Volvo C40 Recharge Twin: Review, Test Drive, How To Start (Quick Look)

The Volvo C40 Recharge Twin is put through its paces in this brief, light hearted review. The video includes:

Hello there in this video we’ll have a quick look at a 2022 volvo c40 right the volvo c40 is a fully electric zero emission crossover class vehicle and the particular model we have in this video is the recharge twin it has two electric motors which gives it all-wheel drive automatic transmission and wait for it 408 horsepower that’s enough to propel it from zero

To 62 miles an hour in only 4.7 seconds and we’ll do a speed test later on when we get this thing on the road okay so let’s have a quick look at the interior now the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s no key to start the car and there’s not even a button to start the car you simply have this fob within the car it knows you’re sitting in the driver’s seat

And then you put your foot on the brake down there and slide the automatic gear stick down into drive like so and then the car fires up into life and when you want to park it you simply press the park button there you don’t have to turn the thing off you just then get out now here in the center of the car the dashboard rather we do have this large vertical screen

Which is very reminiscent of a tablet and as you can see we have google maps there it seems quite intuitive to use various modes this is your heating and ventilation stuff settings there so it all looks very modern as does the instrument cluster which is a digital there’s the rest of the dashboard we’ve got this quite nice seats two-tone a kind of sweaty effect

And there is a quick look at the back how’s the leg room ah quite a decent okay quick test drive now this thing does have over 400 horsepower so it’s fairly quick which certainly should be all right off we go to traffic and straight away we have a speed bump to run in those 400 horses well it rode that quite well how’s the steering feel oh sharp and responsive

Not a lot of travel in the brake pedal before you get some fairly responsive stopping power now we need to get out of the ground of this hotel and onto this main road up here all clear okay now i’m going to emerge very gently to get this thing straight and then there’s now behind us so come to dead stop i will accelerate hard you ready foot to the floor 50.

Which is the speed limit so yeah i’d say it’s pretty responsive now there are a few corners up here where we can provoke this car a little bit got to be careful though this is a public highway so i won’t be doing anything dangerous this is the kind of car you really want to test in a private track well i don’t have one of those today here’s the first corner yeah

Very composed very good very little body roll now in a moment we’re going to go onto an old railway bridge which is two or three twisty corners and we’ll provoke a little bit more around there if it’s safe to do so i can’t see the speedometer because the steering wheel is blocking it but that is no doubt something i can adjust the ride is comfortable it’s firmer

Than some cars as you’d hope and expect right here are those twisty corners ready oh yeah oh that turned in beautifully got a minor speed though so i would say first impression this is a comfortable responsive enjoyable car that’s got plenty of horsepower and plenty of room for your family and the dog and your mother-in-law and all your luggage and whatever

Else you need foreign though rear visibility is pretty poor those c pillars are very intrusive and they are big headrests which block the view through the rear window which doesn’t seem particularly big in itself even to the rear view mirror i can’t see an awful lot but there you go no car is perfect now as i said the evolver c40 is a fully electric vehicle so

One of the prime considerations if you’re thinking of buying it is how far it travels per charge well the official figure as defined by scientists in a lab is 276.5 miles that’s a combined figure which includes low medium high and extra high speed driving however as with any electric vehicle how far it travels per charge in the real world depends on a wide range

Of factors these include your driving style the temperature what equipment is running inside the car elevation whether it’s raining and even the road surface so there you go there’s a quick look at a 2022 of volvo c40 now if you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe to car spy tv and i’ll see you next time farewell foreign

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Volvo C40 Recharge Twin: Review, Test Drive, How To Start (Quick Look) By CarSpyTV