vlog – picking up our DREAM CAR Tesla Model Y

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Morning everyone today is a very exciting video we’re heading off to pick up our brand new tesla model y and i am so incredibly excited but first i need to head to heathrow and pick james up who’s on the red eye over from new york so let’s go and get him before i head out to the airport i just want to thanktales.com for sponsoring this part of the video if you haven’t

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Let me fill you in back in october i came to the realization that i needed to start looking for a new car the car i currently drive is an audi a3 it was my first ever car i love it but the ultra low mission zone in london expanded and basically i use my car to drive to london and back and my car doesn’t comply so i would have to pay a fee every time i drove in and

Out of london which is three or four times a week so i started the hunt for a new car couldn’t find anything because i love my car so i was like do i just get a newer version of what i’ve already got and then i was like no that’s boring i was speaking to a lot of my friends about it and a lot of them were saying just wait for the model y i went and sat in a model

X and a model three and they just didn’t feel right the x was way too big the three was way too low and my friends were like the y is in the middle i was like look guys i need to get in and out of london now like the u.s zone expanded at the end of october it’s february and the pre-orders hadn’t even been released at this point then literally the next morning my

Friend roxy her boyfriend matt messaged me and was like emily the tesla pre-orders have literally just been released this was the next day i was like this is okay so i placed my pre-order at literally three minutes past nine and yeah it is now february and tomorrow we are picking up our model y and it’s actually the first day of them being released in the uk so i

Think there’s some kind of thing that i don’t even know normally with a tesla pickup it’s totally contact free but i think it’s like a an event thing i don’t know apparently there’s light refreshments which tells me there’s people so i’m not getting the typical tesla collection experience but it’s going to be one of the first model wise in the country which is very

Exciting which is part of the reason i’m vlogging this because i don’t want it to sound braggy in the slightest but i feel like it’s kind of cool and i’m really excited so i wanted to share it and i forgot to tell you when i placed my pre-order i got to choose a collection location and i’m in like the midlands so my options were birmingham blue water or somewhere

Else really random i picked birmingham i was like that’s perfect i can get the train up i then get a text two weeks later saying hey emily you’re picking your car up from a secret location i’m thinking secret location so we have to go to southampton all the way but it has worked out really nicely because there is a gorgeous hotel in southampton that i stayed in

Last summer that i really wanted to take my boyfriend to so yeah we are going tonight’s southampton harbour hotel have a gorgeous night and then we wake up tomorrow morning his flight has just landed so he’ll be through in about 25 minutes because he has no luggage and it’s one of the first flights of the day so he should just stroll through it’s so funny being

In a long-distance relationship there’s obviously a lot of cons but definitely one of the pros is a factor i haven’t seen him in a week and i’m like nervous excited to see him it’s so stupid it’s so so stupid working together for like three and a half years and yeah it’s been a week and i’m like oh my gosh it’s so stupid but i kind of love it i definitely have

Really felt the negative side of being a long-distance relationship over the last two years but yeah it definitely has its pros i’m very excited to see him i feel like i should also probably tell you we’re in the middle of a storm it’s storm eunice so i literally stayed up till 2am to make sure his flight took off from new york last night fingers crossed the trains

Are still running right now they’re only delayed by about 20 minutes but they’re still running but a lot of trains aren’t and most flights out of heathrow i think after half past 10 are cancelled so i’ve got hair on my face so today could go really really wrong and you really hope it does so all of our trains have been canceled we’ve managed to get an uber i don’t

Know if he’s going to be best pleased that we’re going all the way to south africa like we’re awful but every train’s been cancelled we’ve arrived and wow we had the nicest uber driver ever i was so worried that he was going to be like nope i’m not driving you to southampton but he was so nice we have just arrived at the harbour hotel and let me give you a room tour

So welcome to the living area of the room we have a dressing area space or i guess an office space a sofa area which actually pulls out into another double bed and then we have the dining area and then through here we have the bedroom with literally the comfiest bed i’ve ever slept in my whole entire life i’m so excited to be in here and then this is just the most

Magical part of the whole room we have the uterus area sadly i picked the wrong day to come here but when we stayed here in the summer we sat and had breakfast out on here it’s like a sofa area it’s just the most magical thing if you’re looking for a hotel room for an occasion this is definitely one to consider through here we have the dressing area there’s me my

Very painfully casual outfit is actually perfect for today and we have the bathroom we’re back from the spa and i am just getting re-ready i’ve done a hair washer problem my hair looking it’s crazy and we’re going to head up to the bar and have a coffee and chill and just watch the boats i also want to watch the planes landing at heathrow because apparently it’s

Wild so i want to watch that in the live stream but we’re going to go and chill out there for a few hours before dinner i’m just using the fenty pro filter primer i’m already halfway through in my brand new shoulder till we light wonder i went into space okay literally yesterday and the girls were so nice in there and i literally said to them i was like this is the

Foundation color that matches me please help i want to try something new so we went around the whole shop they gave me a bunch of samples i’ve got a different color of the last sheer glow to try that i haven’t tried it forever and a couple of other things i can’t remember or laura mercier one so i will let you know how i got on with those but they were so helpful

And my makeup is done i think i’m gonna do a red lip this is a new one for fenty how cute is that red i don’t know if it’s going to be like too much but we’ll try it okay cute i’m really happy i think that’s nice so my friends this is the fit i’ve got an all saints jacket on h m little vest top these cute little leggings are split at the bottom yes i have my uggs

On i haven’t had them for about three weeks so i’m so happy to have them back and then my cute little anima bb world tour edition and this is the dinner fit so my friends we are back from the most wonderful dinner the majority of my lipstick has come off but it lasted pretty well i’m so tired but i am so excited for tomorrow i’ve got butterflies i’m so excited so

I’m gonna have to sleep and i will see you bright and early in the morning good night good morning everyone today is the day i woke up to the most incredible sunrise this morning it was just magical over the water it is time we’re heading off to the cruise terminal which is where they’re doing the whole thing and apparently there’s going to be like tesla merch

And everything so i’m really excited i feel like they sound like a total geek right now but i am so excited how excited are you um i’m excited he’s actually really excited that was like a really disingenuous but he’s walking away with a massive smile on his face all right let’s go there’s literally tesla’s everywhere are you ready we’re so excited i’m like low-key

Freaking out hiking freaking out i’m bored i want to see this wait so it says tesla on the can that’s pretty cool it’s pretty epic i thought i would just tell you so we’re obviously collecting our model wide today but this one has pre-ordered a cyber truck he’s getting in september in california so we’re gonna go and take it for like through the desert and everything

So if you found this video because james tesla’s then like subscribe because yeah we’re getting our cyber truck in literally like four months thank you so much you guys it’s so funny literally the last time i was here i was walking up to a disney cruise ship up these exact stairs i left him alone for two minutes and he’s buying a cyber truck hoodie so i walked in

Up here over there basically has to check in and now there’s this waiting area where you can buy much get drinks and yeah we just have to hang around till we get called downstairs apparently it’s pretty amazing so i’m excited so i’ve been told there’s something happening down here that i should be prepared for i don’t really know what it is oh my goodness they’ve

Got a whole thing set up this is so cool this is james’s dream you guys i got a whole camping setup this is what i want to do you can get a bed that fits into the back of your tesla or the little doggy that would be cody and yeah you can actually get a bed that fits in the back and we want to go in road trip europe don’t we in the tesla it’s on the it’s on the

Plan we want to do it so we’ll see if it happens this is amazing hello guys welcome to tesla i’m so excited all right i have to remember my bae i was stood there you know when someone tells you something and then you’re like reciting it over and over and over perfect were you told what bae you were in uh awesome thank you so much we’ve got the key oh my goodness

James it’s so big it looks good how am i gonna drive this oh my goodness you guys this is so unreal we’re in there and everyone’s like oh do you know how to do this have you learned to do this and you’re like no no we haven’t oh my goodness james this is so crazy how is this little car oh my gosh oh this is so nice smells nice it smells so good oh my goodness i

Feel like maybe we shouldn’t look at it here i feel like should we drive it and then go and look at it somewhere else when everybody’s not watching us i know a bit more than you because i’ve driven them before yeah do you want to drive do do you want to try no this is so crazy bring me the big bag there’s the big bag babes navigate business as usual bring a little

Big bag babes business as usual i love how clean it is feel the steering wheel i know is that like i’m so glad with the white that’s that’s not true you made the right decision yeah with the white definitely the right decision we’re officially in the future oh my goodness so my friends it’s been a few days we have been driving the car around getting to know it

Getting to you know just getting used to it so there’s a couple things i want to do with you i’ve been waiting for five days to do this with you are you ready the satisfaction oh my goodness there’s little lights either side that’s so cool firstly one of the things that i love the wireless charging is just so so cool there’s so many little compartments that are

Now full of stuff we’re just on the way back from bath that’s a really nice touch we have our tesla canned water down there as well so i obviously went for the white interior and the back is now full of my coats and my favorite bit heck yeah literally so cool and the boot is huge i’ve just got cases in there right now because of course we’re everywhere but yeah

How cool is that i’ve always wanted an electric boot not gonna lie so yeah that is the car i am so unbelievably proud of it it’s so cool i obviously went for the white interior which my dad told me i was stupid for doing but i love it i think it’s really different and it looks really good on camera so we’re just gonna go with that so this is the navigation system

And look you can literally watch netflix youtube everything it’s so cool we sat in the car the other night and watched what do you watch uncut gems you can just literally sit here and watch netflix as you charge there’s also so many other things i haven’t had a chance to play around with yet oh no my name is darth vader oh that’s so embarrassing my name is stop

It everyone’s looking so basically it’s like a megaphone thing and james rang me at midnight the other night and was like guess what i’ve discovered and he was sat in a petrol station doing it it’s not funny it’s so embarrassing this is honestly he does not get embarrassed my name is darth vader james stop it my name silence james isn’t funny he is sorry i got

This one as well oh whoopee cushion see that’s my idea of humor that’s innocent humor i’ll take that so yeah that is everything we’ve kind of figured out on the car for now we went and charged at westfield at supercharger which was pretty cool and it actually doesn’t take that long like we’ve not found it takes a long time to charge really have we but we’ve only

Used tesla superchargers so far but yeah i really hope you enjoyed this vlog um i am so so proud of this car i think it’s so awesome thank you so so much for watching and i’ll see you next week i’ve got some really fun things coming up that i’m vlogging might be going away definitely going away but yeah thank you so much for watching i’ll see you next time bye

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vlog – picking up our DREAM CAR! Tesla Model Y By Emily Canham