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Volvo S60 D4 Test S

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Volvo S60 yeni D4 dizel motoruyla Carviser’a konuk oldu.

The s60 has been renewed and more importantly the s60 has been integrated with the volvo’s very own production of d4 engine. let’s see how this 2.0-liter engine exhibits its performance in the s60. i’m in the driver’s seat of the volvo s60. and as always i would briefly like to talk about the exterior design of the car. with this facelift minor changes has been implemented

And s60 has attained a younger look. but nevertheless there is no question of any change at the rear of the car. there are not many improvements in the interior of the s60. but there is one important detail; as i’ve mentioned before in the v40 and the xc60 tests this digital display is used in all the new volvo models. you can select 3 different themes in this such as eco,

Elegance and performance. in my opinion the most sportive and good is the performance. however for classic lovers eco and elegance with its analog style digital display can create variety. the interior of s60 is virtually shouting that it is a volvo. the center console here, which is the signature hallmark of the volvo, creates an effect as if it is floating in the air.

To reach and to use the controls here are really elementary. the seats of the s60 are very comfy. as a matter of fact it has firm stuffing but anyhow it holds you in very well. you feel very snug. in other words with these seats; even if you cover long distances with this car you will not get tired or feel fatigued. the materials used in the cockpit are hard. but it is

Not significant of poor quality. because when you look at it in general terms it is not below the premium german rivals. the s60 is not a very wide car; adults can sit in the rear seats but not very comfortably. when you consider the rivals of s60 in this class the knee and headroom offered is a bit restricted. boot also offers only 380-liter loading capacity. and it

Cannot be said to be satisfactory for a car of this class. but if you do not have a large family and if you do not plan to travel long distances with a crowd then this car has values to satisfy your everyday expectations effortlessly. let’s consider the hotly anticipated innovation of the s60. yes, in the s60 the new d4 engine, which i’ve reviewed previously in the xc60

Test, is in use. this engine used to have 5 cylinders but now it has 4 and still it is more powerful. it develops 181 hp and 400 nm of torque and it possesses new 8-speed automatic gearbox. the engine is lively and due to 400 nm of torque you can always find the power you need under your right foot. furthermore the pedals behind the steering can operate this 8-speed

Automatic gearbox manually. therefore you have a change of driving the s60 more sportively. if you like driving long distances and if you like to drive fast as well then this engine of this car really offers you power that will satisfy you. and it doesn’t behave delicately on the subject of speed as long as you step on it. as just now, i’m stepping on it and we are

Doing 175 km/h and we are engaged in the 6th gear. if you inquire about fuel consumption, i’ll answer you like this. it has frugality potential but it is directly proportional to the way you drive. in other words if you want economy you can travel with low fuel consumption. i’ve been driving this car around bodrum for 100 km and the trip computer indicates 6,2-liter

Fuel consumption average. the driving comfort of the s60 is very high. i clearly like it a lot. if you go on a long trip with this car or drive it in town you will really be happy. but on the rough and uneven surfaces and over speed bumps the rear axle works a bit noisily and it gives a bit of discomfort. i think the new d4 engine suited the s60 very well. if you are

Looking for a d segment premium sedan with power and performance you will be pleased with this car. but due to the 2,0-liter diesel engine i should point out that the price would be high. therefore if you don’t need this high a performance i can tell you that you will have similar joy with the d2 engine too.

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Volvo S60 D4 Test Sürüşü – Review (English subtitled) By carviser