Volkswagen Golf R Line 2018 New Facelift In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Me Alaatin61 , will show you the details of the 2017 New Facelift Volkswagen Golf R Line.

Hey everyone welcome to our that mistake so on today i will film this beautiful for trial involved with the are lights or backwards cop or for new things on this car what i like is when you back to painful this way or the first time right at the blind spot assist it has that you navigation system that the biggest screen you can use the gesture control i like the

Headlights to led headlights now are available on the score they look very very good and the dynamic door signal at the back the flow and turn signal that’s just perfect just like audi models with the online package you get a more aggressive front bumper rear bumper with diffuser side skirts rims and you can also buy it at the online steering view and online

Seats this volkswagen golf is available with a 1 litre petrol engine 1.4 petrol engine 2 liter petrol engine and there is also the 1.6 tdi diesel engine and the 2-liter tdi diesel engine the most powerful petrol engine is the golf r and the most powerful diesel engine is the golf gtd this car has 125 horsepower it produces 2 on the newton meters of torque 0 to 6

2 and 9.1 seconds the top speed is 204 km/h that’s about 130 miles per hour the engine is a 1.4 liter four-cylinder petrol engine it has a dsg automatic transmission 7-speed dual-clutch now when you look at the front you can see that the new golf has the led headlights with the new led daytime running lights i think it looks gorgeous this one is the online sport

Package so you get the more aggressive front bumper it’s lower and it has bigger air intakes looks lovely in my opinion the rims are also r95 spoke 17-inch you can also buy it with 18 inch rims at the site you have the orlan logo we will look at the interior and a few moments at the back you have the brand new led taillights with the flow and turn signals looks

Beautiful in my opinion this golf is the best-looking golf in my opinion dual exhausts at the back that diffuser is finished in the color of the car and black always the trunk space is also really good you can fold the rear seats down of course the car weighs thousand 191 kilograms the trunk space is 380 liters when you fold the right when you fold the rear seats

Down a thousand 270 liters now let’s look at the interior carbon trim you can also buy the damn be enlightening storch area also at the back highline seats half alcantara this is the interior of the brand new growth active info display just like the to go on and fossa touchscreen navigation system flat bottom stay in view for the first time available with blind spot

Assist it has led lights in the interior this is a space left i’m one meter and eighty-three plenty of headroom lovely there i really like the ad info display and the fact that it’s available with blind spot assist folding mirrors of course cruise control on staying you touch screen navigation system new system adjustable home has also an height storia the popovers

Electron can’t break out of old you can turn off the star stop with this then parking sensors also available with automatic park system glen control settings you can also buy that heated seats this car hasn’t got it and this is the second biggest screen you can get navigation radio media at sports carplay and android apps you can see the settings this is the main

Menu of the car with the biggest screen you can also swipe with the gassers settings these are the languages available important settings turkish and the languages some settings core settings sooo efficiency tire pressure system there’s also the voice activation by the way this new active info displayed looks just perfect in my opinion above your different menus

Audio for vehicle status driving data and when you go further you can see different information settings this is a lovely lovely setting it as of course the adaptive cruise control can adjust that distance navigation fuse this was this is a very cool feature different views as i said efficiency navigation driver distance and of course the classic view just like this

They drive 100 km/h is four point seven meters what i tested now you drive one on the 10 20 km/h the rev counter shows you 2200 rpm they drive they drive 120 km/h they’re at counter and so in 2500 rpm it does not have to people tobit which i will show it’s now set to one of them 30 clocks per hour we are now following the s-class with amg package m s 63 exhausts

When that door leads to the right and now accelerating and doing nothing only doing the stable i said that off to one of the factory cars per hour that this stadium speed limit this 130 miles per hour right now speeding up and i answer them rightly the car will automatically slow down there’s a third prius so i will now change lane you will see immediately it

Breaks automatically and now it’s accelerating very cool feature you get some of the distance the bosses are looking staying with stress what i also like about this car the the the steering wheel has buttons on it the cruise control adaptive cruise control you can swipe through the menu the active info diff display has different menus you can choose classic speed

And gear just like this speed and gear for example then the middle part changes now i’m driving a second gear it tells me to put it in fourth or third it’s now in third fourth so in this way you can drive economically when you turn on the classic gauges they have the classic view with the fuel engine water temperature you can also put navigation information on it

Or driver assistance i think over the years the years this the folk song goof has become even a better and prettier car in my opinion nicely done you can control the navigation with your voice voice command i like the way that this steering view as a flat-bottomed design

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Volkswagen Golf R Line 2018 New Facelift In Depth Review Interior Exterior By Alaatin61