VinFast VF 8 vs Tesla Model Y

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We’re going to compare the model y to the one fasting i mean the one proceed to the model one so in terms of size they look pretty similar but in design they look pretty different this has like an obvious this has like a you know an oval shape this looks like a proper card it’s just like pictures of card so the cost of this is forty one thousand dollars this is

The base is so the long range is fifty three thousand dollars potential savings i would not like i thought there was a less i mean this was a lesser price in uh in the u.s also it’s not there’s a 318 kilometers away miles range there’s also 300 this is 17 range both are pretty good 4.8 seconds 5.5 seconds pretty good so the paint options you still so the vehicle

Price is sixty thousand dollars the purchase price and the potential savings is fifty five thousand fifty six thousand dollars so fifty six thousand dollars in literally f9 but wait one minute i just had to sneeze so bad but this is not coming outside no i’ll let you bring it out so this has 472 pound-feet of talk this has uh so you’ll get your modified degree in

August 32 august 32 is 10 18 miles range this gives you about 20 30. so so yeah so we would say if you want to go for range i would still recommend the model y because uh the hitch this also can go up to like uh this also can go up to like seven seats the interior is pretty minimalistic as the very fast we went fast but this interior is like bonkers because so

It’s like bonkers because it has a wireless charging pad because also has a wireless charging pad if we zoom in they’re pretty much pretty good pictures on their site but uh we’re already two minutes 29 seconds not much to compare so wow okay there’s a full-blown steering wheel this has also got a full-blown steering wheel it is a multi-functional but you get more

Functions on the steering wheel with your wind fast eight 17 screen 17 screen this is a little wider but this is a little more squared off than this this has uh you have you know you got your uh prnd right beside you you need to do the stocks here everything you still have buttons in the car which i really like you got two ac vents here you got to you got four

In the front i think you got okay these are the speakers so you got four you got four in the front yeah and here you go like this whole panel right here is your uh ac vent it’s got a wireless charging this also got wireless charging this is i don’t see cup holders okay i do see cupholders right here this has got training click buttons everything is controlled

On the screen here uh size wise the win fast eight is a little bigger than the model y if you just look at it the dimensions are 187 same by 74.8 and 65 by 3 0.3 i mean so uh so third row seating for two so you know so you have folded flat electronic flower then you got self driving i don’t think you get that in the wind fast images are shown pre-production the

Vehicles actually production may differ slightly which is i mean it is pretty you know is okay both of these cars have both of these cars that means the model i am being passed eight i’ve got five star ratings model y does not have 11 airbags but the weight faster so if you’re going for safety i would recommend you go for the weight faster even though the tesla

Model y is like one of these safety speakers on the plan so everything the same basically almost you got a 4.8 second so if you’re going for speed i would go for the model y you know how’s the next fast cars but uh and your delivery is by december 2018 so for the seven seater it is december 22 which means about 11 months later for this i think it’s still april you

Have to wait for us if you want a book right now and you can stay late i don’t think i think until like maybe but still it should be less than a month why 30 epa it has range on an imperfect speed they have not said anything about the top speed so when it comes to production maybe they’ll do real world tests and you know do it uh then you have your um all these

You’ve got paint options on you cannot fully compare the model y to the green fast eight because the wind fast eight is still under you know designing as dominoes but the feature the feature that’s done paint options and everything it has to come into full glow on production or it has to come into pre-production like you know it says pre-production but i would

Arguably say it’s you know infinite production even riven had all these paint options you know so even the model widened so you got five here you got the motion here the next day then yeah so that’s it for comparison of the model y and the oneplus 8. see you later and i will say stay safe and you’re vaccinated and the link for the wind fast is in the description see if you guys can see

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VinFast VF 8 vs Tesla Model Y By Nijfue