Van Tour | Ford Transit 350 | Fixed Bed | DIY Build

In this Ford Transit Van tour we show off this simple and functional design!

Hey i’m keith i’m a california realtor that builds co-living spaces and i build vans i actually didn’t build this one though mine are a bit better but this is a nice simple build um to start off a little bit about this fan it’s a ford transit 350. it was a passenger vehicle and then obviously got stripped and converted it’s a it’s a 3.5 liter engine with a turbo

It’s got eco boost so you’re saving uh gas money especially this time and suck gas sucks but uh this thing’s getting it’s about 15.3 miles per gallon so it’s pretty good um you can see that the windows are like 90 percent tinted so i really like the stealth of this van along with the color it’s kind of badass my opinion i blacked out the rims um the van this is

The interior of the van simple build it’s got a queen size bed um it’s stationary bed the kitchen is obviously got a lot of counter space this is butcher block stained it’s kind of nice this is a 15 by 15 inch sink we’ve got the button for the pump right here so all the water stuff is right here it’s got two tanks so this one’s it’s each five gallons so it’s

Got 10 gallons so once this is empty you just kind of just switch it over you got another five gallons of water to use yeah so it’s a decent amount for cooking and simple stuff and then you got a fridge and a freezer right here um from there but uh i mean it’s empty not much to look at but it’s it’s a good size you know fridge it’s not one of those like mini

Ones it’s you know taking up the whole thing here so yeah a lot of room there and then the one thing i like about this fan too is it’s it’s a very simple build but there’s also things that you can do to upgrade it so for someone who wanted to buy this van it would be good for someone who wants to kind of make it their own like you got still like obviously you

Could see the metal showing and stuff um you can kind of do your own thing covering it or you know put framing and then put tons and groove boards um or whatever and then obviously you got a thousand cabinets and some storage space all along above the kitchen and here as well um some of the window reflectors are in there i got the fan right above you so you’re

Just chilling here open the door you got some more cool air could be coming in yeah what kind of fan is that max air fan um and then all the electrical stuff is here so you get the battery which is under the garage over there to show you it’s a 200 amp battery um solar panels there’s four solar panels each one’s 100 watts so you got 400 watt solar panels um

And a 2000 watt uh inverter um so overall the electrical is decent especially for like a simple build like this you shouldn’t run out have any problems with it or run out so this is the garage it’s a good amount of space for storage or you want to put a bike in here or something and take the wheel off and here’s just like the battery which still has some space

If you want to put some small stuff in there for storage and this is the shower so you can just pull this out hang it up wherever or use it to rinse your feet off or whatnot and then these are self-reflective for the windows if you want to cover the windows from the heat coming in the most common question is where where can you do your business where can you

Go to the bathroom bathroom go to a gym or something i mean if you’re a guy you can find a bush but uh yeah i mean obviously a lot of other vans have some showers and stuff like that i mean for a simple build like this i personally like being in a van and stuff i’ve never needed it like i just go to a gym or whatever to go do my business um but yeah yeah yeah

Honestly all my friends that live in vans i mean they have these like thousand dollar toilets that they never use i don’t find a need to you know pull out a toilet yeah totally do the thing like if you’re in the middle of the woods or somewhere and you just don’t want to get out of the van i see why that could be you know useful and there’s a lot of stuff that i

You surprisingly don’t use in the van kind of just there because it looks cool and you might use it but that’s why like vans like this are just like it’s super simple like almost everything in here you will use or do use and you hardly use the sink but you know you do use it at some point hey so uh tell you a little bit more about the van in the front um it’s

Really cool with this fan is it’s got bluetooth hands-free calling stuff like that it’s all the keypads right here it’s a cool setup it’s got a backup camera um the ac obviously heat works there’s also uh in the back the ac still works so we kept it in there um and it’s just a tube that comes out of the back near the bed so if you turn the ac in the for the

Back that works too so you can get some ac back there okay so thanks for checking out my van uh this van is for sale if you’re interested in it so i’m asking 65 000 or a reasonable offer it’s got 31 000 miles on it again and if you ever need any van stuff any van help and conversions interested in buying this van or another van you can go to

And message me on there and if you need any california real estate help throughout any part of california my main locations are sacramento los angeles and san diego for both van and real estate you can go to keith um or if you’re looking for moving into a co-living space it also uh hit me up for that so anyways thanks again peace

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Van Tour | Ford Transit 350 | Fixed Bed | DIY Build By Anton Maroun