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Van Build Ep.1 | Cutting windows DIY Ram Promaster

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Oh it’s like almost the window from in here first drive with the new windows all the panels ripped out all right this is happening yeah oh god that’s funny yeah i stopped at that game i hope you were better than me like a real bowl can i do it like up here next we don’t need a hole up there i’ll pull the door there you go perfect did i do it did i

Break it yep people holding it oh my goodness put that face effort into it you liking the breeze out here that was interesting very interesting i cut holes he let me cut holes but i did it i did this one and this one and this one i believe oh so many more to go so we’re gonna cut holes all along here all the way around and then connect the dots and cut

The whole window up hopefully it works like that wish us luck oh it’s like almost the window from in here that is cool looking all right that’s our start hole huh drink water first hydrate yourself yo time to cut the big window in the hole time to cut the big window in the hole that’s what you said i know that’s what you wanted me to say that’s what i said

Now time to cut the hole i need this for the window in the van that’s hard to say i don’t know where to stand oh my god so suggestion why don’t you start on this side now and go up and around that way towards it that way you can like stay right-handed the whole time or you know what i mean like like come up like on this side right here and then go

Got the whole cut beautiful we have a hole yeah we need a trimmer hole yeah and paint it out trim sand clean it up nice and i can actually put the rubber trim on sparks flying and everything not too bad i’m a little nervous don’t like not wear shoes now um yay second window cut yup yup thumbs down not today two little ones cut today we are learning

Getting all clean all right let’s do this is that in the center i mean i really don’t think it matters if it’s in the center so what i needed it’s about that thick maybe you should start on the top though why you want your seam on the bottom oh you just go solid try to no you got to go to the left right there right side’s gonna go up there you go

That looks nice good job i’m gonna help you with that felix we gotta go way up on your left that’s possible so today we’re going to put in this side windows hopefully we’re going to cut the holes there push it out and put this i think only one side opens but it’s gonna be awesome and then we’re gonna do the same thing to this side right here yesterday

We put in the back windows both of them nice huh and this one you can like barely see in them you can see out them really good but barely in them we will have windows here all right i don’t feel like that’s close enough i feel like y’all gotta see what we’re doing that’s your worst that’s my worst going down here so you’re taping that on so that we

Know where to cut it out yes side window going in coley getting all ready he’s talking to me like i can hear him i can’t hear him all right we’re cutting all this out all of it safety glasses okay just drove by another driving by again building out a van we’re like whoa let’s go drive by them peoples what are you doing new dress beautiful birthday dress

Bug huh window when the hole oh i gotta paint it okay change of plants the other window that we got does not fit it’s for a van that only has one dorm you have two you’re just gonna paint this one order a new one for the other side at a different time maybe if we decide we’ve all done maybe we don’t even want one we don’t know yet we’ll see when we get

This one in so one more window and then river because it’s my birthday want to go to the river it was so nice we went there this morning for a little bit well the third place we stopped at because there was people everywhere hi so today’s project is going to be a lot faster than we thought which i’m okay with we got the next what day is it the third we

Got the next nine days off so we’ve got plenty of time to get stuff done this is looking really nice though i’m gonna keep painting and we’ll catch you later so update um we have the first window on the side cut and i have it painted now so we painted all of this so we cut it all out that way it won’t rest see what to fall i just got my hair in it so that’s

Interesting next we’re gonna put in the window which is right here so this will all go on the outside through the hole and then this piece will go on the inside and we’ll screw it in somehow i don’t know first drive with the new windows i can like see behind us it’s easier to drive with windows huh tripod down

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Van Build Ep.1 | Cutting windows DIY Ram Promaster By Adventure Randomly