VOLVO V90 R-Design Pro D5 2018

Hi welcome to alpha motors here in wigan i’m graham and today i’m going to show you around this absolutely fantastic volvo v90 d5r design all-wheel drive now this car i must admit is absolutely amazing i’ve just been reading the statistics on this car so listen this two liter turbo diesel engine it’s got 231 brake horsepower she’s all-wheel drive so she’s four-wheel

Drive we’ve got an eight-speed automatic gearbox and the car’s capable over 60 miles to the gallon now all in all what more could you want performance reliability with the volvo badge there you’ll never get stuck in winter or any slippery situation because you’ve got the all-wheel drive transmission and then you’ve got the eight-speed automatic gearbox as well so

You can sit there on the motorway on cruise capable of nearly 150 miles an hour as well if you get the opportunity to go to germany on the autobahn but what an absolute cracker vulva really really uh done the uh done the mustard on this particular car now this is the r design so it’s the more sporty version of volvo’s brand and so you get to some lovely five spoke

Bi-color metal uh edition wheels and they’re sat on fantastic pirelli p zero tyres now the external then gets the satin silver detailing around the windows the door mirrors and the roof bars coming around the front we’ve got the uh signature lights there now which i do like you know the volvo’s coming up behind you and one with such performance you know it’s going

To overtake you as well so the dynamic front end on there you get the black detailing the parking sensors on the front and on the rear as well lovely lovely nice mileage car so two owner car from you generally the first ones will be volvo uh but what a great great looking motor now satin silver mirror caps and then the chrome detailing around the windows and the

Satin silver roof bars just give that real sense of occasion the paintwork on the car is in superb order a couple little stone chips on the front which you get on any car which we’ve touched in with a a little pencil well then when you come round the rear we get the two exhaust tips in chrome and that more dynamic rear end straight away you’ve got the d4s the d5s

The d5s obviously that’s the higher brake horsepower 231 and then the badge is obviously d5r design all-wheel drive so you know exactly what you’re coming against but as a family car super spacious loads of room in the boot loads of room in the back i’d have to say it’s probably one of the largest and most roomiest estate cars on the market today but taking a

Look inside we get the black alcantara leather chairs as you can see there i don’t think there is a better chair on the market than anything in a volvo ergonomically and comfort wise they are set in the standard at the moment now you get the white detailing running through on the armrest power folding mirrors which is a nice option and then four electric windows

The satin silver detail as well lovely feel to it nice coming down onto the kick plates we get the r design and then the seats look like they’ve been taken straight out of a sports car the contrast white stitch is in exceptional order and then you get the beading which used to be on some of the older prestige cars they’ve brought it back in on these seats but

Looking across the dashboard the silver detail and the gloss black finish continues very very nice cabin to be in these automatic transmission eight speed volvo have gone for the rather than the uh portrait or landscape we’ve gone upright with our pad here so satellite navigation everything’s a touch screen there’s a little home button here which takes it all the

Way back very easy very quickly probably one of the most responsive systems i’ve used in a long time heated seats both passenger and driver and then you can scroll through the apps so as you can see car functions there so lane keeping aid on the motorway road sign information really like that on the modern car got a camera in the front screen that will tell you

What speed you should be doing and then it’ll illuminate it on the dashboard cruise control so everything’s there when you scroll through pull the other way am fmdab car status etc download center so i’m just gonna get on the internet with it and then you climate functions if you just want the it just popped up there google volvo id spotify so you can interact

With all your your apps on this particular car thirty six thousand one hundred miles and two as we speak as you can see there 36102 which is nice we’ve got three services on this car the last service being quite recent if you have a look on the words on the advert i have illustrated and taken pictures as well of the service documentation but maintained by the

Independent network of garages so three independent services this car’s got two keys as well which is nice so everything there that was there when it was new is there today but taking a look in the rear you still get that aluminium detail throughout and then the white contrast stitch as well entering the rear of the vehicle you can see that the seats are in superb

Condition we’ve got the isofix as well if you do have uh charles seats i do like volvos they get the air vents here as well so there’s lots of nice air conditioned air throwing through the car the center armrest comes down and you get a variety of storage facilities in there and then if you’ve got kids who wants a drinks holder you’ve got a ski hatch as well where

You can just pop things through if it’s longer but gosh if you need to put something more in there because the boot on this is got to be the biggest boot i’ve seen in a very very long time coming around then to the boot we’ve got an electric tailgate one touch but as you can see get a sleeping bag you could probably stay there for the night but put the bed put

The chairs down you put mattress in there and it’s a mobile home but as you can see what had size you got you can drop the seats down as well here when using these two little buttons this is a great idea on a volvo put your shopping bags or put your drinks hooks here hooks here for the shopping bags and then we just got the roller blind that comes out then and

Up should you need it and then when you close the boot it goes down as you can see what a great idea that is electronic ruler blind so if you’d like any more information on the car give us a call here in wigan my name’s graham we’ve got dorman lee on sales we’ll be happy to help you in any way we’ve got the finance calculator underneath the car on our website so

If you do want to see how easy it is to fund this and how inexpensive it is you can pop on there you’ve got a part exchange give us a call we’ll give you a price over the phone and if the car is what it says it is when you arrive that’s the price we get have a look at our reviews that tells you what other customers have purchased cars offers recently at saying

About our service but we prepare the cars the highest standards we’ve been in business more than 40 years we have all the dealer facilities our own workshops our own high-class showroom there as you can see but thanks for watching our video and i look forward to your inquiry

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VOLVO V90 R-Design Pro D5 2018 By Alpha Motors Wigan