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If you are in the market for an entry-level luxury car and don’t really want to go with the predictable styling of the germans and the volvo s60 is one of the best options out there but does the s60 have the go to match its show we’ll find out on the show today well in terms of boot capacity the volvo s60 is slightly behind its rivals it offers your boot of about

380 liters which is much lower than the one on the mercedes c-class as well as the bmw 3-series which are both roughly about 460 or liters and what really mars the boot capacity even further is the fact that wahoo have placed the spare wheel now with this pair in place it’s only about 339 years or so and it’s pretty average for this type of car on the plus side

Though the boots sill isn’t very high and what that means if you have a heavy object to load it should not really put too much of a stress on your back and there’s minimal intrusion from the suspension into the luggage area and to make that boot capacity better what you can do is drop the backrest of the back seat down and that can be done by simply clicking on

The button over here well as you can see with the receipts drop down you get a nice and flat area to load your longer objects and that means that practicality on the s60 is not a big issue but of course the best ways to use these seats is to pop the backrest back and get into them and talk about the comfort in luxury over here well once you get inside the back

Seat of the s60 really realise what a nice and comfortable place it is to be in and these seats i have to say are easily the best in this segment in terms of sheer comfort as well as the overall cushioning well even though the s60 has that slightly sloping roofline at the back inside it does not really affect the headroom i’m 510 and even then i’ve got decent

Amount of headroom over here and knee room is pretty generous as well and i’ve also got place below the front seats where i can stretch my feet out so overall in terms of comfort on the better cars in this segment well on the downside there’s a bit of a hump over here in the floor panel but that said it’s not as high or as wide as some of its rivals and what that

Means is that was going to sit here in the middle seats will have decent place to stretch his feet like i am and because the seats are excellent in terms of cushioning as well as the backrest angle all three occupants at the back should have a comfortable time well to improve comfort further the s60 also comes with ac vents which are positioned over here in the

Pillars well if you are someone who use a smartphone and needs to charge it every couple of hours you also have a 12 volt socket over at the back to keep yourself always on the go well just like the back seat of this guy in the front seats offer excellent cushioning as well as support and the side bolstering in these seats is very good as well well the volvo’s

Seats are easily the best in its segment for sheer comfort as well as cushioning and even the lumbar support as well as under type support is exceptional in this car well the quality materials used inside the s60 is at par with all its rivals and is really as good as its german rivals which are of course its main threat but in terms of sheer design some may not

Really like the interiors they don’t really feel as special as the mercedes c-class does nor as well laid out as the ones on the audi a4 unlike mercedes bmw and audi which offer you that sewell wheel to control most of the functions on the menu this car doesn’t have that function it uses a lot of buttons on the center console over here and that can get a little

Annoying and a little irritating to use for initial users but once you get the hang of it it’s really a breezy affair to operate this dashboard well the dashboard is slightly tilted towards the drive and that makes it a very appealing car for the driver and there’s also one big a/c vent over here for the driver and that sets the s60 apart in terms of the design

Language it does have a certain scandinavian coolness about itself for instance you can change the color as well as the theme of the gauges by clicking on this button here depending on the mood you’re in for instance you can choose from economy elegance as well as performance to change the theme as well as the color of the gauges while talking about practicality

And the useful cubby spaces inside the cabin let’s do it by looking at a photo montage shall we well to here i’m not driving the volvo s60 which comes with two engine options both are diesels there’s a 2-liter diesel as well as a 2.5 diesel which we are driving today this one is a course called the d5 and it develops about 214 bhp and about 440 nm of torque both

Of which are pretty fair considering its rivals in this segment well where this engine really stands out is in the fact that it’s a pre responsive engine and that coupled with its 8-speed automatic gearbox makes the s60 one of the more driver friendly cars in the city well the other area where the s60 really impresses is in the steering department it’s a very

Communicative steering wheel it’s also very quick steering wheel and what that means is that if you are in a twisty hilly section or you enjoy going on to the track once in a while then this car will truly reward you well the suspension is pretty firm and that makes it one of the better cars for highway cruising and it feels very planted and very stable at higher

Speeds even when you push it to in excess of 150 kph the volvo s60 feels really planted well the only downside of that firm suspension is the fact that when you are driving on a badly patchwork road you can feel uncomfortable and a lot of bumps will transmit into the cabin well the hp automatic gearbox on this car is effortless and it’s really quick to respond to

Your inputs as well and you can of course use it manually by using these apparel shifters over here at the back of the steering wheel it’s really quick gearbox i just mentioned both in terms of the up ships as well as the non chips well what that 8-speed automatic gearbox does is that really gives this any lot of flexibility so if you are doing speeds in excess of

110 hundred 20 kph on the highway the engine is spinning at a relatively low 1700 or 1800 rpm and that makes the cabin a very calm and quiet place to be in well with those massive tires on the outside and those reassuring brakes this is a great car for keener drivers and also because of the steering wheel is so communicative it’s a good car and at par with most

Of its rivals in this segment in terms of driver involvement well the s60 offers a stylish exterior a classy interior and comfortable seats that along with its safety features and technology makes it a viable alternative to its established german rivals well before you decide to write a check for this car you can also check out a review of the mercedes c-class by

Clicking on the link over here and also the bmw 3-series by clicking on this link below it’s bye for now and hope to see you soon

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