Volkswagen Atlas sel 2022 ambient light interior led head lights at night

Hi guys welcome to my channel this is raj so today i’ll be showing you how the ambient light works and looks on 2022 volkswagen atlas sel model uh again this is sel model so if you have different model you might want to have the same light or maybe they might look a little bit different so let’s talk about the other lights first of all in the cabin so you can

See there’s a door a handle it’s pretty lit up by the emit light right here and the lights are all over all the buttons are backlit so you can see right here this is your all windows button this is your mirror toggle switch is right here there’s another button to open your trunk there’s a buttons to adjust your light this is for all the lights only and if you

Have a bad weather you just pull it out for the it’s kind of fog lights as you can see but they are not on the bottom there on the side so they were pretty good again this is your central uh cockpit pro they call it and they are the buttons on the steering wheel they all lit up very well on the floor there’s also some backlight and you can see your shoes and

Everything pretty easily if you drop something you will see very easily and of course you can change the setting um inside the vehicle but i would not you know i really like that it’s subtle uh it’s not really giving you like eyesore or something while you’re driving for a long period of time and this is how the emblem looks on the volkswagen atlas 2022 model

Sel this is how it looks it looks pretty sharp you know and when you close it this is how it looks on the door so it gives you pretty bright light and then you shut and it becomes dark and it looks cool so let’s see let’s talk about the embed light as you can see the light strip is going from your left side on the dashboard as you can see uh right here right

Here right here right here and on the door there is no but at all amid light in the back so that keep in mind and the other thing is there’s you cannot change the color for this light so uh i think i kind of like it you know maybe if you if you could change a few colors that would be fine but i kind of like it because this is so subtle and it looks pretty high

Class the way it it comes out from the panels you know and you can see where you put your hand it can light up that area also and of course you can change how much bright you want it and there is little light i was surprised on a cup holder also on both sides of the cup holder so this is good you know though the way it looks so yeah and your usbc there’s lit

Up also and in the back also so there’s you know there’s a light everywhere in this car on the top all the features you see your sunroof they all lit up so you won’t be like guessing what’s going on in the night so that’s what it is and one thing about this sel model is their headlight are uh directional so let’s say if i start my vehicle and you will see you

See how they’re going down then they go inside and then they’re going up so they’re calibrating itself because this is a directional light i’m sorry my throat is bad uh there are directional light and when you turn your steering wheel right or left they go a little bit on that side so you have a better visibility which is good you know i really like that feature

So yeah guys that was i wanted to show you how the light looks and uh 2022 volkswagen atlas sel model if you guys have any questions please let me know in the comment section below alright i’ll see you later bye so you

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