Volvo C40 Recharge: User Experience

So now we get a chance to talk about the user  experience with the car and i’m here with tom   our head of ux design for volvo and and tom we we  thought we’d start this one actually in a living   room environment rather than in the car why is  that exactly it’s to show that we’re thinking   first and foremost about our customers

And and how  they go about their daily lives and you know when   you start a trip you’re always at home and we’re  thinking about how to connect to the car from   home so we’re building features into our app that  lets you start the car remotely get it heated up   and warmed up and comfortable for you and we’re  going to

Continue to evolve that over time but   you do that from home and not from the car. that’s  good and just um talking about scandinavian design   because we’ve been working with or talking with  the exterior team interior color materials and   they’ve been talking a lot about this philosophy  of taking things away and simplifying

Things   so and really bring into the surface the important  features uh for the customer and is that the case   with our user experience? that’s exactly right we  really think about the customers and what they’re   doing and what what their goals are and we really  try to look at how do we simplify all of the   complexity

That’s coming to the cars you know  we have a lot of sensors there’s new cameras   with the new systems that are coming out   uh there’s more and more capabilities and it’s  going to be overloading very soon so what we want   to do is really think about the essence think  about how can we bundle things in the smart  

Way and take away that complexity of management  make it you know really great experience and let   let people just get on with their their lives  and have a comfortable ride. so with our new   uh c40 then, of course, the experience starts  with the mobile phone they can set the heat in   and lock the car set their route for

The day and  then that really plays out into the car um which   you’re going to now take us through and just uh  demo how how really the user experience plays out   from the phone into the car and also we can talk  about google assist as well which is a feature   that we can go through. absolutely we’ll we’ll  hello now

We’re in the c40 and i’m going to talk  to you about the in-car system that we’ve been   working o. sso this is the google android system  and one of the great things is that there’s   going to be apps available and here we have the  principle of of connecting to your home and your   home life is filled with different apps and

And  things you use so like when when i’ve set this up   the same music that i have available at home   or on my phone when i’m on the run um is available  in my car for me whenever i want and i didn’t   available. and of course with the google system   directions to wherever you’re going. now one of  the things that

Are really great is uh there’s a   number of features that make it easier to own an  electric vehicle. so sometimes when we’ve talked   to customers they have some questions about where  do i charge my car and those kinds of things well   you can just ask google. charging stations show  up you can get very quick directions to

Them and   so it’s all available right there for you. the  other great thing is there’s little details in in   google maps so you for example you can get the uh  charge level that you’ll be at when you reach your   destination which is really good for planning  long trips and and knowing if you have enough   so some

Really smart things happening there to  help simplify uh the complexity. we’ve also looked   at things like the settings to make it easier  to understand combine things and keep all of   the capabilities but do it in a really smart way  to take the hassle out of managing your car. and   finally, we have google assistant that i

Want  to take you through some really great features   control the car and do various actions without   ever taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes  off the road. you can give it basic commands like   “hey google can you start the seat heater?” “okay  turning on the seat heater.” for the driver helps   you control

Your comfort you can of course control  music and other commands in the car there’s one   more thing, of course, you can do to have a little  “why did all the students eat their homework?”   was a piece of cake you.”

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Volvo C40 Recharge: User Experience By Cyberbackpack