VOLVO V90 Cross Country: Full Review

Why you need this VOLVO V90 CROSS COUNTRY.

Hi friends i’m rick walker welcome back to the sst car show i don’t really care for wagons but i ended up falling in love with this one here’s a review of the v90 cross country from volvo this is the volvo v90 cross country and it doesn’t look like it’s very exciting but slipped behind the wheel and you’ll find that it actually is the first thing you’ll notice

Is that the v90 cross country is lifted just a little bit it provides a little more ground clearance maybe not as much as an suv but more than a sedan or a regular wagon all-wheel drive comes standard this is a full-size wagon one of the biggest on the market today the design the style aggressive the lines make it look muscular and overall it has a modern feel

Under the hood you’ll find a twin charged inline four-cylinder engine that’s right twin charged it’s both supercharged with an electric supercharger and turbocharged plus it has a mild hybrid electric system so why would they put all that technology under the hood well it provides a seamless driving experience it eliminates turbo lag it gives you the efficiency

That comes with driving a hybrid and it delivers power lots of power you get 295 horsepower 310 pound-feet of torque the 48 volt hybrid system doesn’t really do much to boost power but it does give you a little more efficiency a little bit better fuel economy with volvo you’re getting real luxury here fine leather a finely crafted interior that’s real wood on

The dashboard yeah real wood but with volvo as expected safety comes first it has some interesting safety features built into it unique for instance you need to tap the shifter lever twice to put it into reverse or twice to put it into drive and regardless of which way you’re going you always have to shift through neutral the v90 is limited to a top speed of

180 kilometers per hour that’s 111 miles per hour again presumably they’re doing that for safety reasons wagons have fallen out of favor with the motoring public so you might not think about buying something like this but the reality is this is a wagon that makes a lot of sense especially if you’re in the market for an suv but you don’t like to climb in and climb

Out of a vehicle that sits up high there are some other very unique features with this car for instance the suspension is unique the rear spring is a fiberglass leaf spring system it actually runs across the car not front to back you don’t have two springs on each side in a conventional setup it has one leaf spring and it’s made of fiberglass or it appears to

Be made of a fiberglass material it is in that way very similar to a suspension setup that you would find on a corvette the v90 provides tons of cargo space and there’s even a cage that folds down and that would allow you to put dogs in the back in canadian dollars you’re looking at about 65 000 to start about seventy five thousand dollars if you load it up with

Every possible option the bowers and wilkins stereo option is a premium add-on it sounds great it’s worth about 3 500 bucks upgrading you get the heated ventilated massaging seats that are just awesome volvo has a reputation for building long lasting safe cars in fact i remember when i was uh just a kid uh the neighbor a few doors down my best friend his dad he

Owned a volvo station wagon and that was the only car they ever owned in all the years that uh that they lived down the street from me they probably had that car for 20 years and that’s all that they ever had and it just kept running and running and running it was uh just a great all-around solid tough car now that was back in the 1970s but boy i’ll tell you uh

I that stuck with me i remember that uh the car i always thought was kind of a clunky uh not very stylish car but it it it served that family well it just never gave up kept on going and going and going even though you don’t have paddle shifters you can still shift the eight-speed automatic manually using the gear selector tap right to shift up left to shift down

The gear selector is different in a volvo but that’s just the way they roll volvo is all about safety so this car has some unique safety features built into it for instance when you put the car into reverse or drive the brakes remain engaged even after you take your foot off the brake pedal the brakes don’t disengage until you tap the accelerator again everything

Is controlled through the infotainment system the heated steering wheel the climate control system the infotainment system on this v90 is not intuitive i i honestly don’t care for it much i suppose you would get used to it but a lot of the things in this car because they do things a little bit differently i’ve i’ve had to get the owner’s manual out or look things

Up in order to figure out how to make things operate uh the the sound system by bose and wilkins is uh is excellent it’s clean it’s as good as any high-end audio system out there but the interface the the touch screen could be maybe a little bit larger and the whole system i find is just a little bit confusing again it might not look like a very exciting vehicle

But the v90 is a pleasure to drive you can feel the quality it performs you can accelerate with confidence the ride is firm but comfortable and it handles great there’s a lot of technology packed into this wagon the chassis is stiff the suspension is modern the powertrain delivers a smooth power band overall it’s just a pleasure to drive slip behind the wheel it

Will surprise you and that’s why the volvo v90 cross country b6 is sst approval

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