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Imagine bmw x3 imagine audi q5 or imagine mercedes glc if you’re looking for a mid-sized luxury suv then these three german trio is what will come to your mind but for some reason if you want to ditch the germans and you look for something rather unconventional and oddball or offbeat then you’re left with only two options the mild hybrid petrol volvo xc60 which

Has been around for some time and it’s quite a package or they just arrived yet to be seen on the roads the complete hybrid lexus nx 350 h and this h is a single most differentiating factor which will talk about it later but first the design my god look at this come on this is something totally that you don’t expect from alexis you know it looks like a sumo

Wrestler has just won a miss world competition with these cuts this angulars and this blacked out grill without the chrome it looks refreshingly imposing without being loud that’s what makes it so understated so beautiful i mean this design is definitely much more sportier than the xc60 x60 dust and heads it’s more sophisticated but this is more on the sportier

Side from the side also there are too many cuts and creases which makes the design look much more radical of course this 20 inch rims accentuates the overall silhouette of the lexus 350 edge which looks very very very beautiful there are a couple of nuances which lexus has really taken care of very well for example the handle doesn’t pop out but there’s a button

Which is hidden underneath the handle and which you press very gently and it slides out the door from the rear this is the favorite part i think both volvo and lexus they both from the rear look much more better than the front because now you have a led light which connects from one end to the another end and kind of looks very overpowering in terms of design lexus

Definitely looks much more sportier and way sharper than the otherwise sophisticated looking xc60 time to check out the rear seats and before we do that the door doesn’t open completely so ingress and upgrades for especially for elderly people would be a bit difficult having said that the leg room is amazing the head room there’s plenty of that and the panoramic

Sunroof gives a very nice breathing space the overall the cabin looks very luxurious from the rear you have a sliding central armrest with two cupholders you have a small transmission tunnel there is a bump so that means the third passenger would be squeezed in there two three ws reports there is another magazine holder you can study in your laptop ipad whatever

Overall the rear seat experience is decent you won’t be asking for more until you try the xc60 moreover the five twenty degree of boot space is adequate enough to carry all your essential luggage for your weekend trips let’s look at xc60 with this clean simple flowing lines it looks very elegant very sophisticated it looks like a man in tuxedo with a grill which

Is you know which you’ll never get bored of it keeps on growing on you it is not sort of a eye turner but it’s something that you can look at it every day yeah that’s how i like to summarize the design of the x6 it comes with 19 inch rim very clean lines looks very sharp here the door handle pops up that’s one difference i’ve always loved the rear design of the

Volvos because i think they also beat the germans of the business when it comes to design from the rear because it’s very unique with the tail light all the way going up which can be seen from like very far and of course the very clear badging of volvo from the rear both of them look their part both of them actually are very different in design in fact both of

Them will appeal to two of your senses one on the morning time when you’re very ready to go to office and the other one maybe in the evening when you’re up for some fun while the x-system feels more roomier there’s more leg room more headroom the panoramic sunroof also goes all the way back the central armrest doesn’t have the chubby cup holders but a very smart

Something which slides out looks again more premium there’s napa leather all around you excuse premiumness luxuriousness there’s a transmission tunnel again which obstruct the third person to sit comfortably there’s only one c-type usb port in the rear not that you’re missing that too much well the boot space of around 505 meters in bollywood 60 is also decent

Enough and will suffice most of your adventures now this lexus is a 2.5 liter inline four cylinder motor that gives power to the front wheels while the electric motors gives power to the rear wheels because it’s a hybrid it’s an ecvt which is made to a six-speed gearbox which gives you a combined output of about 240 horsepower and 239 newton meters of torque now

I know that’s not humongous but what is important is that it’s a cvt gearbox which means that the engine still has that rubber band effect that’s not completely gone it’s more refined from the earlier lexus that we’ve driven but still there so the moment you press harder you can feel that that something is holding you back and it will not give you that liberation

Feeling which perhaps is more uh enjoyable in the xc60 but having said that this really on its own it plays on its own it drives a very composed very relaxed this is a car which you will not really go around and press hard there’s a car that you really have a very sedate nice luxurious driving experience because if you want more torque and more power and you

Want something which is very quicker then definitely xc60 scores over this now let’s talk about the cabin experience now this is a totally refreshing cabin that you have seen in any lexus before and of course we have to talk about the 14-inch display in front of you yes it reminds you of that you have got an apple tablet stuck in front of you and with such a

Precise uh pinch to zoom and the crystal clear display that it will completely boil you over of course there’s a small display in front of you also which is also very crisp and clear only thing is that this is more protruding towards the driver’s side it gives the passenger person feel very unwelcome in the way that it is not very usual you know usually you’ll have

A display instrument cluster which is flat out but this is more jettison towards the driver’s side which again makes me think that maybe the engineers and the designers in lexus were thinking of driver all the time and here’s a small party trick there’s apple carplay and there’s android auto but only in the usual usb port yes there’s a c-type usb port there’s a

Usual usb port both apple and android only works on the big usb port so that’s something that also took me some time to figure out the xc60 is a mild hybrid car and an x350 edge is a fully hybrid car which means that you can drive the nx up to certain kilometer with the help of electric motors without using any fuel resulting in huge fuel efficiency the only real

Connection of a driver with the car is through the steering wheel so let’s do a steering wheel comparison volvo’s steering wheel in comparison to the lexus is bigger but this one is very neatly packed with these tactile buttons here which when touch throws up displaying in the heads of disper unit which means you don’t need to take off the eyes from the road plus

It also comes with paddle shifters now this is a game changer because the volvos don’t come with pedal shifters now with paddle shifters it makes driving much more fun pulling along much more fun and this is something that every enthusiast loves and we all crave for paddle shifters apart from that it’s also very uh neatly packaged it’s it’s very soft leather it’s

Very good to hold and it gets kind of gives you a gripping experience of the whole car volvo’s steering wheel also is good it’s larger it has all the tactile controls but it misses out on the paddle shifters and that for me is a deal breaker now when it comes to driving the the lexus does all the things very well in terms of cornering in terms of ride but it does

Miss on the top because the xc60 comes with 350 millimeter torque while this one comes with 240 mm torque which is which the difference is appalling when you are trying to do a quick takeover because that power is missing you know you actually lack power in this but the electric motor does give you initial thrust but it doesn’t really match up to the overall power

And performance of the xc60 the suspension setup on the nx is on the stepper side but the ride quality of the car is quite planned with mac version strut at the front and double wishbone setup at the rear along with performance dampers and adaptive variable suspension gives it a bit of an upright ride whereas in the x360 we get double wishbone front suspension

Setup and integral link design with transverse leaf spring setup at the rear the dampers and springs optimize for comfort smoothens the ride quality tad better as compared with that of lexus in case you want to watch the solo review of the nx350h the link is on the pop-up icon on the top and also in the description below now it’s time for xc60 familiar cabin

Of course i’ve driven this before many times over in case you want to watch the solo review of the xc60 do click on the power button on the top and the link is in the description below now what i like the most about the xs60 infotainment system is that it comes with google services yeah it’s google powered which means that it has an embedded sim it can also take

Internet from your mobile and it doesn’t need an apple car plane or android auto it can show you maps on real time basis by the inbuilt maps via the spotify and you can download tons of more apps over here but this is something which is very intuitive and it really is very practical in your day-to-day life of course it misses out on that 14-inch beautiful display

And that’s really steals the thunder from the xc60 otherwise boring cabin but in terms of practicality this one definitely scores over it the wheel base of the xc60 is about 175mm longer it’s also 28mm longer an overall length from the nexus which also gives it a very planned ride quality now in terms of driving performance this one definitely scores over the next

350 because it has higher number of torque engine has more ground and it listens to your requirement and when you want to really float the pedal it really jettisons forward which somewhat lexus is missing when you compare this with the xsp otherwise the lexus is also very playful but when you put when you stab them together then this one definitely scores over

This the one feature which could be a deal breaker in the mid-sized luxury suv space and only the mercedes from the germans have that is the front row seats have the massage function yes xc60 comes with 48 volt lithium battery whereas the nx350 comes with 259 whole lithium battery so that’s a complete hybrid system which gives you a much better fuel economy the

Xc60 doesn’t even come near that now that’s an another plus to the nx 350 edge because when it comes to fuel efficiency that car will definitely give more in terms of fuel economy and today everybody likes the fuel economy because the gas prices are just going up north both the cars have some good features which are missing on each other maybe the engineers of

Some other manufacturer could take the recipe from these two cars and make a whole new ground up new car with all the features incorporated that could be something very interesting whenever you flow the pedal in the xc60 you do that with a lot of confidence there’s no amount of wheel spinning and the body rollover is bare minimum and you have a complete grip over

The entire body of the xc60 and you know exactly where you’re going when you can break and where this will stop you have so much of confidence in necessity which somehow you miss in the nxt 50h maybe because i’ve driven this more maybe you have not spent enough time with an extra trigger but that’s what i get the feeling initially when it comes to driving they

Both are different adults raised differently with different hearts beating underneath them of course priced almost similarly with only one barrier in the xc60 with three trims available in the nx 350 edge with the top model going up to 71 72 lakhs ex-showroom that makes it about eight lakhs more expensive than the xc60 now having said that they both have the unique

Propositions they both have their share of strengths and weaknesses which in fact cascade on each other is very difficult to take a pic on any single of them and single it out lexus is more on the sportier side volvo is more on the sophisticated side now you know how good to draw your comparison on but together as a bear mod they sure are a welcome chance to take

On the germans and that would is how i like to conclude do drop us in the comments which one would you pick and if you’ve not subscribed please do that now

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