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V12 TURBO com 600cv ASTON MARTIN DB11 2017 [Review Portugal]

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Aston Martin DB11 Review – Ensaio EXCLUSIVO ao novo Aston Martin DB11 2017 com motor V12 Twin Turbo de 600 cavalos e 700 nM de binário!

We are here in the national and exclusive presentation…of the new aston martin db eleven and we were a little bite undecided,wich one of us sould go to the car presentation pedro just created excusses to be the chosen one,i(hugo) created excusses of my own just to be the one in the presentation and at the end,when we arrived in the morning,turns out both of us were at the

Presentation we will entretain ourselfs with the brand new 5.2l twin-turbo v12 and its the first aston with the current new world order of turbocharged engines so…. the v12 engine still rocks, thumbs up for this decision, no v10 or v8 engine let just see if the car lost some of its v12 soundtrack despite of the turbo presence,its a small one,in this case 2 small turbos,

One for each side of the v we have 3 modes at our,sport and sport + we also have an anti hungry neighbors mode,wich enables to start the car in a quiet fashion and in this first minutes we are driving in a very smooth way, the suspension feel is extremely tolerant even with rims of twenty or so inches we can say that the car is clearly a gt…of course that the

Db(david brown) range was always more grand tourer oriented,to cross continents rather to a supercar kinda philosophy(twisted,narrower canyon roads)or even trackdays in racetracks for that purpose a believe that are better and more suitable machines but that was explain because we were,i dont know in 14 gear pedro is now traveling in aprox 55 mph in 8th speed at..please do

Not laugh 1050 rpm(near the iddle point) its something like this therefore the v12 engine is literraly sleeping…and for the 1st time in a aston martin the car has cilinder deativation,which means,this car its a 2 in 1,v12 and a 6 cilinder with cilinder deativation system is possible to consume a lite bitter less fuel, if to those who can afford a car like this one this

Realy matters,but more and more the consumption issue is a a reality. when we put a gear up ,the sound its slightly diferent the car has an outter silhouette that no one can be indifferent and much more than the cars sheer design,what realy stands out more, its the different and innumerable functional features of the car. that prevents the car to have to many spoilers or

Ailerons in the back all around the car exists specific outlets and air intakes to add more downforce including every single aesthetic function of the car even the air that comes out through some sord of channels and a very curios feature the brand calls it the airblade basically its a little air curtain form in the back,the air enters in the back and exits from some side

Skirts and with that a back curtain is created,that in a way plays the part of the trunk aileron which this car dispenses. or perhaps you missed the na inline six engine notes…….. but when you are travelling at 3.000 or more rpm´s the engine sounds is still there on this moment 4th gear at 2200 rpm,downshift to 3rd and……. you will notice… even though the car

Is very smooth,even in sport mode no turbo lag the response that the car has on stability level is extremely pointed. and has 0 on body rool,not bad for a bardge of this size and weight,its something else the car has 4.75 m width,ain´t what you can call a small car the engine is placed in a more frontal towards the center position plays a highlighted role,but even in the

Sport mode the car has an incredible style,and we have a sense of a very long hood ,its a incredible feature, you cannot even see were the hood ends and this car has the biggest aluminium single frame of the automotive industry now-a-days and aston martin challenge themselves to build an single frame hood and when the hood is open is size is just striking. really divine

In this machine,its all so,but so smooth it´s so smooth that seems the car was all washed with dodot´s for babys. on the car interior we can see clearly the results of the new partnership with daimler-mercedes and we can see some recognizable elements from daimer-mercedes group and so using some components of this new partnership instead of the old one volvo the car

Was a new fully digital clusters and a sord of tablet on top that´s more in a covenient place wich cannot call itself very esthetical indeed but to be honest the car was nowadays a much superior quality the owner of an aston martin….. just press a button and voilá..ok. on the bottom we have the seat electric adjustments buttons and this seats are just sublims,in

Confort and ergonomics and the leather was a very funny sort of seams design but the sound of this car,the sound….. i think no one will be mad about it..never. its a little bit more round on the top and the bottom of the steering wheel and on the centers was an excelent grip. because all of you are a bunch of vandals,and want the see the car in sport + mode snoring.

The front of the car its just brutal and the backend also rolls very nicely this corner was made in 2nd at 50 mph,just for you guys to have an idea its not atypical esp like you see in supercar like ferraris or the nissan gt´r this car has a more conservative behaviour esp,and wants to prevent the people that payed 290.000 euros its a more calm down a little bit system

Than a “let´s just take a tenths of a second in this corner and for that reason you guys,had to take the dinamic duo simultaneously we hope to have the chance to give you guys a more detailed and depth video but this what we colud arrange in such a short amount of time….. thanks so much aston martin,for this oportunity and followers dont forget keep

Following us and to subscrive us and now just to end.i will give a 2nd gear in sport + mode…….see you guys next week.

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V12 TURBO com 600cv!! ASTON MARTIN DB11 2017 [Review Portugal] By CarOnlineTV