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Virtual tour of Mini Countryman Cooper D All4 at Shields Motor Co of Bracknell.

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A virtual tour of this nice SUV available for sale at Shields Motor Co of Bracknell.

Hi my name is peter shields of shields motor company an independent news car sales specialist based in brattleboro berkshire been established since 1996. welcome to the video walk around of this 2011 on the 11th plate many countrymen this is the cooper d and it’s the old version very nice looking car with just 103 000 miles recorded hpi clear and seven stamps of

Service history just been serviced by us which included a brand new battery because these cars are stop start so you need to have a specialist battery in there as an mot through to may 2023 without any advisories and it’s just a very well presented car come to us from the main dealer and offers an excellent proposition as a family car these cars are very very

Popular finished in white you have the black stripes going over the car externally you know it’s not a brand new car it’s going to be odd marks here and there a few little marks there that’s a fly not a scratch just wants to hang around in this video for some reason i think he if he thinks it’s a pop video or something got a little bit of a crease there not a lot

We can do about that you know you’re going to have something on the guards a bit of sponge mark there get rid of that there’s some peeling to that alloy which is annoying because all the other allies are absolutely lovely and that’s about it i’m hyper critical i’ve been doing these videos for the thicker end of 15 years and i tried to show people the cars to the

Best of my ability before they turn up and look at the vehicles we’ll try and do a virtual test drive in this as well we have one key for the car which opens you up into this lovely interior so full black leather interior very highly appointed you’ve got cruise control you’ve got steering wheel controls for your radio you’ve got climate control that blows ice cold

Multiplayer bags front and rear electric front rear windows electric panel sunroof car is completely standard got floor mats isofix to the rear three rear seats car’s been variable looked after over the years foreign hatchback or small suv nice large boot my trade plate in there you’ve got the top tier there plenty of storage space in there i keep ideal for

Your ikea runs a feature i’ve always loved in these is the fact that the badge is how you open it you’ve got the rear parking sensors there which work perfectly if you’re quick this car will have half a tank of diesel because i was feeling generous today and i put half a tank of fuel in it we’ve got the full book pack for the car as i say it’s just been serviced

It actually been serviced previously at just 98 000 miles but as part of the pdi we like to give the cars a service so that’s been done for you the car will leave us with a three-month nationwide warranty let’s just show you under the bonnet here helpful it’s got gas struts so they are there’s engine b we do not steam clean our engines this is exactly how the

Car has come into us all the chords match it’s just a nice clean car there’s no leaks your coolant’s the correct shade we’re giving the car i thought a check over so hopefully your warranty will just be a piece of paper that eventually expires but we do give them because the second-hand cars and things can go wrong from time to time so safely a peace of mind

I’ll start the car up for you like most modern cars you have to depress the clutch and then you press a button so my foot’s down there we are cars started up it goes through its checks so this is a leather steering wheel it’s adjustable because cruise control works i’ve just done shy of 80 miles in the car took it out for a run because it was a nice morning

I thought why not you’ve got the iconic central speedometer let’s turn down the dodgy music there you can uh connect your telephone to the car you’ve got dab cd put in your auxiliary through your usb ports and auxiliary imports there import input sorry it’s a six-speed manual gearbox car told you already got the climate control that blows ice cold and nice and

Hot these rocker switches look absolutely amazing and they all work so black leather with a cream accent the panel roof works so there we are we’ve got it popped and there we are we have it sliding as well everything works in the car we test everything you know we do our best it’s not a brand new car but we do try and make sure that it’s all as good as can

Be that’s not a board of cash that’s the service book etc now there’s photos of that on our advert the reason i don’t video it is because if i were to capture the v5 document numbers they can be reproduced by people so there’s been a bit of a problem with that in the uk recently so i no longer show those on video i blank them out so there you are you can hear the

Car running doesn’t make any untoward noises it’s just a nice car we sell a lot of minis not so many of these to be honest with you because they’re usually absolute sheds but this one isn’t it’s been well looked after it’s come to us from a reliable source so just to recap it’s a 2011 and 11 plate it’s a mini countryman it’s the cooper it’s the diesel six-speed

Manual gearbox all four specification 103 000 miles seven stamps of history mlt through to me 2023 with no advisories the car has been through a full pdi with us it’s just been serviced and it’ll leave us with a three-month warranty that’s a nationwide warranty i will consider part exchange but as also you will get more sale in your car privately i do not do

Swaps i do not trade up and i do not take silly offers you can pay by bank transfer we can pay by debit card or you can pay by cash cash is by appointment only and that would be at the bank i do not take credit cards anymore if you want to buy the car or view the car give me a call my name is peter07872-340-360 viewings are at my home address in bracknell berkshire

All viewings by appointments please don’t just turn up the cars are kept in a secure compound we like to have them at our home address for a few hours so that the cars have started from cold okay any questions give me a shout i look forward to selling you this lovely car thank you goodbye

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Virtual tour of Mini Countryman Cooper D All4 at Shields Motor Co of Bracknell. By Shields Motor Company