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Vandalized Lamborghini Aventador, INSANE SVJ63 with Wild RDB Wheels.

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Episode starts off with a Lamborghini Aventador being vandalized, fortunately we are changing the entire car body and paint!

What happened there’s a lot of criminals in hollywood we work really hard to give you guys good content and do our best and we’re doing photos on this car almost end of the day and this crazy criminal i don’t know whatever happened he just came up sprayed everything he ran that way actually on sunset and made it right from that street wilton and after that i

Think he got in the car and left it looks like it’s real pains and he literally destroyed the whole car so that’s not cool yeah the question was can you buff it out and the answer is no we just discovered that sarki’s car was gone for two weeks we couldn’t figure out why he said oil change and he comes with a new front lip is that how it looks yeah that’s how

It works no why’d you have a new front loop isn’t that like eight thousand dollars all the rdb rewards yeah yeah i know how to be the best branch i don’t want to park right there huh you got a lot of park there i am only me yeah only you can park it thanks we’ll show you he wanted tea and uh lemonade mixed pomegranate 30 psi tacos there’s a nil in that tire

Should i bring it in the back assuming we got a flat tire and we’re now now we have to do free work everything’s a loss i got a nail on my head it doesn’t well i’ll take care of you because you’ve been shooting for us for a long time but you’re also a loss he comes to work late with this that’s why that’s why he gets free tires that’s why i was late you can’t

Do anything without me yes but you still haven’t bought me for you keep lying all the time i’m gonna buy you something i’m gonna buy your there you go and this is not a lambo it’s a volkswagen this is a full size it’s not a lambo there is no lambo name exists it’s a volkswagen so uh all right it’s starting to drizzle in la it’s weird it’s 100 degrees

But it’s raining and we got to put the tops on real quick very excited to share with you this beautiful svj63 only 63 of these roadsters made in the entire world not the united states the entire world so you’re seeing one here at rdbla this is not your regular svga like i said this is a 63 you see the doors you see the hood it says 63 on it you see also inside

The car behind the two seats it’s embroidered it has a very very special interior three colors inside white black red beautiful the most beautiful lamborghini aventador interior i’ve ever seen this car also has crazy options honestly the whole roof carbon fiber the whole a-pillar carbon fiber the whole engine bonded carbon fiber which normally those items you

Don’t see on the regular ones so this one has all that all the exterior components are carbon fiber the front bumper on the lower portion of it was not carbon fiber does not come carbon fiber so we added the rift front lip right there and as you can see it’s carbon fiber now and also the rdb revolver wheels right here center lock which look incredible in that

Way because it has six circles and the center lock is perfect circle for that and it looks amazing in this configuration 20 21 inch nova takes expansion to lower it it’s slammed it looks amazing another cool feature we did on this car is red hand pinstriping as you can see the wheels have this very small red stripe along the edge of it that was actually hand

Pinstriped as you can see also the rift front spoiler has a red pin strap to follow all the original pin striping and we also did a custom steering wheel the steering wheel is carbon fiber and it has white stitching it’s alcantara as well and we did a hand uh red 12 o’clock stripe it has led strip lights it has a custom tune on there nothing too aggressive we

Wanted to keep it mild but still get rid of that check engine light because we did do a full exhaust system this has the rdb version three exhaust it’s valved as well so you can turn it on and off it gets about 30 percent quieter which is actually good because they’re super super loud honestly but yeah it’s the perfect amount of high frequency and deep tone to it

Like i said this is a very very special project it’s this car is about a million and a half dollars it’s super rare we’re glad our customer trusts us with it we did a perfect job on it those wheels look so amazing on this car i can’t say enough about them we did it on the years you guys already saw but now on the aventador svj63 very very special to us so we’re

Very very appreciative of this car and the project so hope you guys like it this is a beautiful matte white factory color like i said super rare and uh we love it all right so uh the exhaust key remote fell between the seats and we’re trying to get it out there’s no room to put your hands in so the whole shop is trying to get that remote so we got a magnet

Because apparently there’s something metal on the remote and now we’re going to try to get remote with this you guys even see it it’s like this we can feel it that’s a match that’s a magnet it’s like the hole is like this and the key is like that it’s like literally what i guess you’re not supposed to put an exhaust that shoots fire it’s not normal but we

Do it here so yeah we’re kind of unnormally loud man this thing’s i know we have yeah and your face was weird too every time you left that’s he had the thing toilet paper yeah he’s uh zooming the toilet paper in his ears like it’s gonna filter some of this it’s so loud it sounded like it was open dude all right all right everybody back away day today but

Tomorrow saturday is gonna rain so tonight if you drink don’t drive if you drive don’t drink no alcohol hey hurry up guys your second job fits good no look at the lines fits perfect so we’re not doing things clean it perfect like so if it’s good we’re going to send it to paint already yeah oh we don’t know the bumper oh we need to create a bumper we’re going

To use the same bumper we’re going to same bumper in this one this is this is wrap good quality look this one it’s carbon fiber everything all right guys we are standing in front of this lovely sf90 spider and luis over here hi basically the rift fenders are going on the sf90 spider right here first in the world as you can see i already said that and luis is

Doing a little bit of body work because we’re trying to make the lines perfect there’s a lot of lines to follow on this fender as you can see there’s a line going from the door there’s a line going through the windshield pillar area there’s a line across the hood and then there’s even a line that goes on the bumper so we have literally one two three four different

Lines that we have to match up perfectly and imagine all four have to match up and every time you adjust one side the other one gets my stuff so it is very difficult it has functional carbon fiber vents so this is gonna be functional we’re gonna have fender liners with holes in them so air is gonna cool out of them so essentially that’s going on now the front

Bumper’s off the side skirts are off the full body kit is going to be going on this thing soon you guys already know we talked about it so luis uses tools like these to grind things to make things happen and you know whether it’s making custom brackets shaving sides shaving the holes whatever to make it work he gets it done of course so ff90 spider we’re going

To be showing you guys in several episodes until it’s finished so you guys can follow along the journey of this very special card you

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Vandalized Lamborghini Aventador, INSANE SVJ63 with Wild RDB Wheels. By RDB LA