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Volvo Oil Cooler Replacement – Volvo XC90 S80 4.4L V8. Oil in coolant. Flush radiator.

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How to replace the oil cooler on a 2005-2011 Volvo XC90 or 2007-2010 S80 4.4L V8.

Hey so in this video we are going to be talking about the volvo v8 um this is in the xc90 this is my daily driver and i’m going to be replacing the oil cooler on this engine uh because i believe that’s what’s causing oil to get into my coolant so if your coolant tank or overflow tanker looks like this all brown and sludgy and is overflowing even then you may

Have the same issue um i i started noticing i’ll just give you a run on kind of what happened uh driving it and my low oil light came on and this was shortly after i had uh just change the oil so i was uh and i know it was at the correct level so i thought it was kind of weird so i checked the oil level and sure enough it was a little bit low and at the same

Time i noticed uh this was leaking cooling out and it looked brown like this so you can you can tell clearly that oil is getting mixed into the coolant so my first thought was you know uh is it a head gasket uh is it something in the radiator and after doing some research i found out on these that it’s very unlikely to get uh engine oil in the coolant and not

Get coolant in the oil so the oil looked really clean so i i after doing some more research i found out that it’s pretty common actually on these v8s for the oil cooler to develop hairline cracks and uh start and and since the pressure is higher in the engine oil than it is in the coolant then it will go into the coolant but not into the oil so pretty sure

That’s what’s going on i went ahead and ordered a new oil cooler um this is the new one and it actually comes with a new seal as well and you can see inside there’s two passages for the coolant to come in and out in the oil to go in there as well um yeah these are the two hoses for the coolant this goes on the engine pan the oil pan side which i’ll show you

In a second here um and that’s the seal see i had our i ordered a seal separately because i didn’t know if it came with one but it did come with one and this is the denso part number made in japan because this is a yamaha 4.4 liter v8 and this matches the exact same one on the engine and i’ll show you that in a second here all right this is underneath and you

Can see the v8 so this is the oil pan and then you have your oil filter oil level sensor and then boom you have your oil cooler and this is the one that i need to take out and if you look it’s actually the same exact part number and everything denso japan everything matches up i’m going to first drain the coolant and obviously unfortunately i’m gonna have to

Train the engine oil even though i just did an oil change on this all right i have the oil drain now uh the cover here or the oil filter housing goes right there um i think i’m gonna leave that out because it gives you a little bit more room to get in there there’s obviously four bolts holding this oil cooler in here’s the coolant lines going in so you got an

In and out so next i’m going to now that the oil is drained i’m gonna disconnect that hose right there and during the coolant out um and then uh there’s the there’s the drain plug it’s a 17 millimeter in case you uh never drained the oil in your car and uh and then this is the housing and filter um helps to have the housing tool that fits all those uh also i

This wire here the sensor wire uh sprouts along these clips here and then uh is attached to this right here you can just slide that out and on on these just come out of these little clips so i’m just going to move this out of the way over there and the other end of it i got laying right here this is the other end of it that goes up to the computer hey you want

To remove this front cover here there’s a there’s a bar right here that comes all the way across this is your guard it goes all the way to the other side and these two bolts i just took out and there’s another third bolt that goes up in there and this kind of goes up and holds up on the lip so once you get all those out this whole uh guard can come out and then

It’ll expose the underside of the radiator all right i got it draining got that hose clamp loose and as you can see and i i just kind of stuck a screwdriver in there if not i want to pull the hose off all together make a huge mess with coolant so i just kind of stuck a screwdriver in there enough to get to start leaking out so just letting it drain right now i’m

Gonna probably gonna take a little bit but the coolant is now finished draining and uh i got this hose out the rest of the way so still kind of dripping but uh started breaking these uh eight millimeter nuts loose here these bolts um these two are real easy to get to those broke free they’re a little they’re a little hard to break for you but i got them all

Right i’m on this last bolt here the hardest one to get and you guys are gonna love this um i ended up getting it but it was pretty tricky um this is what i did so this cross member right here as you could actually get through it through the top so what i did was use it long extension on this ratchet the extension goes all the way over all right to that top

Bolt and i was able to get that by getting extension way over here and breaking it for you that way because i just couldn’t get anything else in there in front of uh on this side of the crossmember i was just too tight but this ended up working i had to fish it through though took a little bit to fish it through i’ll i’ll pull this out here in a minute and i’ll

Show you what it looks like so this is what i ended up using so i got them all broken free now um i’m gonna take all the bolts out uh then i’ll be able to get to the top hose clamp and i’ll probably take that out after i get this uh get these bolts out all right i got all the bolts out and uh popped it free here and it’s just being held up by this top hose clamp

Up there so i’m gonna work on getting that hose clamp out well i got it out uh this hose up there was uh giving me a little trouble um that goes right here on this one here uh but i finally worked it free and then this came right off and that’s what it looks like on the oil pan side and then here’s the old one i’m hoping that was the issue uh internal creek in

There somewhere uh i hear you can you can pressure test these somehow but i’m not going to bother because i already got a new one and uh so from this point on i’m just going to clean this up clean the surface really good um i’m gonna reuse these hoses and uh just reinstall it the in the same steps that i did to take it out all right i got the new uh oil cooler

And everyone um as you can see here i got the new hoses back on or not the new ones i should say the old ones back on through a new clamp on this upper one here um but yeah it wasn’t wasn’t too bad getting it back in just had to take your time the uh the top top bolts were a little tough to get to but also uh another note um this piece here that i was talking

About removing um it’s all one piece um and you can see it uh it’s actually attached there’s a upper part that you have to lift it up and over right there but it’s six bolts three on each side and then that gives you room to uh get to the other side of the radiator which uh you get a coolant line coolant hose right there and then there’s a you can’t really see

It very good but there’s a petcock drain right down in there too but i just uh undid that hose clamp so i can clean it out a little better and um i got more coolant to come out but i didn’t take it completely out here so i’m just gonna slide that back in it actually opened this gap up a little bit so you can get your hand in over reach over to get access to these

Hoses a little better and all that’s left is to put the oil filter back on fill it up with oil and fill it up with coolant and the first time through i actually bought this blue devil radiator flush and oil degreaser so i’m gonna run this on the first one with the coolant or actually with water i should say um so you run this with water drive it around or run

It for 20 minutes or you could drive it around for an hour um and then that’s supposed to get rid of some of the oil in the coolant system and then you can drain that back out flush it out until it comes clear and then uh then you can fill it back up with regular radiator fluid and uh for that i tried to get the oem volvo blue coolant but uh they were like on back

Order and i didn’t feel like waiting so actually went to autozone and they had a this formula which is the blue european vehicles and it says right there volvo pre 2015. it is a hope so it’s silicate enhanced hybrid organic acid technology coolant so says it’s good it should be safe for this that’s what i’m going to use up here i cleaned the radiator uh overflow

Tank here hit us i put some of that radiator flush cleaner in there and shook it around in there rinsed it out really good it’s a lot cleaner than it was um just in case anyone was wondering how this is set up um got your clips in the back attached to that underneath you have the main return line or drain disc in this this line here goes right down to the

Water pump down by the on the engine and then you have your coolant sensor level sensor right there plugs into that up on this side this line goes in here and this runs to the top of your radiator and then on this side uh is yet another line plug this in right there and that actually goes down to the oil cooler one of the oil cooler lines i believe because when

I poured water in there it was coming out one of those lines so that’s how that’s set up and then the power steering fluid obviously attaches to that which can be a pain in the butt to get that clip on there um but yeah this thing was filthy as you saw before it’s a little cleaner now but i gotta run that radiator flush stuff through the whole system so i’m going

To start filling it up now that i got all the hoses connected and i will go from there all right i filled up the coolant it’s pretty straightforward you just fill it up through here um as you’re filling it the level will keep draining down and into the radiator and the engine and just keep filling it up until uh it no longer drains down in there but back up to the

Max line close the lid again and uh and then i ran it for about 20 minutes with the flush and water um that way that’s what it says on the flush bottles to run it at least 20 minutes get it it got up to full tap uh and then i shut it off let it cool down and this is where it’s at right now uh it only dropped down to about the min mark on this side there’s the mid

Mark and this is what it looks like after running 20 minutes with that coolant flush in it as you can see uh there was still quite a bit of coolant left in the system um as you would expect because uh just you know unfortunately just opening those two hoses to drain the coolant doesn’t get it all out um so what i’m going to do now is drain whatever i can from

The radiator hose uh run more water through it all right i got it draining here this is the front of the radiator this is the front of the car right here uh and i got this this bracket here drop down so i can get to this and that’s the petcot drain you just kind of turn it counterclockwise until it starts coming out it’s pretty easy um i’m gonna start draining

This here and keep filling it until this thing comes out clear all right i drained most of it out and then uh refilled it back up with water with distilled water um and then i ran it until it got up to temp uh it started circulating you can see it start to circulate and through here when once the thermostat opens and then uh i am again draining it right now

That’s almost done and then i think i’m going to fill it up with the distilled water again and i might even put a little coolant in this time around and i think i’m gonna call it good for now and drive around for a little while and then uh maybe like in a week or so i’ll drain it and fill it again but uh it’s getting clearer every time it’s it’s almost there so

That’s where i’m at right now all right so it’s been a few days of driving this car around and i believe everything’s fixed uh the oil level is made is consistent now it’s not dropping uh the coolant is not raising either like it was before so i believe it’s fixed um i did drain and fill it a few times but this is after sitting overnight so after i drive it

Around it it kind of mixes this is the remaining oil that was kind of left in the system you can see like after it sits overnight it kind of goes down so there’s still a little layer of like oil in it that kind of separates uh after it sits and um i’m just gonna take this thing out i’m going to open this cap and i’m going to try to tilt this thing and drain it

All that way at least get some of the rest of that oil out and then top it off with more coolant but uh it definitely fixed to the issue and uh hopefully it helps all you guys out there with the volvo v8 thanks

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Volvo Oil Cooler Replacement – Volvo XC90 S80 4.4L V8. Oil in coolant. Flush radiator. By KC GT