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The people’s car people have an electric vehicle for well the people this is the id4 from volkswagen okay so first things first the id4 seats five passengers this all-electric compact kit is available as rear motor rear-wheel drive with a range of 260 miles but also comes with an all-wheel drive version with front and rear motors that gets a total 250 mile range

Overall i like how the id4 looks it’s not too outdoorsy like a subaru but on the other end of the spectrum it’s not too modern or techy either of course you do know that it’s an ev because well there’s no grill up front but other than that it looks like it’s just another modern car and it’s very attractive inside and it’s every bit of volkswagen in here styling is

Minimalist like the germans do so well but it’s still got a ton of technology at its core in spite of its simplistic nature the interior does not actually feel cheap i like the materials that vw uses there are really soft touch points if there is plastic it’s very strategically placed giving the overall aesthetic kind of a chic feel there are a lot of options

For storage thanks in part to the gear shifter being up at the top of the dash that does take a bit of getting used to but it affords more cubbies and that’s great so as far as comfort and room i’m going to give the id4 a pretty high score this is not really 100 power adjustable and i still feel like i’ve got a good seating position going tons of headroom great

Legroom although again i’m 5’4 so a little more on the sort of average size but when you get into the back this to me is where volkswagen really does a great job even on their smaller vehicles there is plenty of leg room i have even though it’s a sloping roof line i still have plenty of headroom with a little to spare and yeah i have no complaints well done so

The interior as far as functionality goes is a little bit of a mixed bag for me i do like that when you tilt the steering wheel the digital gauge cluster kind of goes with you so visibility is not really a problem however this system gets a is where it gets a little funky for me this blue square it took me a long time to figure out oh that’s the home screen once

You know it you know it and that’s great but it’s a very layered system so because there are minimal knobs there’s no volume knob on here there are a lot of layers to get into the things that you want to do another thing that really does not that i’m not liking is if i’m going to hold on to here to sort of brace my finger while i’m driving and pressing things then

It’s very likely that i’m touching the buttons to change the heat or the volume so that’s a little bit problematic for me as well and this shifter one last thing this shifter the positioning up here does open space like i was mentioning earlier but the way that it’s positioned is backward from what it would normally be so again for me there’s just the things that

Functionality-wise in here are not my favorite a couple of more nits while i’m at it the id4 has no frunk we like those in evs plus it has no spare tire just a tire filler for small repairs one for the win column on the id4 however is how it drives i gotta say right out of the gate i’m actually really digging it i love that ev instant throttle response although

Don’t get too excited for your expectations it’s not exactly tesla-esque but it’s still right there gets a lot of really good quick acceleration and it’s nice and quiet in here there are a few drive modes to choose from including eco comfort sport and custom sport does get you a bit of a snappier throttle response and gives the steering more weight and sharpens

Up the precision a bit eco mode does exactly the opposite it lightens up the steering a little bit and it holds the throttle back just a touch so you are getting better range braking with the id4 has a couple of options standard regen feels more like your coasting when you lift your foot off the throttle but if you want a more aggressive calibration you can switch

To the b mode and that will give you the telltale one pedal breaking ev feel so where the id4 is really surprising me is in how it handles i’m not really feeling a ton of body roll around turns this is the all-wheel drive version so i have really good weight distribution with those two motors front and rear 295 horsepower 339 pound-feet of torque it’s got plenty

Of get up and go uh i’m really having a hard time finding much fault in how it feels when i’m driving it on the road vw claims a 0 to 60 time in the all-wheel drive id4 of 5.4 seconds that’s pretty impressive the id4’s 82 kilowatt battery mounts low under the floorboards toward the rear of the car in the rear wheel drive version and adds another motor up front

For the all-wheel drive version charging times at a dc fast charging station with 125 kilowatt capability can get the id4 from five to eighty percent range in about forty minutes pricing on the id four starts at thirty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars which actually to me does not seem like a ton and that’s not including some of those federal or

State tax credits that you can apply for and perhaps get that price a little bit lower that base model gets you wireless apple carplay and android auto 19 inch wheels heated seats and steering wheel navigation and wireless charging you guys that is a lot of great options for a base model the statement package adds leather at seats a power tailgate and 12-way power

Front seats if you upgrade further to the gradient package for another fifteen hundred dollars you can get 20-inch alloy wheels and a two-tone exterior paint add the all-wheel drive and you’re looking at closer to forty three thousand seven hundred dollars for my money if i were getting the id4 i would probably spring for the base all-wheel drive version you get

Tons of great standard features plus you get that extra horsepower and it’s still one of the least expensive evs that’s out in the market right now if you’re looking in other directions check out the tesla model y kia niro ev or even the ford mustang mach e though that’s definitely more on the sporty end of the spectrum and is bigger adding to vw’s incentives

Is three years of free fast charging through the electrify america network which currently provides 2556 recharging stations across the us and growing all id4s come with iq drive that’s vw’s suite of safety features as well as id light which is an active light strip below the windshield that lets the driver know different information including if the vehicle is

Ready to drive or if it’s locked or unlocked depending on the color of the lights or sounds yes there are still a lot of folks who are debating whether an ev is the right vehicle for them but you know what with its accessible pricing its modern tech and its solid range vw is giving people a really compelling reason with the id4 to start investigating more into the future you

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Volkswagen ID.4 | Review & Road Test By Kelley Blue Book