Vanmade Gear Custom Window Covers // Ram Promaster 3500 // 2015 Travato 59G

We swap some of our factory window covers for custom, handmade, window coverings made by Vanmade Gear –

Comes with these they’re like let’s go see what it looks like on the outside to be more stealthy you trying to open it hello and welcome to slow down sunshine i’m ashley and i’m robbie today we’re going to show you how we got some van made gear oh window covers yes evie’s watching and everybody’s watching so we just got to a new campsite and it is dusk it’s

Almost dark it’s what it opens up the box we do need to open up a box first i want to show you what the van looks like with all the windows uncovered and all the lights on at dusk so i’m going to show you how we how we have been covering up the windows factory style okay so factory at least with this model 2015 winnebago truvado comes with these they’re like i’m

Gonna call them carpet like speaker carpet i don’t know they’re like this oh this is how we put them up mommy this is fun i want to show santa fighter i want to show the fire fire that’s the windshield cover then there’s a backup baby then there’s these there’s two of them that go on the windows and they have big magnets in here that magnet to the uh the door

Frame and then there’s another one for this side okay yeah fine and show you okay so as you can see like the door ones okay so the door ones are pretty good i mean in terms of at least being sealed but the the windshield you know has some holes that doesn’t really like stay up there good but it serves a purpose mostly these have pull down shade like that and it

Does have a a velcro thingy right there that’ll hold it in place the same width back here there’s the shade and then the back windows have those two pieces of fabric with snappers snapperoonies and there’s one that snaps up here and mommy do you like that and mommy do that like that mommy do that like that and i can’t see it i can see so now we’re pretty we’re

All we’re all boarded up well we would be okay so we’ll leave that alone so now let’s go outside and see what it looks like from the outside like this i’ve never actually seen it like this let’s find out so let’s take a look so there’s definitely still a glow coming through there definitely still a glow oh look you can see through there definitely a glow coming

Through the front and the sides like you could even see into our bed if you wanted to and then there’s this from the back definite a definite glow so that was good for me to see because i’ve never actually done that either to see what it looked like from the outside and granted we have all of the lights on in here right now which we don’t normally have them

All on not for very long anyway but the windshield was pretty pretty open you know and when we’re in campgrounds it’s really not that big of a deal called vlogging yeah when we’re at a barbie campsite it’s not that big of a deal because most everybody else is in the same boat plus we’re all camping you know it’s nothing weird um but if we would ever be parked

Someplace else like a parking lot or someplace that’s not necessarily a campsite a barbie campsite then you’d want it to be more stealthy as the van community calls it where the windows are completely blacked out and you can’t see anything so van made gear is a guy who started company making accessories for vans he makes them all for each of the individual

Windows and for the for that thingy for the fan to to seal that up too because sunlight comes in there and it’ll get really hot when it’s hot outside or like heat can escape out of there too so i honestly i didn’t buy all of the window coverings because they are expensive because they’re all handmade so i get it but so they were expensive so i didn’t buy every

Window cover and i honestly don’t remember what i did buy so let’s find out are you trying to open it okay let me get some scissors so one thing i noticed right away is that i thought that they would be i thought they’d be heavy i don’t know why i thought that but i imagined them being really heavy so let’s see what we got let’s see what right they’re coming a

Nice little bag here all right nothing else in the box it comes in a nice bag can you see that nice little cinchy bag and it even says handmade gear cool a storage bag and it looks like we’ve got wow so i think did i just there’s nothing else in there so i think i just got the cab stuff so for the windshield and for the for the passenger doors so it’s got

On the outside this is great look that’s like they’re really high quality like i’m really really i’m really really impressed with them they’re all hand stitched so they’re reflectix on the outside so that’ll go on the outside to reflect sun away to keep it from getting too hot in here and then they’re just black on the inside in there or um there were lots of

Options you could get different fabrics on the outside and inside you could totally customize it so let’s put these up and see how this goes the reflect six goes on the outside and it’s got this notch for the mirror so this should be it’s pretty easy i open it up in there and slide it down slide it down good the notch in the mirror and that goes up really high

Thank you for helping with me thank you for helping me okay so let me show you so probably show you this in the morning a bit better okay so then let’s put up is this for mine yeah that one goes on this side that’s the other one this one i was trying to put it on the wrong way okay oh okay so then those fold in there pretty good and then there’s like really

Strong magnets all along the edge so they magnet into place let’s get this other one in here so now that we have those installed let’s go see what it looks like on the outside so there is and i’m not a pro with this but there is smidge of light coming through up there around the mirror and a little bit right right there and some right there so i can probably

Put these in a little bit better that window’s really good and yeah it’s a lot better though for sure a lot better a lot less like getting out and like i said that’s my very first time putting them in so i’m sure that i can put them in a little bit better good morning so it’s daytime now so we can take a little closer look at our new window covers so that is

The passenger um doors and i think i still think i can get the windshield up in there a little bit better but as i was saying last night there’s there’s magnets all the way around here that like just click up into there and and fix to the door frame so i’m gonna take them all off and look at the size difference because look that pile of stuff is what i used to

Have so let’s look at it all right so i got everything out and you can see there’s the difference in size and space and orderliness and neatness and all kinds of stuff so let’s see how they look once we’re in the van so there they are in their little storage bag so i’m pretty happy with those i probably won’t keep them in the bag like that and i love how they’re

All compact and yeah so they’re made by van made gear and i’ll put the link in the description below and i do think that i will be buying the shades for the other windows that we still have left to cover because it’ll really help with temperature control and privacy that’s it for this episode of slow down sunshine so we’re gonna get back to playing some play-doh

Hope you guys have a wonderful day you

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