VW Golf 1.4 TSI ACT Test S

Kompakt hatchback sınıfının yaratıcısı olarak kabul edilen VW Golf Carviser’a konuk oldu.

7th generation golf with its look, driving features, quality and with its technology is very challenging as always. let’s see if this pretense makes it superior to its rivals? the golf that outworn six generations and reached seventh does not accommodate many new features design wise. the golf’s boot is not better than its rivals in this segment. but with 380-liter

Capacity it is in a level to satisfy the expectations. it offers good knee and headroom at the rear seats. but if we come to its best positive feature; due to wide windows the feeling of spaciousness in the interior is great. now is the time to see what waits the driver of the golf. the displays are legible and there are lots when we come to the material quality due to

Its look and due to the plastic materials used, which are soft to the touch i think it is one step ahead of its rivals in this class. you can understand this from outside by looking doğuş otomotiv imports this engine to our country and i think they are doing the right thing because this gearbox compared to its rival’s gearboxes it deserves praise for fast and vibrationless

Changings. and believe me to drive this car like this is really very pleasurable. you can drive this car very fast and very cheerfully. in the 1.4 tsi engines there is a system called act. what is this system? it is called active cylinder technology. and when it is not necessary that is when you don’t want to accelerate or when you are cruising at certain speed and

Catch the certain parameters two out of the four cylinders is deactivated. the system works so successfully that you can only understand when it is in or out by the warning on the trip computer. in other words when you are buying this car if the information about this system is not given to you i can guarantee that you can drive this car for years without knowing it.

It is not only act, this car also offers start&stop system. in other words in stop and go traffic it is another step to control the fuel consumption. if we have to look at it in general terms i have been driving around in this car with an average of 8,5 liter fuel consumption. but i should point out that it is really a pleasure to drive this car. so i have to confess

That i drove it fast. if you are a slower driver you can drop the fuel consumption level to 7,5 or 8,0 liter. but under that level is not very probable. very good. the handling gives the driver confidence. even though in the car that i drove, low profile tires and 18-inch wheel rims were employed, the shock absorbers have performed what was expected of them very well.

The golf, not only by its quality and driving features but also by its relatively high price is in the same league with however if you ask my opinion the golf is as precious as gold when you are buying it, driving it and even when you are selling it…

Transcribed from video
VW Golf 1.4 TSI ACT Test Sürüşü – Review (English subtitled) By carviser