once

Again to close the tailgate back over much more efficient especially when your hands are full complementing on your door still you do have your cx-5 badge in how longer than or electronically adjustable front driver seat with one of two memory functions this will automatically set in place so you don’t need to mess around each time you get in and out of the vehicle

This is followed by your multifunctional full leather steering wheel along with your central display screen it you do have your controls located just below to navigate around this and as you can see it is an automatic transmission for a much smoother and efficient drive again your two front seats are again a full leather so very comfortable and easy to maintain for

Both travel and passengers and our deal in those summer months you do have a full glass sunroof with manual covering so that does conclude our full 360 ball ground of this vehicle so we now take a seat in the front i will show you all the top key technology features on your driver’s door you will find all four of your electronic windows along with your outer wing

Mirror adjustments on your steering wheel you will find your option for your speed limiter keeping you at a safe or legal speed limit at all times on your left you do have all your audio controls which does give you the option for your voice recognition and the options answer incoming phone calls you can also use the buns on your steering wheel to navigate around

Your cockpit screen so you can display an array of car functions on there including your service or mileage moving across into the center using your controller just below you do have a plenty of radio stations to listen to as it does work off your fm if you wish to listen to your own desired playlist however you can do so connecting via bluetooth this will also

Give you access to all your vital car apps along with making hands-free safe phone calls so as you can see on here you can display all your contacts i mean of course you do have your built-in as satellite navigation this is extremely helpful especially in those unfamiliar areas so you do have your points of interest on here it will give you your traffic updates

So it is very handy to have and moving back of course you do have all your general settings just at the end there as well if you do pop the client to reverse it will activate your rear parking camera bring it up an on-screen display so plenty of help backing up and it will eliminate any minor damages to the vehicle and for a perfect park each time but even just

Boys who have your built-in cd player along with your central climate air events you do have your stop start engine button as this is a smart keyless entry vehicle as well so much more of a hassle-free set-off in the center you do have your two front heated seat functions with three different temperature controls along with your heated steering wheel option just

So your left hand side so it is very efficient especially in the winter months you do also have your dual climate controls located just below so you can use the dials either side to alternate your temperature you do have your front and reheated windscreens just at the top there as well moving just below you do have a handy power outlet with a small charging pocket

Along with your automatic gear controls the electronic parking brake and in the center you do have your controls to navigate around your central screen followed by your two handicap holders and plenty of storage just below your arm rests thank you for taking the time to watch this video tour if you would like any further information regarding this vehicle please

Give our team a call 9161-825-0235 and don’t forget to that subscribe button just below to keep up to date with all our honda videos

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Used Mazda CX-5 2.2 AWD Sport – Swansway Honda Stockport By Swansway Honda Stockport