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Volvo XC40 2022 Review | interior and Exterior Walkaround | Best Compact SUV?

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Volvo XC40 2022 Review | interior and Exterior Walkaround | Best Compact SUV?

Hey i love good design i love great design i love the kind of design that when you see it like wow that is cool i have to have that in my life that’s why i’m here today to talk to you about volvo design volvo is known for creating safe cars of course but they’re equally as beautiful innovative and expressive and in fact sweden is actually listed as one of the

Most creative countries in the world and volvo design matches that creative reputation but we don’t just think about design for design’s sake instead we design our vehicles around people we want our cars our design to fit into your life we want to connect with how you live that is design and that is the volvo way so with volvo design in mind let’s take a look

At one of our beautifully designed cars the xc40r design a compact scandinavian suv designed for the city and the rest of the world of course the xc40 is scandinavian and it’s minimalist approach but there’s a lot of contemporary design elements on the xc40 as well let’s start with the integrated spoiler here now it’s functional it helps with aerodynamics

But i think it really helps to give the xc40 a nice sporty character and the xc40 was designed for a youthful buyer a city dweller and that’s where the contrasting roof comes into play again giving the xc40 a dynamic look the gloss black in this case complemented by the glacier silver metallic really makes the xc40 stand out i particularly love this sharp

Line that comes down into the doors and really interesting lines that draw all of your attention to the front of the vehicle where for me it all comes together in the front grill gloss black with the inlays that really make it look like it’s floating and gives the xc40 a dynamic appearance on the road the xc40 also comes with 19 inch and 20 inch wheels with a

Diamond cut finish we also have 21 inch wheels that are available through our accessories program that’s the exterior design but the design really gets interesting on the inside let’s take a look inside you’re greeted with a luxurious and modern interior this xc40 has the charcoal nappa leather and nubuck upholstery you can add some contrast to the interior

As well with the optional lava interior it adds a very bright pop of color on the carpeting of the floors in the door pockets even along the center console it really makes a bold statement continuing with adding a bold statement to the interior is the ambient lighting which allows you to select different colors for the interior lighting of your xc40 you can even

Adjust the color by temperature so it definitely makes it cozy in here that cozy lighting actually has a true function cup holders the door pockets those areas of the interior that are tricky to see at night the ambient lighting allows you to find your belongings a lot easier than you would otherwise and then there’s storage for the way we live our patented air

Woofer technology what we’ve been able to do is take the speakers out of the door place them behind the dash freeing up a ton of space in the doors and in the pockets themselves you can store a laptop bag your purse or even three one liter bottles if you want in addition to that storage solution we have the net pockets on the back of the seats here in the xc40

There’s also the wireless charging solution here in the center console for your qi compatible phone simply place it on the charging pad and you can charge your phone without any cables required one of my favorite features on the inside of the xc40 and a really thoughtful one at that is our waste bin here in the center console you have kids like me and they’re

Handing you garbage in the vehicle all the time you can simply place it in the waste bin here and it lifts out easily for cleaning another thoughtful interior feature is the hook that easily folds out of the glove box to hang your purse on or any of your takeaway food for the evening and when you’re transporting various items the cargo floor of the xc40 can be

Easily lifted up and serve as a partition to keep those items from rolling about so as someone who’s obsessed with design i’m blown away by the amount of detail on the xc40 so i wanted to show it to you there are so many things to discover and it is a volvo so it comes with all the safety features you’d expect standard thank you for watching for more information visit us online

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Volvo XC40 2022 Review | interior and Exterior Walkaround | Best Compact SUV? By Addy Craft