Volvo XC40 vs. Mazda CX30 – AutoWeek dubbeltest – English subtitles

Mensen willen SUV’s en cross-overs vanwege de ruimte, horen we vaak. Maar ook als die modellen compacter worden verkopen ze in Nederland uitzonderlijk goed. Volvo wil hiervan maximaal profiteren en komt met een nieuwe instapper van de XC40. Wij zetten er een fijne Mazda CX-30 tegenover.

When volvo first presented their v40 cross country, it was immediately and this is it. and it was quite a big success, people love heightened and this is a more affordable alternative to the xc60 and xc90. that’s why you’ve probably seen it drive around already. enough reason for volvo to introduce a new entry-level engine. it now has a t2, producing less than 130

Horsepower… from a 1.5-litre engine. we thought it would be a good idea to put another compact suv across it, the mazda cx-30. a car which is right inbetween the cx-3 and cx-5. just like the volvo, the cx-30 is another big success. it even has a new engine as well, mazda’s new skyactiv-technology. it’s the ideal recipe for a comparison. right, the volvo xc40. a great

Move from volvo in a segment which is booming. that’s why it’s such a good seller, this xc40. what immediately stands out when i set off that it’s a very accessible car. you easily set off in it, it’s quiet and you don’t need to get to know… it. it’s incredibly comfortable as well, and this is the optional sports-chassis. it’s a tad harder, but not lowered. but it’s a

Car which clearly aims at comfort. just like the s90 and xc90. on the other hand, the 60-series is pretty dynamic. it doesn’t matter if it’s a xc60 or an s60. or think back to the when it came out, i thought it was a very fun car to drive. maybe that this xc40 doesn’t have that though. not for a moment i’ve it doesn’t really involve you in the drive. it’s comfortable without

Being the same goes for the drivetrain. it’s a t2, which has the same 1.5-litre engine as the t3, but with less power. it now has 129 horsepower. volvo has used that power output incredibly efficient. at low revs, the automatic gearbox handles that very well, and keeps it in the right rev range. and it’s the torque that sends you forward. whenever you want to overtake a

Lorry or anything, you kick down, it shifts back and nothing happens. there’s just no reserve left. i mean, it does 0-100 km/h in well over ten seconds. on the other hand, the amount of power it does have, is very accessible. you use that part of the power more as well… the 3-cylinder engine isn’t the most refined. sometimes, you hear it purr a little loudly. it makes

You wonder if there’s a loose valve, but it’s just a 3-cylinder. it could be more refined, but it’s not like it’s shuddering all the time. the automatic gearbox is decent, so the… drivetrain as a whole is a bit like it drives. quiet and tame. something that’s really fitting in the netherlands. if i look around me, it’s the typical volvo-dashboard. it has the famous

Touchscreen. i prefer physical buttons, but together with tesla… volvo is one of the best when it comes to touchscreens. it’s fast, it’s accessible, and it’s easy to find what you need. i don’t really have something to complain about, and that says a lot about the speed and accessibility of the system. the same goes for the dials in front of me. i’m able to change a

Few things in the features that are present in the screen. when i move to the back, the xc40 isn’t particularly spacious, maybe it’s because i just came from the mazda, but i think it’s it is heavy however. it’s about 200 kg heavier than the cx-30 and that’s something you’ll notice when you’re accelerating. that also adds to the fact that it’s not a very dynamic car.

Despite the new entry-level engine, it’s not very cheap. prices start at €40.000, and this particular car costs around €45.000. it does come with some options. and if you start shopping for a q3 or an x1, you’ll have to pay more, but this isn’t cheap in any way. naming this car the cx-30 was quite a remarkable move by mazda. the cx-3 is one segment down, and it’s

Not based on the mazda 3. some people did think that. instead, it was more based on the mazda 2. a very compact car. and the cx-5 was based on the mazda 6. so instead of the logically following mazda cx-4, it was called i think it’s quite a strange reason, because they could’ve easily anyway, it has become the cx-30. an inbetween-size mazda could use very well, and it’s

Pretty present on the road already. i think it looks very good. it has a tight design, which i really like on current mazda’s, and this cx-30 is no exception. it’s a tad lower than the xc40 as well. more crossover than suv really. not there’s a hard line, but if i had to say, the xc40 is more of an… suv. this cx-30 is more of an crossover. i’m pretty low behind the

Steering wheel, despite the car being higher up for the typical clientele. however, there’s nothing wrong with it. the seating position is very good. i can pull the steering wheel nicely towards me. and because of the lower seating position, i feel very connected to the drive. and that’s something mazda wants for its cars, not only in the mx-5, but in its saloon cars,

Station wagons and suv’s. a car which really involves the driver in the drive. and it’s something i immediately noticed, because it’s much more dynamic than the xc40. it has much more feeling to the steering… and it has a manual gearbox which i really like. mazda’s automatic option isn’t really good. it doesn’t fit with the revvy engines. but this manual gearbox is

Very good. i think that honda and mazda it’s a car which is more for connaisseurs. the volvo is very accessible, but people will have to find their way in this car first. it has a very robust clutch, and the steering might seem heavy whilst being fluent. the more you like to be involved in the drive, the nicer you’ll think this mazda is. if you’re just looking for a car

Which gets you from a to b in a comfortable way, this mazda might not… be to your liking, but it does show character. if i look around me, i really like what i see. it’s a step up compared to the previous generation. of course, it’s relatively similar to the interior in the mazda 3. that means the climate control is farther up there, the central display has been enlarged

And there’s still a button on the i prefer that over a touchscreen, because it doesn’t divert your face as much from the road. also, this isn’t a touchscreen anymore. it still was in previous mazda’s, because you could control it both ways, in front of me, we’ve got ‘old-fashioned’ dials, with a small screen in the middle dial. other than that, they’re just analogue dials.

You could call it old-fashioned, but it’s not annoying if you ask me. it’s less spacious than the volvo, so in the back i’m more cramped. the cx-3 isn’t spacious to begin with, and this cx-30 is barely alright, the same goes for the boot. both aren’t big to begin with, but the volvo is about 20 litres bigger than the mazda. then, the drivetrain. it’s a remarkable one in the

Mazda, with their that’s an unique drivetrain at this moment. it uses compression ignition. it’s relatively similar to a diesel, without spontaneous combustion in the… cylinder. that’s to reduce the knocking. what they’ve done is apply a higher compression-level than usual. that means there’s much more… air in the engine with a relatively lean fuel mixture. to press

The air into the engine, there’s a small compressor in the engine. before it’s ignited, a bit of extra fuel is injected which is then ignited by the spark plug. that ignition creates a shockwave which ignites the rest… of the fuel mixture in the cylinder. that goes at the same time, which that way, you emit less nox-particles and a much more economical way of running.

I think it’s courageous of mazda to hold on to changing petrol technology instead of just resorting to turbo’s. additionally, this is the engine… you should want. not only in this, but in the mazda 3 as well. it’s much it produces 180 horsepower, and you might say that’s not fair compared to the 129 horsepower from the volvo. you might be right, but this car… only costs

€35.000. and that’s the luxury edition, which has lots of features. i’m talking about climate control, heated seats, automatic cruise… control. it all looks good and it’s cheaper than the volvo as well, sure, in the lower revs, it’s still an atmospheric engine, so there’s not a lot happening there. however, if i shift back once or twice, i’m in the… high-revs again

And i’ve got more power to play with again. because both cars have a very different personality, i find it very hard to appoint a winner. the mazda clearly is more car for your money. that’s clear. it’s cheaper, and sometimes you can notice. however, and i can still understand why people like the looks of the volvo more, it’s not like i’m driving an astra. of course,

I prefer the dynamic feel in the steering wheel. other people might like the comfort better. so i will have to look at the points and residual value and such. the cars are so different, both offer reasons to win here.

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Volvo XC40 vs. Mazda CX30 – AutoWeek dubbeltest – English subtitles By AutoWeek