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Volvo C40 Recharge – Is the new Swede as good as the old Swedes? | Motorvision International

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Volvo presents its C40 coupe SUV in Hamburg. To this day, Scandinavian design, reliability and safety are selling points for the vehicles of the Swedish car brand. Is the new Volvo C40 as good as the “Old Swedes”?“

Hello world wake me up to another good good morning in hamburg volvo presents its latest model the all-electric suv coupe a c-40 electric segment will be the new premium segment so that will be the growing segment and i think we are wise if we concentrate on a growing profitable premium segment and then that’s where we are now entering into can the new car live

Up to the classic volvo virtues of safety scandinavian design and utility is the newest suite as good as the old swedes but where does the term actually come from today old swede is a common word in northern german usage and stands for appreciative admiration the saying goes back to successful swedish soldiers recruited by the grand duke of brandenburg to train

His prussian troops the stately vikings were so impressive in their fighting skills and stature that people shouted old swede in amazement at the sight of them the term old swede is still used today for example this 220 ton erratic boulder from sweden now lies on hamburg’s elba beach in blancanesa it was dug up in 1999 during excavation work for the deepening

Of the elbow when the huge lump was lifted to the surface and its true size became visible the appreciative phrase escaped the captain of the salvage ship to this day it is the name of the largest erratic boulder in all of northern germany durability and robustness these are certainly also its characteristics does the c40 deserve to be called old swede is it as

Reliable and safe as classic volvo models very good safety reduced scandinavian design and a particularly high utility value make the old swedes popular with families and trendsetters to this day the c40 is almost identical in construction to its sister model the suv xc40 the visible differences at the rear as a c40 however the swede is only available as a purely

Electric vehicle with a choice of 204 horsepower or as a dual motor with 408 electric horses and all-wheel drive its fjord blue color will be offered for the first time with the 2022 model year with 408 horsepower the c40 is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing its acceleration 4.7 seconds from zero to 100 almost immoral for an optically rather well-behaved family car

At 313 litres the c-40s boot space is just as large as that of the xc40 externally the c40 is clearly recognizable as a representative of the swedish brand the suite of its rear end the coupe like roof line was also found on older scandinavian vehicles its suv design is also fully in line with the trend of almost 700 000 volvo vehicles sold worldwide more than

Half a million are in the suv segment and the trend is rising fast moreover volvo has been innovative since the beginning in the past especially in safety today in the transformation of the brand and the introduction of digital business models the swedes were the first to limit the top speed of all new models to 180 kilometers an hour from 2021 and have entered

Digital sales with the car subscription service care by volvo i think it’s important to say we’re not going to sell cars totally isolated on on the web i don’t think consumers are ready for that picking up in a harbor i mean that’s not going to happen the physical delivery will of course still happen at the retailers they have to deliver the car explain the car

And service it exactly as today around 10 of sales in germany are car subscriptions but the mechanization of the car goes even further at volvo in cooperation with google living with an electric car means that you sometimes have to charge on longer journeys offering you the opportunity to watch videos on youtube or other apps in the future allows you to spend

The time charging doing something you like many elements of the old swedes have been incorporated into the design and the suites have also remained true to themselves in terms of innovations but the longevity is likely to suffer under the new technology simply because modern technology becomes outdated more quickly on the other hand you no longer have to buy a

Car but can use it for a limited period of time mobility is subject to strong change so volvo must also move with the times if you want to buy the c40 you have to pay at least 45 280 euros in germany for the basic model with 204 horsepower the suv coupe is well finished and drives very convincingly volvo’s good image is also helped by the fact that the world has

Changed a lot performance innovation and safety have always been part of the old swedes all volvo had to do was stay true to itself you

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Volvo C40 Recharge – Is the new Swede as good as the old Swedes? | Motorvision International By Motorvision International