VOLVO S60 The best car in the world

Reasons why is the VOLVO S60 the best car in the world

At the beginning of the project the product planners came to sears and said that they wanted a car that was going to beat bmw and we set the design depart in the world we’d rather be ambitious i remember the excitement from day one on this project through the potential for this car from the design point of view is fantastic i think we already mined to create what

Would possibly be the the most dynamic looking volvo ever the dynamic look that we wanted to achieve was very much a new look it was not the traditional sports car that developed from basically from the horse and carriage the horses are out front and the people set at the back of the rear axle and that’s the way cars developed and when it came to sporty cars the

More horses you had or the more horsepower and the longer the front was and it was in the 60s that ferrari and we’re two others started racing sports cars with the engine in the middle and that sent the the other part of the car and windscreen exceptional further forward so it was that almost cab forward or i’d say cockpit forward look that we were trying to get for

The s60 with the new generation of volvo’s we’ve we’ve looked very much at our past into our heritage take for example the single line that runs right through the car from front to back it always runs in what i call a positive are goods it’s not a negative curve or a concave curve this one’s always convex and that runs right through the car the side windows sit on

Top of that line looking down on the car there’s a very strong element in our volvo’s and with the hood has a very strong or the engine hood has a very strong v shape to it if you look down the side of the sat and the v70 and now the s60 there’s a very strong shoulder sticking out from the bottom of the side windows where we can wear other cars rule after the bottom

The side windows will grow outwards and downwards like how these bmws etc we come straight out and this is very very unique for us a safe car needn’t be boring you know there’s i think there’s always been a feeling that sometimes that if something is good for you it can’t look good but i hope we’ve exploded that myth with this car there are many differences

Between is 80 and there 61 of the things in the interior where an sat is a very relaxed car very sort of luxury inspired but the s60 has a certain alert look to it there’s a difference in the curves and the corners on the interior design the curves are a lot flatter on the s60 the corners are sharper it’s it’s it’s taken very much from swedish architecture modern

Swedish architecture at the same time it creates a much more alert feeling this is more drive me we want the volvo to be shared by everybody in it and where the the instrument panel or the control area in the middle is angled towards the driver slightly it’s not all the way like some of the cars which then cocoon the driver away from all the other occupants in fact

Makes the front seat passenger feel completely left out of it i still maintain that the in a volvo there’s no such thing as tourist class that everybody who drives anybody rides in business classic loop and it never fails to give me a real kick whenever i see the car that was a sketch on a drawing board driving by and when i saw this one it looked even better than

We imagined better than i imagined anyone that doesn’t happen you’ve seen the car hopefully like the look of it but quite frankly i think the best is still to come and you got to drive

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VOLVO S60 The best car in the world By justRap07