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So tell me what you talking about tell me who it is okay family it’s your boy king it’s a girl a statement we’re back with another freaking video man i know y’all know y’all that was going down today is vlogmas vlogtober i keep saying vlogmas vlogtober day with three little disclaimer y’all i’m kind of feeling a little under the weather under the weather

I’m very like congested and my throat hurts and stuff like that but we still had to push out some videos for y’all because we did promise we’re doing voctober so we gotta stay consistent with this so today reaction to making mommy dog love me dogs um this is a good idea so they’re called mummy dogs oh they’re gonna we’re gonna show you how they look afterwards

Something that you could do for kids you could do with your kids um to do something really easy and it just brings up the house so what you’re gonna need so you’re gonna need croissants pillsbury you can get hot dogs we got these ones from heb because we like these hot dogs you made some barbecue sauce or ketchup and you’re gonna need some eyeballs we got this in

The bacon section at heb and then you’re gonna need um give me some scissors you’re gonna need like this is a pizza knife but you can do like a pizza like the rolly one you’re also gonna need a pan so i guess we’re gonna get straight into it get it make sure y’all like the video subscribe to the channel press notification bell man if y’all want more videos of

Vlogtober make sure you leave a comment even if it’s pumpkin spam a comments oh you can also give us some ideas a lot but if you guys like you want to see something from us with the family with the kids what else you know but y’all when i’m sick i turn into like the biggest thing big baby big baby big baby weiner all right y’all so we just rinsed these little

Hot dogs we’re gonna open this up let me get a paper plate paper plate so this is like a real cute idea to do with your kids for your kids we’re gonna have a halloween party some small slice got it oh okay all right and then it comes like this we gotta open it up okay this is one you have to cut into strips yeah you want to get another piece of plate yeah you

Gotta pinch it though here you do yours and i’m gonna do so we gotta do is kind of flatten it a little there’s our little make it collide you gotta pinch it out then you’re just gonna cut a bunch of small pieces we’re gonna put the hot i’m gonna put the hot dogs on here now one two three four five yeah sir making sure mine’s all the way straight y’all cause i

Don’t wanna mess up now all you gotta do is you’re gonna cut little pieces let me show y’all like this all right and then you’re gonna wrap it around your hot dog wrap it around your hot dog but you gotta leave some room for some eyes and it’s easy for you to do yeah it’s very cute super easy fun little activity to do even with your kids or just for your kids

Because i still punch them out of trying to make sure my eyes all over so i’m just going to add a little more and leave a room for the eyes it looks like oh my god right now let me show y’all how it should look so this is how it should look i left room for the eyeballs they’re called mummy dogs he said we’re making mommy dogs how you know i was gonna say that

Yeah out of here cut it a little smaller well i guess you know for the next one same thing i’m doing about the wrap lines up it’s kind of cute finally breaking see look how cool are you gonna actually eat the hot dogs i think these things are hot dogs y’all these hot dogs that we had got i think we had gotten hot dogs like a long time ago from heb that was like

So good i don’t know bro i don’t know how to you know what’s coming up extra good i don’t know what it is why you look like that you gotta make it look like home mommy he’s so concentrated yeah they had to get me right i said i’m blue i know how i get down and go the other way just so it looked like something hold on like you’ve been laughing at me because

You’re just funny okay y’all so this is what it looks like and then what we’re gonna do we’re gonna we’re gonna put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 350. whoa this is pretty much it i’m all on a 350. go ahead and open this up for y’all right now oh god it’s a little bit warm in here i’m so soft oh lord put them right in there oh oh they smell it sound delicious

Oh no mommy dog come help oh you guys so we got the mommy dogs right here right now we’re gonna go ahead and put the eyeballs on and we’re gonna have the barbecue so like she said you could do these with ketchup any your favorite any type of sausage you’re talking about i guess we’ll get like a um i guess we could try to use toothpicks here so the little space

That you left that you’re supposed to leave for the eyeballs we’re gonna get our barbecue sauce i just feel like i sound so eggy because of my own do you think edible okay yes they are now i know that very much eatable this is kind of cool it’s kind of hard because i got nails because one eyeball oh why are you using a little big ass iphone yeah it’s hard

Because we got nails i’m dropping the eyeballs you know they look more realistic when you got the big eyeballs brush is the small one i can’t do all that i’m struggling with that for what that does not look realistic real mommy dogs and here you have it is your mommy dog i don’t know why you put these big ones on this one just to be different just to be different

That’s the that’s the original because i have one no no no no because look at it bro you touched it and made it do the most no it did not it was simply right here one it looks cool no it was perfectly fine right here you took some stuff and this is mine look more realistic these are hers too these are mines well here you have it your full super easy super fun

To do with your kids at home for halloween for a party should we try it foreign foreign

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