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Van Tour Ford Transit Connect Vanlife Conversion

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Van Tour Ford Transit Connect Vanlife Conversion

Hi my name is christina with small vans big world i am going to show you a 2017 ford transit connect converted van so this van holds two passengers so in the front we have the driver and the passenger is standard nothing really special about it we didn’t do anything to it so we’re just going to move to the back right here at the entrance we have um our

Refrigerator and it is icicle so basically it has a divider for fridge and freezer and it is temperature control that you can set the temperature here the cushions are a nice dark green teal we got them professionally upholstered underneath the seating we have a porta potty and it is the cassette toilet and it is nicely stowed away underneath as well we have

Other storage bins where they can put clothes toiletry items or whatever they desire and we have more storage and as we are continuing with storage we have storage here and this is where we keep the water supplies or whatever the client wants and we have electrical which daniel will go more in depth about i’m looking from the back as you can see we have all the

Beautiful cushions out here and the next thing i’m going to talk about is this overhead storage space here we kept all of the window covers that i handmade for all of the windows has it comes with a velcro strap along with these snap buttons that goes directly into the window and it snaps in place and it does not move whatsoever all of the windows in this van

Do have their own coverings so including the ceiling fan as well so you have two windows on the side and they both slide we also have the dometic fantastic band which is temperature controlled from the remote we also have this big beautiful skylight that allows a lot of light to come into the van now the kitchen i think is by far my favorite part of the van i

Am obsessed with this butcher black countertop that we made we poured resin over top nice clear coat durable in a small space like this we wanted to make the design very minimal and that is why we went with these hardware which is pushed to open not only you can open the drawers but it also locks the drawers in place so that when you’re driving nothing slides

Out or falls out of the drawers one of my favorite part of this kitchen is this beautiful pull-out door where you can work on your laptop or even just eating your meal we have three big deep drawers in the kitchen that it allows a lot of storage and we also have underneath the sink storage up here we have these upper cabinets that are perfect size for just

Your cans and jars um even your vitamins and supplements it has the push to open mechanism so we don’t have any hard work just so that when you’re in a small space you don’t have your clothes clinging onto any hardware next we have this farmhouse style sink i love the white ceramic look the sink has pressurized water and it also doubles as a shower another

One of my favorite feature in this band is this pull out table that we incorporated right here so that you want to cook outside or even just eating a meal while enjoying nature now daniel is going to be talking about the electrical and the plumbing and all the details that makes this van work hi i’m daniel and it’s nice to meet you i’m going to be talking about

A few of the systems that christina mentioned um first up we’re going to talk about the heater right over here underneath the seat is a diesel heater and that is has a control panel right there also functions by this little itty bitty remote that it came with has the on off switch plus and minus for temperature control um that pulls heat in air from back here

And then also puts the heat out back up in the front which i’ll show you in just a little bit but first let’s go to these switches right over here we have a few things going on over here starting off with the easy stuff some usb ports and that car outlet port and then starting from this side that way right here is the water pump which powers the water pump that

Is underneath the floor the second light switch is actually for the lights on the tailgate so at night when you’re outside you can have lights on the tailgate so that’s that second switch the third switch is also exterior lighting around the outside we’ll try to put in a clip of that right here secondly is actually the electronic ball valve dump switch so to

Open the ball valve to dump the grey water tank which is under mounted underneath the vehicle in this back corner you just press the down arrow and let’s see if there’s any water and then to close it you press the switch off this is a three-way switch so up closes it on the zero position that’s the power off back underneath the sink really quick there was a

Couple things tucked up in there that is a little harder to see but let me just show you that you have the drain for the sink you have a water pressure tank right here and then also a water filtration system right there it’s just one big filter that filters all the water so the goal was to have good drinking water coming actually out of this sink at all times

All right so back up in the front we have a few other things over here uh for the ceiling lights we have this light switch it’s a nice little touch switch also dimmable also have a few has a few other features like a 20 second timer which is really good for when you get into bed you hit that 20 second timer by the time you’re tucked in the lights turn off

Automatically quick little thing right over here what does that do well actually what that does is underneath the floor right over here there’s about a 10 inch gap that in there we were able to fit two 7 gallon tanks giving us a total of 14 gallons of fresh water and then inside of this axis panel would actually be the water pump so that switch right down here

Actually turns on a temperature control heat pad to keep those tanks and the pump from freezing a couple last details on the passenger side of the car the sliding door that is on the right hand side there’s a little bit of extra storage right here because this is where the toilet is at this easily pulls out so that you can service it dump it refill it slides

Right back in storage some extra storage right there and then also right here would be the fill valve for the 14 gallons of fresh water tanks okay and then back to the electrical you already saw the refrigerator and then inside of this cabinet is almost all the electrical right here it’s a 1000 watt inverter with an on switch right here gives you 120 volt

Power for the outlets and then a gauge right here to be able to get some more precise information on the solar and on the alternator charging so we have one 175 watt um solar panel that’s up on the roof we’ll show you that and then we have inside of here an alternator charger as well so first here’s that inverter again it’s a renergie 1000 watt inverter and

Then this is a dc to dc mppt 30 amp charger so this handles the charging from the solar and from the alternator underneath here is a 100 amp hour lithium battery goes through a fuse box and i’m actually really happy about how compact i was able to make this so back to the bed for a second we’re actually going to show you how quickly and easily it just opens

Up going from sofa mode into bed mode so first step would be unlatching the bed platform right here and then the whole platform is on drawer slides you just pull on the platform right here hold on to the back until it makes its way down push the cushion down a little bit and actually turns the whole bed turn the whole car into a put the bed back up just as

Easy pull on this little strap right here push it in lock it in place and then ready to chill

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Van Tour Ford Transit Connect Vanlife Conversion By Christina \u0026 Daniel