Volkswagen ID. Buzz – The Hippie Who Became A Hipster (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

Volkswagen ID. Buzz is a modern interpretation of the legendary flower power hippie T1 Volkswagen Bus. Designing modern versions of models with cult following is always tricky. The designers have to face the company’s heritage, and pay no attention to criticism from the fanboys of the original. VW says the ID. Buzz is for youngsters and families. Who are youngsters?

Interpretation of the legendary flower power   hippie t1 volkswagen bus with all the benefits  and also some challenges so let’s get to it   the designers have to face the company’s  heritage and pay no attention to criticism   yes vw knows you’re not a sellout you’re   sleep over it because this car is not for you  

Youngsters and families apparently i’m a youngster   i like practicality i like gadgets and i like to  stand out from the crowd the more obvious group is   families young at least one kid but spoiler alert  if you’re planning to have a small soccer team   this is not the car for you more about that in a  moment the id buzz name

Is made up of two parts   is an onomatopoeia for electrical current   and a reference to the original vw bus bus in and  around the car there are some easter eggs like   smiley faces on doorbolt plugs a world map with  a bully riding across it on the rear drawer and   another bully pick on armrests in the boot armors 

In the boot does this mean a 7-seater is coming   ultimately yes at launch the id boss is a standard  299 centimeter wheelbase 5-seater like this one   it’s 471 centimeters long the cargo version is  the same size but with two or three seats at the   be offered both wheelbase and overall length   wheelbase model will be

Available as a five   have two seats in each of the three rows   lineup and by the end of 2024 vw will launch a  six-seater with face-to-face seating in the rear   the third row of seats is described as removable  i suppose that means more comfortable seats than   those kind of jump seats that you pull out of the  floor

In cars like the vw charon but it also means   they will be harder to remove and store it seems  vw decided to save and even the five-seater gets   the same boot finish like the six and the seven  seater including additional cup holders back here   the boot itself is large and has a good shape its  volume to the window line is

Around 1100 liters   optional double floor you get flat loading   configuration they don’t seem to be easily   removable anyway the id buzz cargo has 3.9 cubic  meters of cargo area and two euro pallets fit on   the floor but don’t go crazy with cargo because  the maximum load capacity is depending on a source  

Between 650 and 719 kilograms probably depending  on the equipment level and the powertrain   the latter being reserved for versions  which will be available in q2 2024 these may be electrically operated as an option  also sliding doors on both sides can be ordered   as an option obviously on the cargo model as well  for easier

Curbside access now according to vw the   rear bench is just 121 centimeters wide which is  not true in my mini countryman it’s wider and here   it’s about 140 centimeters realistically speaking  now that’s still not very wide i don’t know why   since on the outside the id buzz is wider than  the t61 transporter and even wider

Than the new   multivan three individual seats are not even an  option the seats split 60 40. the isofix mounting   it zip top cowboy the backrest is adjustable   there is no ski hatch no arm rest no cup holders   except for this or you can throw something in  the um in the drawer of the optional id buzz box  

But then on the t1 transporter everything was  pretty spartan as well right during the launch   and i was told although there won’t be three   independent seats with three ice fix points in  the second row the six and seven seaters will get   additional two isofix anchor points in the third  row and an extra one on the front

Passenger seat   out to be more of a large station wagon   opinion the best version in all of the id lineup   suit a compact hatchback or a crossover   the driver’s display is the same like in other id  models but over here the drive selector is on the   stock where the wipers would usually be therefore  the wipers

Are now on the left stock with the   indicators and the lights like in other vw models  are on a panel above the driver’s left knee   and over the right knee is a wireless charger and  two usb-c ports in the middle of the dashboard   the lower are the central air vents  and at the bottom there are fold out cup holders  

Like the faux wooden finish on the dash   friendly recycled sustainable and carbon neutral   says vw as standard the front seats get individual  armrests in the middle and can be optionally   equipped with armrests on the door side power  adjustment with memory function for both seats   is the optional like everything here

Buzz box   storage the door pockets are large and on the  driver’s side there is a door mounted usb c port   electric motor and 77 kilowatt-hour batteries   claimed ranges slightly more than 400 kilometers  now during the launch event i won’t be able   to put this claim to the test but based on my  eevee experiences so

Far i suspect in optimum   conditions around town it is possible to achieve  more or less what the manufacturer promises as you   leave the city the range is likely to drop and at  motorway speeds well i’d look for a charger every   200 maybe 250 kilometers but that’s still better  than the t2 based electric concept presented

Half   a century ago during the hanover fair now that  had a range of up to 85 kilometers now speaking   of speed this car has its speed limited to 145  kilometers future models with bigger batteries   will be able to travel up to 160 kilometers   there is also going to be an all-wheel drive model  regardless of the

Battery capacity the id buzz   from 10 to 80 will take about half an hour   the 11 kilowatt onboard charging will top you up  overnight and rapid charging is now easier thanks   to plug and charge you just plug the car in and  so far plug and charge works with ionity rl bp  nl eon iberdrola and eveny other networks may  

Join in the future but that may require some of  them to adapt their infrastructure and that takes   offer this with its supercharger network   features which appeared with the id software 3   by the way the id buzz leaves the factory with id  software 3.2 other new features include advanced   gps based parking assistant

Or travel assist with  cloud data the new parking assistant allows you   to store up to five favorite parking locations  and the car will park for you when you arrive   this does require view of the sky so it will not  park in the garage but rather in the driveway   now if you want to see how it works i have an  upcoming vw

Id5 review where i put the park   assist feature to the test subscribe and press  the notification bell or better still subscribe   about new episodes directly in your inbox   link is in the video description the improved  travel assist gets information from the cloud   or the swarm as vw likes to call it and it works 

On roads with incomplete markings if other vw cars   then my car will follow their virtual tracks   new id software 3 features will gradually trickle  down to older models depending on their equipment   assist feature to work but the plug-in  charge should be available for all cars   how’s the id buzzed to drive well it’s

As dull  as other electric volkswagens yes it’s quick   to be braking in a 2.5 ton car so plan ahead   despite almost 2 meters in width maneuvering is  relatively easy thanks to the 360 degree camera   is great also thanks to the dedicated ev   to allow tight turning circle just above 11  at launch the vw id buzz prices

Start  at 54 270 euro net or 64 581 euro gross   9 grand cheaper in germany but in poland it   other trim levels will be available later on   expect this pro model for a youngster like myself   all dragon made us wait a long time for its  funky electric van the id buzz stands out   cult models also this one is not

A car  even more so when we take into account that  vw has already sold most of its 2022 id buzz   allocation and how do you like the volkswagen  id buzz let me know in the comments section   and possibly mildly amusing car reviews join   me every friday 3pm central european time and  don’t forget to subscribe and like this

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