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Vinyl Style Shift For Rivian R1T/R1S 20 AT Wheels

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Let’s start off with what you will need first thing is isopropyl alcohol this stuff cleans well and dries almost immediately another must is a squeegee if you don’t have one you can use an old gift card or credit card the third thing you need is a spray bottle with mostly water and a drop or two of dish soap i’m using an old quick detailer bottle you also need a

Towel preferably a clean microfiber one and of course you will need your vinyl cut out from shown here in gunmetal the first step is to prepare the surface i’m doing this on the spare tire but this could be done on the wheel installed on the car already you want to wipe down any debris anything that is left on the surface will be trapped

Beneath the vinyl and will show through be generous with the isopropyl alcohol when applying to the towel then wipe down the surface which we will be covering with vinyl pay special attention to the part where the wheel curves over towards the tire part of the vinyl will tuck there and if it’s not well cleaned it might not adhere the alcohol dries extremely fast

So you’ll be ready to go right away now you’re ready to apply the vinyl roll the sheet down until you grab a corner then peel it off the sheet be sure not to pull too much as to stretch the vinyl wet the surface with soap and water the more wet the easier to place if the vinyl is not lining up how you want it don’t be afraid to lift it and start over it does

Not simply glue to the surface like a traditional sticker and will not lose the adhesion properties from lifting once you’re happy with the placement the next step is to get rid of the water layer between the vinyl and the wheel surface we do this by squeegeeing it out and allowing the two surfaces to bond hold the vinyl down with your finger as you drag the

Squeegee over the vinyl and push the water off to the side be gentle first but as the water is removed you can put more and more pressure to further solidify the connection tap with a dry towel to absorb excess water proceed to do the same on the spoke start by aligning the feet of the stencil as they have the least wiggle room for error and work your way to

The outside of the wheel so keep removing excess water as you squeegee it out now go on and do the rest of the wheel friends you’ll want to let the wheel dry for a bit to get rid of any water still trapped around the vinyl if you’re in a hurry you can use a fan after the wheel is dry a heat gun can help finalize the look applying heat to the overhang

Edges makes them pliable and they can be rolled down to follow the shape of the wheel if you don’t own a heat gun a hair dryer or propane torch can do the job the wheel looks great in gunmetal we also offer three other finishes matte and gloss black as well as caliper yellow for the adventurous types vinyl is washable just be sure to wipe with the shape of

The wheel and not to lift up corners if you change your mind or just want a new look you can always just peel the vinyl away you

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Vinyl Style Shift For Rivian R1T/R1S 20" AT Wheels By BrainExploder