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This is the new Volvo XC60. It’s a posh mid-size SUV that takes on the likes of the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, but does it have the Swedish meatballs to compete against such talented rivals? I take a look at the insides, see what fits in the boot, and finding five cool features before taking it out for a drive in this full in-depth review.

This is the volvo xc60 and it’s a little bit like prince harry in the way that it’s very posh and arguably even more likeable than its bigger brother the xc90 now it’s cheaper than the xc90 so it starts from 37,000 pounds now click up there get a car white coat uk and you can pair offers on the xc60 it’s perfect if you’re thinking about buying a car or a friend is

So on the inside the thing that i really like is that it feels no less luxurious than the xc90 in fact i think the dash design is actually better equipment levels are brilliant as well so the entry-level car has pretty much all you need you’ve got this touch screen you’ve got satellite navigation there’s heated seats they’re electric i mean the list goes on full

Leather interior if you go for the inscription it has pasha bits of trim like super soft nappa leather seats there’s an odd design version which has sportive it’s a trim then you can have pro versions of those which have even more con them and this is the inscription pro so it’s fully luxurious fully posh and it has things like oh look massage seats and that brings

Me onto the infotainment system which is fairly nice to use now on the xc60 they have made the icons a little bit bigger than on the infotainment system in the xc90 so they’re easy to operate and hit while you’re on the move now if you click up there you can actually see my in-depth infotainment video review for this car i find it more about the specification level

As you can get with it now i do still think the infotainment system isn’t quite as easy to use as that in an audi q5 with a swivel wheel speaking of the id q5 the quality is well it’s it’s not as good but it’s so close it doesn’t really matter in fact even down here you’ve got soft touch materials and he will touch that if you’re going to be removing your large

Bottle from the door bin to illustrate how practical the car is if there’s more storage as well under here look big cupholders we can hold this there’s some storage in there can’t quite fit that in there and there’s a decent-sized glove box as well talking about decent size it’s move on to the back so the rear doors don’t actually open quite as wide as you might

Think they do but they’re big enough and i do think that this feels lovely in the back so the seats are sculpted there’s loads and loads of knee room loads of headroom we’ve got a panoramic sunroof fitted here and they you eat into headroom but it doesn’t matter in this caucus it’s just so tall it’s lovely here in the back it’s actually alright for carrying three

Abreast at once this center seat is actually really squishy and soft it’s it’s not so bad to travel in at all then there’s some other bits and pieces like you’ve got this armrest here a little tray and some storage there and where the cupholders i hear you ask well tada there they are and there’s some decent sized door bins as well here where you can fit like a 750

Milliliter bottle if you want to it’s all very nice and look flip up eyes fixed anchor points so when you fit a child seat you won’t lose those because they’re not removable which is handy perhaps the only gripe i have with this car is the fact that in terms of outright capacity its boot is smaller than all its major suv rivals still you do get an automated tailgate

As standard and let’s be honest this boot is still big enough for most people and it’s a nice usable square shape and there is absolutely no load lipitor so you can just slide things in and out there’s very staring points around the place plus look it’s through loading for a ski hatch i do have to take this down further but you can take your skis there you go and

Have two people either side so that’s really useful and there’s a 12 volt socket there for charging things such as mobile devices or for plugging in a vacuum cleaner for cleaning out the boot speaking of which is a bit this one let’s have a look under here so look a space saver spare wheel you don’t get that on all suvs these days i just follow the seats down show

You what get left with i like the way that the headrests do just fold down when you do that look i mean fold out the way and then you’ve got a nice flat load bay and it’s dead easy then to just push items to the front and load it up now if you click up there you can see more details on this cars practicality how much stuff you can fit in the boot how easy it is

To fit a child seat what it’s really like with three adults in the back so now we’ve looked around the car let’s see what it’s like to drive this xc60 is a lovely thing to drive in town it’s actually dead easy because the steering looks so nice and light makes manoeuvres an absolute doddle who sit up high as well and get a good view out and this particular car is

Fitted with the air suspension and put it in comfort mode and it just it just floats or actually when you hit a pothole there’s maybe a bit more of a bump than you get in an audi q5 with air suspension but still for the most part it’s a very very comfy car the only problem when driving in town is let’s say you pull out and around about you silly knee tucks on the

Right fine late the gearbox can be really really slow to respond and it can leave you’re floundering which is a shame because otherwise the gearbox is quite nice and relaxing it just blends the gears together very well now you could always put the car in dynamic mode and then it just makes the engine and gearbox more responsive so when you put your foot down yes

It does take off quicker the only problem then is that it just feels less relaxing to drive because it’s always holding on to to lower gear so yeah it’s always revving a bit too much the engine speaking of which when you get out on the motorway and put your foot down you will notice that the diesel engines in the volvo are quite noisy compared to those that you get

In something like a ld q5 performance wise i can’t fault this engine it’s the d5 so it’s got lots of performance feels very quick but you don’t really need it the default which is slightly less powerful is good enough this d5 it’s supposed to do over 50 miles per gallon i’m getting 37 which isn’t so good really now if you don’t want to diesel engine you can get a

Turbo petrol or a plug-in hybrid mm which is fast and economical at the same times that’s and that’s a good thing this is actually a lovely car to just do lots of miles in i mean it’s super relaxing the seat are very comfortable and it’s quite at speed perhaps the area where it falls down a little bit is the handling on a twisty road so if you throw it into a bend

It does roll more than many other suvs actually and it just doesn’t feel quite so precise to steer it’s our big problem it’s just not sporty something like a jaguar f pace but doesn’t really matter on a car like this i don’t think so it doesn’t bother me at all actually in any way shape or form now if you want more information on what this guys like to drive click

Up there to watch my point of view video test drive which puts you into the driving seat now then it’s time for the car wow five annoying things this car the touchscreen soon gets covered in greasy fingerprints it’s especially bad if you just had a kfc that’s why volvo gives you this special if a volvo branded screen wiper look but you’re forever doing that the

Low cover is a bit of a fat one i’m too keen the way just retracts affair there’s no way – oh god – put it in the back of the car there’s no space under there so you have to just leave it here he takes up a lot of room one language but some room i love this like trim so much it’s super cool but it just gets dirty too easy and then it’s almost impossible to clean

Come out oh no ocd meltdown people in the back will find it a little bit annoying that the windows don’t go all the way down so you can’t really rest your arm analogue even if you’ve got your phone connected to the car by bluetooth it doesn’t often pick it up through the bluetooth player so you have to reconnect the device there’s no bluetooth device yet my photos

Is all connected ah don’t worry there’s still plenty to like about this car here’s the car wow i call features the glorious bird’s-eye view camera really helps you navigate tight spaces such high-resolution lovely look at the graphics on that they get too destructive otherwise you’ll end up not looking where you’re going nope with the volvo encore phone app you

Can actually want to your car remotely and do things such as flash the lights you can sound the horn and you can even remote start the car brilliant just have no one steals it now if you have a car fitted with air suspension you can manually lower it from the boot make it easy to load things in also when you get out of the car and automatically lowers the whole

Air suspension to make it easier to get into next time if you have the pilot assist a camera can read the lines in the road and they’ll auto steer the car to keep you in lane they are supposed to be on the wheel otherwise it’ll disengage also the radar cruise control will automatically brake the car even right down to a complete standstill it just takes a strainer

Stop-start traffic and then when the car ahead moves off it’ll start it back up again look still the steering as well at the same time tell you what this takes the sting of long journeys it’s brilliant you should have this fate of this car i tell ya it’s love it now if you click on the pop-out banner up there you get a car wired up coat uk to see the deals you

Can get on a volvo xc60 so then my verdict on this car should you avoid it should you consider it should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should shortlist the xc60 it’s a really good suv if you enjoyed this video please like it and share it and click on our logo to subscribe to the channel also click on the video

Windows to see more of our great videos just a quick word of warning i’m driving on a close test track you’re not supposed to use the planet assist and take your hands off the wheel volvo don’t condone it and they’ll probably tell me off for illustrating the system working without my hands on the wheel but really that’s the only way to show the steering wheel

Working without me touching it sorry volvo

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