Video ngi trong xe li VinFast VF 8 ti New York Auto Show 2022

Video nhân viên lái cho khách cảm nhận VinFast VF 8 tại New York, Mỹ! Anh nhân viên giải thích thêm về package của xe và trim levels.

Right so this is the vinfast vf8 midsize suv offered by vin fast in the u.s market zero to six game 5.3 seconds whoo 402 horsepower in the plus trim level which is what we’re sitting in here there is an eco trim level as well so two charging levels on offer the eco trim level is going to get you 40 348 horsepower okay and the way it’s going to work is you get a

Little bit more range in the eco especially with the optional battery get up to about 292 miles of range heating farina designed interiors to get a little bit of an italian feel kind of like maserati out for a mayo s 15.6 inch touchscreen is standard on both trim levels so no matter what you’re gonna get that big screen there nice and easy to see how about the voice

Assistant ah so that’s the haven so we’ll say we’ll see if we can get it to close the sunroom hey vin fast close the sunroof and there we go just as easy and the nice thing about that is is you don’t have to take your hands off the loop right so you can stay fully in control of the car close the certain roof there also heated and ventilated seats front and rear

Driver and passenger there so that you can on the plus trim level eco trim level is gonna it’s not gonna happen okay nice heads up display on both trim levels power liftgate on the plus trim level eco trim level’s gonna have a manual lift gate so the way you can look at it is with the eco trim level you’re gonna get the most range lightest weight with the plush

Trim level you’re gonna have the most power and a lot of the you know the leather instead of the vegan leatherette but still gonna have a nice premium feel no matter what so that’ll be that’s awesome that would be a good thing are you a busy driver today oh yes very good since the very opening we’ve been non-stop with two vehicles okay so so how many how many

Bin fast cars do you have for the test drive we have three so we have one charging we have two running oh okay so that way we’re able to keep it going pretty good yes but they’re not using all that much range plus we got regen so we’re able to kind of you know we’re not burning through too much electricity but people really enjoy it i think they’re i’ve had a lot

Of reservation holders wow a lot of people with vf9 reservations okay uh so they’re very uh they’re very excited to actually get the to get in the car to get to see it touch things feel it get to see one upstairs i know most people have seen it only online so you know the nice thing is they get to actually see it in person yeah thank you so much you’re welcome great ride faster so

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Video ngồi trong xe lái VinFast VF 8 tại New York Auto Show 2022 By Anh Áo Rách