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Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

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Evolution of the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport.

Suvs are about adventure it’s a machine for freedom and this feeling we want to put through our design into the mind of our customers our design is very nicely executed it’s very touristic it’s very clean and what we’re aiming for is a timeless approach there’s a bit more design a little bit more image this one really shows up it’s got great presence it’s got

Great visual appeal great design aesthetic and i think it’s a good distinctive fit probably a lot of the successful five-seater suvs as i mentioned you know are people who are looking for design so the customer there’s more design orientated and design focus i think the direction we’ve taken to make the crossboard a little bit more sporty a little bit more sleek

Really focusing on the very sporty looking airline package is definitely the right direction the crossboard is more about aerodynamic elegant proposition but it is essential that this is a more emotional proposition you have a very nice sloping roof it has a very dynamic stance but the interior space is not compromised for me the most beautiful angle of the car

Is the rear three-quarter because really that’s where you get that coupe style puller that’s really where the car looks completely different to to the atlas and i think it’s just really really pretty without compromising a whole bunch of space so still interior comfort remains yet you’ve got this beautiful and attractive fastback looking toupee i also think the

Other thing that also is really nice is our selection of wheels so we’ve revamped our entire wheel off the structure going all the way up to 21-inch wheels so i think when you combine the r-line package this coupe styled vehicle with beautiful 21-inch wheels it really do it will turn heads on the road when we do an interior design we want to aim for something that

Is very well executed and you have this level of sophistication that you expect from premium cars but on an entry price i think the first cool feature is we get the new what we call mqb steering wheel so i think that is pretty cool so the conventional steering wheel that we’ve seen in the car today gets refined and totally replaced so that’s pretty cool more added

Functionality on some of the buttons we also have new exciting interior leather and cloth interior options and different from from what is offered in the atlas today and we’ve also just worked on a little bit more stitching here and there so you’ll see a little bit more stitching a little bit more double stitching so i really think just a cabin that feels a little

Bit you know more up marked a little bit more premium on the inside it is about a level of attention you put into detailing we really dig deep into the execution of every little piece and every little detail so it’s a love for detailing that we put as designers and engineers in our cars that makes them so different it allows you to really show up in style show up

With grace and elegance and and prestige yet without showing off you didn’t overpay for it you got a great value so i think it really addresses the sweet spot of what america is looking for this is what we are heading for to create things that you admire and when you see them you think wow that’s cool it’s something that stands out and shines that’s our aim

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Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport By Fremont Motor Companies