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The Porsche Macan has been on Canadian roads since 2014. Taking a place beneath the larger Cayenne, the Porsche Macan model range grew to offer a number of models, configurations, and updates in subsequent years to give shoppers plenty of selection.

I’m justin pritchard for this is the 2022 porsche macan and in this video porsche macan has been on canadian roads since 2014 taking a place beneath the larger cayenne the macan range grew to offer a number of models configurations and updates in subsequent years to give shoppers plenty of selection so whether you’re after an athletic and efficient

Suv or a rocket-propelled driving experience designed for thrilling feats of speed the macan lineup has you covered look for mccon macon s macon gts macon turbo and other variants in increasing order of performance and output all models shipped with all-wheel drive and a dual clutch automatic for maximum efficiency and high-speed gear shifting and with a quality

Set of winter tires mounted this is a spectacular machine for winter driving featured content included a power tailgate multi-zone automatic climate control a sunroof heated steering wheel climate controlled seats premium stereo systems and the full array of porsche’s performance enhancing hardware including an active suspension system drive mode selector sport

Chrono package and surface coated brakes identifiable by their white calipers these special brakes use an innovative rotor coating and pad material to help deliver improved braking performance while virtually eliminating brake dust so the wheels and calipers look clean and dust free at all times primarily by way of its strong sense of style striking an upscale

Cabin and world-class combination of handling and ride comfort the porsche macan attracted many a driving enthusiasts to showrooms for a closer look and many of these would go on to call them a con on their very first porsche so let’s set you up with five tips to help you find the best used porsche macan that you can for the dollar model year matters the first

Generation mccon underwent various updates and tweaks throughout its life cycle model year 2016 saw it fitted with a new communication system newly available led lighting technology and cosmetic tweaks to the interior and exterior the highly athletic maccon gts came online for model year 2016 as well for drivers after maximum fuel efficiency a four-cylinder engine

Became available for model year 2017 joining existing v6 power plants 2017 also brought porsche’s next generation communication management system into the mix model year 2019 saw a major update to the macon’s fascias and styling alongside new colors wheels and interior design touches for 2020 the macon turbo got improved performance largely thanks to a revised

Engine larger brakes improved transmission tuning and targeted upgrades to supporting hardware and software meet the community online owners communities are a great place to learn more about the used vehicle you’re considering and to hear opinions advice and experiences from existing owners to help with your research consider checking out an owner forum like an online community of porsche macan owners from around the globe countless discussion topics range from the most popular modifications to fast fixes for common issues prospective owners can pose questions and make new connections to help them gather more information before they buy or to help decide on which model is right for them you’ll find plenty

Of macon related discussion and a community that’s happy to share tips and experiences with curious shoppers oil leaks some owners have reported oil leaks caused by engine cam seals loose timing cover bolts and even head gaskets in most cases these issues were fixed under warranty and seemed to mostly affect earlier models from this generation it’s important to

Note that most owners do not report oil leak problems but since out of warranty repairs may be expensive you’ll want to pay close attention to the nikon’s oil level at all times and to have a professional inspection for possible oil leaks before you buy check the ground beneath the used macan’s parking space for visible oil drips and inspect the front and bottom

Of the engine for signs of seepage if you notice any have the vehicle seen by a professional elsewhere be sure you’re able to open the fuel filler door while the vehicle is unlocked confirm that a spare tire is present and in good shape and check the hood and front doors for signs of paint or body damage around their seams which may be a sign of a clearance or

Alignment issue that needs correction you’ll also want to scrutinize operation of the backup camera confirming quick engagement and a clear sharp image exhaust problems some macan turbo owners have reported exhaust system trouble most have not reported issues include broken muffler baffles and failed welds on a metal bracket that connects and strengthens the dual

Mid-pipes and the engine’s forward exhaust system the result of either of these two issues is likely an irritating buzzing rattling or metallic vibration sound that’s likely to become more apparent that higher revs and under load so when test driving the macon turbo you’re considering be sure to listen carefully for these potential warning signs ideally by revving

The engine in park and accelerating briskly multiple times with the windows down the exhaust sound should be smooth and mellow not buzzy and rattly if you hear anything that sounds out of place have a vehicle inspected by a technician before you buy as replacement parts may be required air suspension checkup some macan models are equipped with a height adjustable

Air suspension system some owners have reported problems with this system as their macan ages most have not on your test drive determine if the macan you’re considering has the air suspension system and be sure to run it through its paces adjusting the vehicle’s ride height several times beyond the lookout for any warning or error messages that may appear in the

Instrument cluster and be sure the vehicle is able to adjust its ride height between each level within a few seconds and the comet looks slammed to the ground and it rides terribly could be suffering from one or more failed air suspension components and likely needs a new air compressor have a technician investigate before you buy to prevent unpleasant surprises

These tips were designed to help test driving shoppers more easily identify possible trouble areas reported by some owners an attentive test drive and shopping process that focuses on the areas we just covered can help you find a first class example of a secondhand porsche macan thank you for watching my name is justin pritchard until next time take care and

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